Ubuntu in your pocket

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

The desktop is the killer app for quad-core smartphones in 2012.

We’ll show Ubuntu neatly integrated into Android at Mobile World Congress next week. Carry just the phone, and connect it to any monitor to get a full Ubuntu desktop with all the native apps you want, running on the same device at the same time as Android. Magic. Everything important is shared across the desktop and the phone in real time.

It’s a lightweight way to be – everything seamlessly available with the right interface for the right form factor, with no hassles syncing. It just works, the way Ubuntu should. Lots of work behind the scenes to make both systems share what they need to share, but the desktop is a no-compromise desktop.


Cover for the Ubuntu for Android Fact Sheet


This isn’t the “Ubuntu Phone”. The phone experience here is pure Android. This announcement is playing to a different story, which is the convergence of multiple different form factors into one most-personal device. Naturally, the most personal device is the phone, so we want to get all of these different personalities – phone, tablet and desktop – into the phone. When you need a desktop, you connect up to a screen and a keyboard. When you need a tablet, you dock to some very elegant glass.

Just for fun, we’ve integrated the Ubuntu TV experience too – so this isn’t just a desktop in your pocket, it’s a media centre too.

Come and say hello in Barcelona next week, and I’ll be glad to hear what you think of it in person. Everyone we’ve shown it to has had a “wow!” moment. For network operators who have long believed that the phone was the PC of the future for the next billion connected consumers, and for handset manufacturers who want to offer companies a single device for corporate computing, this is a delicious prospect. For those of us who love our desktops free, focused and mobile, it’s nirvana.

175 Responses to “Ubuntu in your pocket”

  1. Matteo Says:

    what’s are the advantages of this against what there’s on the asus transformer?

  2. mhnassif Says:

    Canonical is always moving forward.

  3. zhig Says:

    Will this allow people to use the Ubuntu desktop on android tablets like the Trasformer or the Galaxy Tab? If so I think Canonical has a winner here. This sounds like a great idea and I look forward to seeing the implimentation.

  4. Fredrik Andersson Says:

    This is awesome, Android and iOS need a new competitor.
    If its possible i will grab and install this asap on my Android tablet.

    Awesome work Mark and the whole community

  5. florian Says:

    That’s going into the right direction, Mark, great! But I would also like to see deeper Integration with Android like syncing contacts, picking up phonecalls from the desktop, managing SMS from the desktop etc.

  6. mark Says:

    @florian – agreed, and you’ll be glad to know, those will all work perfectly!

  7. mark Says:


    The Transformer uses Android as a desktop-like environment, while Ubuntu for Android gives you a full, no-compromise Ubuntu desktop.

  8. Dustin MacDonald Says:

    What!? WOW! This is amazing news, my mind is blown. I cannot wait for this, 2012 and onwards is shaping up amazingly for Ubuntu and happy I get to be a part of this.

  9. J S Says:

    Will a list be available of which phones this will work on? I’ve been considering upgrading to a different phone and this will be a big bias. I’ve wanted to ditch the laptop for the phone but have the ability to dock to a keyboard/mouse & larger display ‘at the office’. obviously bluetooth keyboards/mice are required. How close to get the monitor part?…

  10. Seb24 Says:

    Really awesome !

    “Come and say hello in Barcelona next week”.
    I live in Barcelona, ​​but unfortunately the entrance in WMC is too expensive for me ( 700€ ). :(
    We can organize a meeting in a bar in the city center with some beers and tapas :p

  11. Morgenstond Says:

    This is wonderful news! The idea seems well thought out and extremely useful to any smartphone (Android-based) owner.

    I just have one question. It may come across as rehashing the critiques on notify-osd design, but I assure every one, it is not.

    The features page shows an image with a notification in it with buttons, which presumably perform actions.
    Can we deduce from this that actions on *some* notifications make sense? I’m thinking about a few cases, chat in particular, that might benefit from the same treatment.
    Mark, can you perhaps elaborate on the intended behavior of the notification with buttons and the possibility on using it for other sources?

    Thanks in advance! Ubuntu is shaping up to be everywhere I could need it. Very well done indeed!

  12. Andrew Ampers Taylor Says:

    Sounds great Mark, Can’t wait.

    I had the Transformer Prime but lucky for me it had a fault and had to go back for a refund. Then I learned an update will be available for this machine during early April with a heavier pixelled screen. So, Mark, you have up to then to get this out :-)

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  14. Andrew Ampers Taylor Says:


    The Samsung Galaxy S3 will be out around July and is reported to have the Tegra 3 chip in it. The same chip Mark mentions above. This is the best leaked secret in the Phone industry :-)

  15. Jim Says:

    I’m really excited about this announcement. The only thing that has me bummed out is that I can’t run out to the store and buy it right now!

  16. Jayabharath Goluguri Says:

    Good concept.. but IMHO it’s not going to be appealing to the masses.

    Here is why:
    You can now run Chrome on Android (Chrome + Android). So when you dock your phone.. you can fire up you full Chrome browser and you have access to almost everything on the web/cloud. i.e., having Ubuntu on the side is just a resource drain!

    Android had nice media player capabilities (i.e., UbuntuTV is a mute point).

    However, this concept will be appealing to a niche audience (aka Geeks) – so a device with Ubuntu+Android will sell in limited numbers to this crowd.

  17. Joey-Elijah Sneddon Says:

    Mind adequately blown.

    The first time I saw the Motorola Atrix the notion of an Ubuntu/Android phone crossed my mind – but no-where near to the extent of awesome as you guys have done it.

    Congratulations – this is going to change things.

  18. d2kx Says:

    Ladies and gentleman, this is the future. Buying smartphones and using them as the desktop machine, at home, at a friends house, at work. You just need a display (and keyboard) and you’re ready to go. I loved Ubuntu and Unity before, but didn’t expect Canonical to push all the goodness *this* far.

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  20. mitcoes Says:

    Wireless HDMI + USB will make this double wow

    I imagine a phone that is HDMI wireless connected to a PC monitor or TV and wireless USB connected to HDDs, SDDs, keyboards, mouses and gaming devices.

    But even more a pendrive as Cotton Candy connected to a Phone size monitor, a Tablet size monitor, a desktop size monitor or a TV, not a computer in your pocket, a computer in your key ring.

    ARM64 will be that as faster ARM SoC is now the latest Qualcomm and is 5 times slower than a normal PC in Sunspider javascript, and Linaro must improve ARM GPUs drivers.

    And please I want an Android Compatibility Layer – ACL – in order to play Android games with Ubuntu, or at least a good Android X86_64 version with this Ubuntu inside from Canonical, to have both worlds at my desktop computer.

    Last but not least, the Ubuntu TV must support free cinema, old one from the internet movie database, and new CC one, as well as CC music, adding some advertisement for profit for Canonical and CC artists would be a plus.

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  22. Adam Says:

    This looks very cool and I’d love this feature on a phone (I’d buy a new one specifically for this if it had a hard keyboard).

    What is the x86 story though?

    I’d love to install cyanogenmod alongside an ubuntu desktop on my laptop.

  23. Timur Says:

    Love it!! Will be my media centre. Moving the dock to the TV already.

  24. Jesus Says:

    I will buy this one!

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  26. Jef Spaleta Says:


    How long have you personally owned a smartphone?


  27. mark Says:

    @Morgenstond – eagle eyes 😉

  28. burli Says:

    This is awesome, but is this the end of Ubuntu-Phone with Unity as surface?

  29. Sayan Says:

    woohoo gr8 work by canonical. am already install Ubuntu on my Galaxy S II I9100G. no problem as of now 😀 \m/

  30. Tacoz Says:

    I think I’m in love! =D
    When, where and how can I get it for my phone!? =D

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  32. Andre Says:

    Mark the more integrated the platform is, the better. it would be great if i could be working on something, undock my phone, go to sleep(leave the pone on a bedside dock), have the phone wake me up, and continue working where i stoped because my processes didnt necessarily shutdown simply because i undcked.
    So i could leave downloads, calculation, and all sorts of things running in the back while i go do something else. Would be great, and i know a lot of people that would love this, way more than crome-crap…

    Best of luck mark, you’re a insane!!! ;D


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  36. Jouko Christian Voutilainen Says:

    Will this allow me to run Android applications via Ubuntu when the phone is docked? At this point, this is all I need to know!!!!

  37. solly Says:

    Thats hot like you said a killer app, really waiting…. just wondering if manufacturers are not going rob us to rob us this moment for linux-ubuntu-unity, and I say welcome back to those changed unity always welcome ……. not forgetting 200 million users innovation starts here.

  38. Stian Says:

    This is a cool feature, though probably not something I’ll be using as I don’t think a phone will be powerful enough for my general use. What I would love to see though is the integration features (contacts, sending/receiving txt, notifications on incoming calls, etc.) made available on standard Ubuntu installations (with the Android phone connected over USB).

  39. jvagudo Says:


    There is a huge difference.

    Transformer’s android environment is not optimized for mouse and keyboard imput. Applications are shared with the touch interface, and therefore they cannot be optimal for desktop-use. You cannot even move windows or put them side by side while you are running two applications!

    Ubuntu for android is a great concept which will compete directly with the new Windows 8 ecosystem. There is no doubt that this is the future.

  40. Joseph Dubeau Says:

    Can I run this on my Photo 4G? I will buy it.

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  42. GruessCode Says:

    Canonical is becoming Apple 2.0 and Mark the new Steve Jobs.

    Launch a good marketing campaign showing off the complete Ubuntu Stack (Desktop, Server, Cloud, TV and Phone) and how everything integrates well into each other. Soon enough ppl will start to throw their iWhatever away. :-)
    The Ubuntu Stack and its deep integration on all form factors, combined with the enterprise apps from Citrix and VMWare, should be a complete win in the corporate world.

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  46. Malizor Says:

    The idea seems quite good, congratulation :)

    However what will append, for example, if I buy a game on the Android market? Will I be able to play it on Ubuntu too?
    I assume not, but I think it’s a shame and Average Joe may not understand why he can’t (“it’s right here, in this very same device! Why I can’t run this app?”).
    Setting a clear and *user-understandable* border between these 2 OS seems very difficult…

    I’m looking forward for more details! 😉

  47. stapel Says:

    in the ongoing Jef vs Mark battle that is obviously raging in your head, i think you should admit defeat at least for this round.Try again next time.

  48. Martin white Says:

    Amazing stuff! I’ve been wondering whether the decision of Microsoft to build Windows 8 for the tablet and desktop, and another for the phone, versus Android and iOS’ strategy of sharing an OS on the tablet and phone is a winner. Ubuntu on Android has thrown another possibility into the mix. If anything is going to accelerate Ubuntu adoption this is it. The world is about to change…

  49. Zenitur Says:

    It was before Canonical. https://market.android.com/details?id=edu.phystech.wishnu Installing by one click. Debian + LXDE. Few thousands installs.

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  51. phonixor Says:

    its a different solution then i came up with a while ago
    but in the same spirit!

    @J S
    I think one of the key requirements will be that the device is powerful enough, and that android supports the USB hub thingy… so that would be Android 3.1+… but thats just a wild guess from my side :)

    i still need to see this succeed, i like the concept though :)
    of cource, nothing is going to prevent google from doing the same with chrome OS.

  52. Jonathan Carter Says:

    It would be nice if you made it available for regular people like me who aren’t manufacturers! (You know, human beings).

    I already have a rooted Atrix so it would be nice to try it out.

  53. phonixor Says:

    then again, other news site report the need of a HDMI dock…
    now i wonder what all the connection options are gonna be :)

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  55. Roger Says:

    @ Jef, your regular trolling of Mark on this blog smacks of self-righteousness and bitterness; it’s a poor advert for FOSS. You’re making both yourself and the projects you’re associated with look bad.

    Perhaps you can come back here and criticise when you’re doing something that will further the cause of FOSS to a comparable degree?

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  57. dstaubsauger Says:

    Oh dear, this is awesome!! Still waiting for ubuntu on ubuntu phone ™ though 😀

    I hope you got a patent on this, if microsoft sees this, phone-as-a-computer will become *the* killer feature for windows 8 m(

  58. Roger Says:

    Well that’s odd. I just submitted my comment, the page reloaded and I saw @ stapel’s name and email address “pre-filled” in the comment form fields.

    Seems to be a bit of a privacy bug in this version of WordPress!

  59. Jef Spaleta Says:


    Trolling? I’m asking a question to get a baseline understanding of where Mark’s head is as a spokeperson for this.

    If I were trolling I would have written the following:

    “Considering that in the irc QA from 2011, Mark answered that he preferred iphone to android, it seems remarkably hypocritical now for him to be pushing for a Canonical product line which targets the android phone specifically and its a poor business decision on Canonical’s part to pick him to be the person out in front on this announcement considering his personal preference. If his heart really isn’t into using an Android phone for mobile, Canonical needs to pick a different project spokeperson to cheerlead this.”

    But I didn’t write that because it assumes he actually owns an iphone and an android phone and is basing his publicly stated personal preference on personal experience with multiple smartphone devices. I’m not willing to make those sorts of assumptions. So I’m asking, as an Android phone owner who prefers Android to iphone and who likes the idea of providing _any_ docked linux desktop solution powered by the android phone, I’m asking him what his personal background is so I can understand his point of view better. because right now, I’m a little confused, considering his previous public statements.



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  61. Daryl Osbrink Says:

    You are absolutely BRILLIANT, Mark! I am really looking forward to this, but I hope that there will be hacks available that will be able to make use of this on dockable tablets like my own Transformer Prime. One of the reasons I had bought a Prime was that I had intended to eventually install Ubuntu on it. Please accommodate the Transformer series with the final release!

  62. Uli Says:


    If I were feeding such an hypothetical troll I would tell him:

    “Yes you are a troll, stop trying so desperately to find something to attack on every thing being done by Canonical. You might not agree with everything thats being done, but ubuntu is bringing FOSS to the masses in a way that no other distro is. I certainly would never have switched to linux at work and at home if ubuntu wast around.
    This is a great announcement that is getting very positive feedback, even in mainstream tech-media, and you are bitching because mark said in an interview that he personally prefers iOS to android without any context given (he was probably talking about the design of the OS). Dont you have something better to do? You might be well spoken and highly analytical, but you are still a troll. You are a perfect example of how intelligent people are not necessarily more logical just better at justifying their irrationality.”

    But I wount say any of it, especially since it would just be feeding such a troll, who would then take this post apart and justify all of his actions in a long (well written) post explaining how this new technology is terrible for FOSS and the world as a whole…

  63. grigio Says:

    Hi Mark,
    how will it work? A chroot with a VNC Server?

    Honestly I’m much more interested to the Ubuntu ARM project on home servers, but nowdays ARM SOC boards are too expensive and not very powerful compared to a intel mini-itx fanless board with sata/esata ports http://grigio.org/my_120_mini_itx_ubuntu_linux_12_04_home_server


  64. grigio Says:

    Hi Mark,
    how will it work? A chroot with a VNC Server?

    Honestly I’m much more interested to the Ubuntu ARM project on home servers, but nowdays ARM SOC boards are too expensive and not very powerful compared to a intel mini-itx fanless board with sata/esata ports http: grigio.org/my_120_mini_itx_ubuntu_linux_12_04_home_server


  65. dstaubsauger Says:

    i have the same with phonixor’s nick and email address

  66. stapel Says:


    regardless of whether you think you were trolling or not, I bet you that 99% of people on here agrees with Roger’s assertion.

    Now you clearly have very good argumentative skills and a passion for FOSS. I just wish you could get over this obsession you have with always looking for an angle to criticise Mark on.

    If everything that Mark says upsets you so much and you ALWAYS seem to disagree why do you keep reading this blog and also make the effort of commenting?

  67. RubenTA Says:

    To Mark.

    Although all the latest news, involving Ubuntu/TV and now Ubuntu for Android, are very exciting and promising, I really think that the identity of the branding, theme and specially the icons, must be completly revamped before release any of these new ubuntu flavours to the consumers in order to attract them visually at the first glance.

    Any new about theme/icons for the upcoming releases of Ubuntu/TV/Android?

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  69. suryaden Says:

    waiting for ubuntu phone, but this … awesome

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  71. Rubén Romero Says:


    @mark you are crazy! :-)

    Now I get the point with the 5 years of desktop support on 12.04… The “Business Remix” thing sounded as a excuse more than anything else.

    Keep up the good work! I am sooo showing this live on the Precise release party in Norway… The code is coming out somewhere near us anytime soon?

  72. fpadia Says:

    Mr. Shuttleworth you and your team at Canonical are genii. You just keep producing amazing things, I really hope this gets the attention it deserves and it actually comes into fruition before its stolen by someone else and cocked up. Keep up the amazing work! Thanks

  73. no-compromise desktop lover Says:

    This is probably the most important announcement since the start of the ubuntu project. I hope the entire software industry follows this direction.

    Thanks for showing the way!

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  75. benji2 Says:

    It sounds like a very interesting idea.

    The weight/form-factor is especially attractive.

    Will it be possible to install the full Office ? Google Doc is still far from OpenOffice.org for document editing. However, as a quick way to draft documents, it’s great.

    But what about the os-version management ? Shall we be afraid that, like on the PC, all new software will stop being available after a few months unless the (power)user proceed to a long and hazardous “new distribution” installation.. on a Phone ? Or do you have a specific stable repository or stable schedule in mind, so that users keep using it and recommanding it after six months ?

  76. Ankit Tulsyan Says:

    WOW…this is awesome 😀

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  78. Keith Z-G Says:

    Under what license is the code for this integration to be published, if any? If not, is it merely hooks into the Android userland and binary kernel modules on the Ubuntu side? If open-source, however, can we get some technical information (or even better, links to commits or source trees) so that folks like the Kubuntu community can start working on an equivalent integration with our own desktop environment of choice?

    Although I love the Ubuntu base, Unity (and even Gnome 2 before that) simply does not appeal to me, or at least not nearly as much as KDE does. Knowing whether it’ll be possible to make this integration work under other desktop environments (or even entirely other cases, like an equivalent to or hack of the ASUS PadPhone but running Mer + Plasma Active when docked as a tablet) would be much appreciated.

  79. Frederico Araujo Mendes Says:

    The canonical can order the manufacturer and selling 100,000 smartphones with its own brand. “Ubuntu”. Apple does it, it does not manufacture. Do not expect a company like Samsung bet on the idea. It’s time for Canonical to sell hardware, TV, Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop and Pc. Simply place your order at Foxconn in China.

  80. Erik Says:

    Canonical seems to fail in making deals and partnering up with hardware vendors to finally offer Ubuntu pre-installed on notebooks, tablets, and why not, smartphones. Can’t we just get Ubuntu pre-installed and order that? Instead of backpigging on Android?

  81. Luis Anaya Says:

    Considering that I am typing this message in a Motorola Lapdock, I am a believer that this type of form factor has it place in computing. Although the Lapdock did started this type of features in smartphones, but the way it was implemented certainly left a lot of room for improvement. Some of this was addressed in some degree by the xda-developer folks, but required technical knowledge to get it into a place that it was serviceable. (and yes, I rooted the handset and installed software in it just to because it was needed for all my required use cases).

    If Canonical provides a full desktop experience within Android environment, it would certainly be a step up from what was started by Motorola. I presume that at the end of the day, it boils down to commercial agreements.

    Even though that CPU power is important, taking into consideration my experience with the lapdock, it is handset memory that is the largest limiting factor. In the case of the Motorola provided Android, the lack of a swap device constraints the number of concurrent applications or the capacity needed for the applications to work with large sets of data or large documents. This is exacerbated when android programs execute in background taking memory that needs to be shared with the desktop environment. I do not think that this is a big challenge, but it is something to keep in mind when a dual environment is provided.

    Other than that, I wish you the best of luck, and get some Sangria in “Barrio Gotico” (and make sure that you get your fix of churros with chocolate).

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  83. rishidev Says:

    A good one. More needed than wanted.
    I hope canonical starts making its own hardware. Its high time.

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  85. alejonext Says:

    Si es así de integrado Android con Ubuntu, quisiera ver el Ubuntu phone!!!

  86. rstat1 Says:

    My only question is: Will this work on existing devices, provided they meet the requirements you’ve set forth?

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  91. debo Says:

    Don’t quite get what the this is all about especially the bit about the ‘dock. Is the dock/hub something i plug my screen,keyboard and mouse into?

    What I really want is just to be able to replace android on my phone with ubuntu.
    I have just ordered a Transformer Prime, and again here, my only wish is to be able to run Ubuntu natively on it.

    The dream scenario for me, would be the ability to dual boot into Ubuntu eller android.

    Are Ubuntu working on this ability at all, and if so when will this be a reality? – the androlinux.com example isn’t imo convincing.



  92. Lulzim Says:

    Wow this is what I dreamed of. Very innovative and always the first, great work. This will definitely be the feature and other OS are planing the same. I did read yesterday plans for Android 5 (jelly beans) to have such feature by itself (maybe incorporating their own chrome OS??).
    Do you think that will take the momentum from Ubuntu as the rumors are it will be released sometime in the begging of summer? And in that case I think the competition is very hard as Ubuntu has to compete with an out of the box feature.

    As a user of Ubuntu I wish you all the Best and thank you for the great work

  93. Ubuntu + Android = Ubuntu for Android | PROUBUNTU Says:

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  94. Skilly Says:


  95. 【视频】Ubuntu + Android:手机才是真正的中心设备 | GeekWall极客墙 Says:

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  96. Chayan Ray Says:

    Isn’t this very similar to what we have already been in Motorola Atrix in the CES 2011?
    Its android powered and gives you a desktop when connected to any TV, monitor through HDMI. I think it is also Ubuntu powered but I may be wrong.

  97. نسخة أوبونتو لهواتف أندرويد - تتش أريبيا | تتش أريبيا Says:

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  100. Mateusz Kierepka Says:


    I will be on Mobile World Congress, where will be located stand with Ubuntu for Android?

  101. Представлен продукт Ubuntu для Android, превращающий подключенный к монитору телефон в ПК | ИТ аутсорсинг и компьютерная помощь, обслуживание ком Says:

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  103. Marius Gedminas Says:

    This is exciting!

    One question about “Carry just the phone” — is that true, or do you actually mean “Carry just the phone, a docking station, and set of cables”?

  104. How RIM could learn from Ubuntu, and why it needs to before it's too late Says:

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  105. Now You Can Run Ubuntu (Linux) On Your Smart Android Phone Also || Default Tricks || Mohit Bumb (Programmer / Coder / Web Developer / Ethical Hacker) Says:

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  106. Ubuntu para Android | Ubunlog Says:

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  108. mpl Says:

    So how about clam shell docks? Can I hope to simply plug an android phone in one of those and get a laptop with ubuntu so I can hack in the train for example?

  109. Vincenzo Ciancaglini Says:

    Hi Mark

    I don’t even know where to start complimenting you about this. So I won’t (but you know I would have :-D).
    I’ll get to the point: http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/products/smartbook.htm

    do you know these guys?

    They had great ideas hardware-wise, but poor software support and no business model (in my personal opinion).

    Do you think a collaboration with them would be fruitful? They basically have everything already in place, included the HDMI dongle and a huge battery life. I always thought they could incorporate the GSM part on their palm device, but I guess it’s too late now.

    Anyway, that would be a great reference platform for you guys as well, and you could get there with the least effort.

    (NB: I have no tidings whatsoever with them, I would just like to have one of those things with a decent software on top, and they are not selling them anymore!)

  110. Ubuntu for Android announced by Canonical, to be showcased in Mobile World Congress 2012 next week Says:

    […] [SOURCE | VIA] […]

  111. Ozcrates.CO.CC | Oliver Zdravkovic » Smartphones: Ubuntu für Android » Sport, Politik, Technik, Psychologie Says:

    […] Desktop ist 2012 die Killer-App für Quad-Core-Smartphones”, schreibt Ubuntu-Gründer Mark Shuttleworth zur Ankündigung von Ubuntu für Android. Auf dem Mobile World Congress 2012, der in der kommenden […]

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    […] што објави Mark Shuttleworth на својот блог, Ubuntu for Android ви овозможува да […]

  113. felis Says:

    Thanks to you Mark and all contributors – This looks great, and might at last be a reason to update my phone: I currently have a simple and totally unsmart Nokia, and I am carrying my beloved oneiric lubuntu netbook around – which looks absolutely great :-) Q: Will there be standard ‘debian/apt’ repositories for the targeted mobile platform(s), where necessary ?, i.e. can I install additional SW ?

  114. 'Ubuntu for Android' Ubuntu becomes further Android friendly | Ashoo's Ubuntu Blog Says:

    […] for Android” a new innovation which has been announced by Mark Shuttleworth in his blog, makes Ubuntu much friendlier with multi core Android […]

  115. Canonical anuncia Ubuntu para Android | Tecnoblog Says:

    […] e a um monitor, você passa a usar o Ubuntu e o Android ao mesmo tempo. O anúncio veio do blog de Mark Shuttleworth, que faz questão de lembrar que esse não é o “Ubuntu Phone” que todos estamos […]

  116. Oleg Says:

    Greate news!
    But I have a question?
    Will it be possible officialy to install and use Ubuntu instead of Motorola’s WebTop?

  117. Deedend Says:

    But this stuff will be free software or proprietary? Do you disclose the source code at some point?

  118. Marcel Says:

    That’s a pretty neat project and could potentially really be the “killer app”. I’m a bit confused by the mentioned “Ubuntu Music player” (using Rhythmbox’ icon) and “Ubuntu Photo Gallery” (using Shotwell’s icon), though. Are these supposed to be new products or rebranded versions of Rhythmbox/Shotwell? If it is the latter, why? Especially given that Pitivi and VLC are not “Ubuntu Movie Editor” and “Ubuntu Video Player”…?

  119. Canonical anuncia Ubuntu para Android | Agência CSS Experts - Criação de Sites e Soluções Diversas para Web Says:

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  121. Amir Noel Says:

    This is some very exciting news. Looking forward to see what is demoed next week. Keep up the good work.

  122. Ubuntu für Android | Consoles-Inside.de - Playstation 3, XBOX 360, Wii, iOS und Android Says:

    […] Shuttleworth berichtete in seinem Blog, dass Canonical die Software in der nächsten Woche auf dem Mobile World Congress in Barcelona […]

  123. srinivas Says:

    If ubuntu GNU/Linux could parasite on an android system, rhe time is not far enough where users would demand a windows os in a similar way or osx. All the best Mark. You just gave an idea to all the propreitory os designers which could be a gold mine.

  124. Canonical anuncia Ubuntu para Android « Ubuntu-BR-SC Says:

    […] na próxima semana, no Mobile World Congress, um Ubuntu integrável ao Android. De acordo com Mark Shuttleworth, basta conectar um celular em qualquer monitor que você vivenciará um ambiente de trabalho Ubuntu […]

  125. lol Says:

    Just wait about an year for Windows 8. It will smoke all other mobile OSes :)))))

  126. Vignesh Says:

    Wow. A nice update. I’m gonna blog about this. Love the term “carry your desktop in our pocket”..

  127. Ubuntu for Android y el smartphone como PC de escritorio | Incognitosis Says:

    […] El acercamiento de Canonical a este tema es desde luego muy inteligente: Android es el sistema operativo móvil más popular, y su cuota de mercado no hará sino crecer a medio plazo, así que una alianza para disfrutar de un escritorio de sobremesa cuando lo necesitemos sin renunciar a las bondades de Android cuando usemos el móvil “sin más” es todo un punto a favor de la aceptación de los usuarios, que no tendrán que hacer nada, porque todo funcionará igual. Simplemente, tendrán una opción más. Y por cierto, muy chula. Bien jugado, Mark. […]

  128. Ubuntu para Android anunciado | ZWAME Portal Says:

    […] Linux mais populares,depois na CES2012 apresentou o Ubuntu TV e ontem apresentou,através seu blog do fundador Mark ShuttleWorth,o  Ubuntu para […]

  129. Mirek2 Says:

    The official site mentions Adobe’s creativity portfolio is certified to work with it. What portfolio? Does that mean that Creative Suite is coming to Ubuntu?

    Here’s the quote: “More than 55% of all Linux developers use Ubuntu, which is why almost every Linux desktop application is certified to work with it. From VMWare’s workstation virtualization to Citrix’ thin client to Adobe’s creativity portfolio and loads of games, Ubuntu is number one.”

  130. Gabe Says:


    The difference between OS X/Windows and Ubuntu is that OS X and Windows applications will not immediately work on different architectures. Linux for the most part can immediately open up the vast majority of their software catalog to a new architecture. Linux is immediately operable and forward looking while OS X and Windows would be spending time playing catch-up (a long potentially very long, bumpy, costly game of catch-up).

  131. Ubuntu for Android to Star at Mobile World Congress | PHP World Says:

    […] with its plans to bring Ubuntu to platforms going well beyond just desktop computers. In his latest blog post, Shuttleworth notes: "We’ll show Ubuntu neatly integrated into Android at Mobile World […]

  132. Richard Says:

    How does this help me get compiz and my panels back?

  133. mark Says:


    We haven’t dropped Compiz, and the panels are still supported in 10.04 for a few more years.

  134. mark Says:


    Everything from Canonical in Ubuntu will be open source.

  135. mark Says:


    Pedant 😉

  136. mark Says:

    @Mateusz, we’re in Hall7 booth 7C87, see you there!

  137. RJakiel Says:

    Just wondering if this would work on the Asus Transformer series? Seeing that when used as a tablet it is in essence no different than a smartphone without the dialer. When docked with its’ optional keyboard it has USB host ports and a keyboard/touchpad. That would make the Trannsformer series from Asus a be all and end all for most people looking for a netbook/notebook replacement.

  138. Adam Nagy Says:

    Mark, all my respect is yours now… Now this is innovative. Also i’m looking forward to use Precise Pangolin, is it going to be lighter than Oneiric?

  139. Deedend Says:

    @mark Thank you, I LOVE these statements :-)

  140. Anders Feder Says:

    I hope that is not some semantic play on words. If this becomes open source, I finally have a reason for contributing to Ubuntu.

  141. Fred Says:

    How about Linux Mint 12?

  142. sola Says:

    I have to say, this new Ubuntu product could be a hit !!!

    If this pans out, they year of the Linux desktop finally arrives in 2012 or in 2013.

    I didn’t think that it would be in the form of my next Android phone, but I will certainly settle for that.

  143. Sebastian Says:

    Dear Mark,

    Ubuntu on Android is really nice for a mobile Future.
    But please give us _Android on Ubuntu_.

    So we may buy decent games from the market and have even more Ubuntu users.

    Android for Intel is on its way already. Why not call Larry and Sergey?
    They’ll for sure be exited to have this for their ChromeOS too!


  144. Canonical anuncia Ubuntu para Android | Você Informado Says:

    […] e a um monitor, você passa a usar o Ubuntu e o Android ao mesmo tempo. O anúncio veio do blog de Mark Shuttleworth, que faz questão de lembrar que esse não é o “Ubuntu Phone” que todos estamos […]

  145. Barbie Says:

    ABRACADABRA ….I wanna reach out & grab ya! :-)

  146. loqo Says:

    Truly awesome – I hope it’s smoother and faster than this:

  147. Musikmann Says:

    This will revolutionize BYOD (Bring your own device). This is miles beyond the curve. The closed source crowd will have a hard time keeping up on this one. Cant wait for quad core phone to put this on. I really can’t wait to here the gory techy bits and release date. Thank you Mark and for the work you do with OSS and Canonical.

  148. Ubuntu for Android: uno smartphone per usare la distro Canonical | My Blog Says:

    […] solo lo smartphone per accedere ad un mechanism produttivo criminal Ubuntu ovunque vogliate”, ha dichiarato in maniera alquanto entusiastica Mark Shuttleworth. Tuttavia, per il momento, il download del nuovo […]

  149. Ubuntu + Android:让手机成为中心设备 | IT & 数码 Says:

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  150. ayn Says:

    Dear Mark,

    since will be open source isn’t there the risk that Google(or some company selling cellphones) takes it and re-brand it changing the icons/wallpaper/logo etc… and you won’t make any money?

  151. flower01 Says:

    ty, .. .:from Indonesia:.

  152. Links 23/2/2012: No More Adobe Trash on GNU/Linux, New Mageia Coming | Techrights Says:

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  153. Ubuntu Gets Into Your Pocket | oTeKBits Says:

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  154. Mark Says:

    Not great. People were doing this on Maemo (Nokia n900) years ago so why does everyone think this is so freaking amazing?

    And this won’t be good open-source either. Try getting anything from ubuntu running on anything else but ubuntu and you’ll see what I mean. Open-source closed acting crap.

  155. Bravo.I Says:

    I’m a bit confused here.. So by using this phone while plugged into a screen and keyboard, then whats the use of a systembox? The phone will be basically a sytem box itself right?

  156. Stuart Says:

    Very cool – now i would be really impressed if it could work on my iPhone! 😉

  157. Nick Says:

    I want it! When is it to be released?

  158. Renato Says:

    What about phone battery? Arent android phones useless with the current state of phone battery capacity? I was traumatized by a motorola milestone before switching to an iphone.

  159. Ubuntu se uselio na naš Android mobitel! » Kvartal Sisak Says:

    […] potencijalno genijalnoj ideji Canonicala (u stvari se toga sjetio naš dragi Marko). Ideja je da se Ubuntu instalira paralelno s Androidom na pametni telefon, i da taj Ubuntu  […]

  160. Canonical anuncia Ubuntu para Android - webdig Blog Says:

    […] informação apareceu no blog de Mark Shuttleworth, fundador da Canonical, que é responsável pelo Ubuntu, o Ubuntu for […]

  161. Tapan Says:


    Just one thing, don’t let the wireless carriers or manufacturers pollute the Ubuntu experience, like they did with Android. They don’t understand software or user experience.

  162. Canonical anuncia Ubuntu para Android « TechWord Says:

    […] “Ao conectar o celular a um monitor de computador e um teclado, um ambiente desktop com base na interface Unity se abrirá e o usuário poderá então rodar uma sessão completa de desktop”, afirmou Shuttleworth. […]

  163. Leo Says:

    Mark, this is fantastic. I with @Sebastian above: would it be feasible to have an android environment integrated in the Desktop Ubuntu? It could be a widget that contains Android “apps”.

    Cheers, and thank you for all your contributions for a better world,

  164. Linuxpay » Ubuntu y Android se fusionan Says:

    […] En su blog, Mark Shuttleworth hizo un interesante anuncio: la presentacion de Ubuntu para Android en el proximo Mobile World Congress, que se celebrará en Barcelona del 27 de Febrero al 1 de Marzo. […]

  165. Ubuntu para Android; el futuro del cómputo móvil | PoderPDA Says:

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  166. Blog de Avízpate – Ubuntu para Android; el futuro del cómputo móvil Says:

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  167. Larry Says:

    I wish this was available 5 years ago for my Dell X51v PDA. At the time, that device was cutting edge. I used it at work, connecting it to an external 1280×1024 display, using a BT mouse and keyboard with a WIFI network connection – a true desktop in your pocket. It’s too bad this was not available for the Xscale processor back then.

  168. Sojin Says:

    This will bring endless possibilities, limited just by imagination.

    Later they can remove the docks with Bluetooth or some other wireless connectivity……. they can ‘Ubuntize’ vehicles so that when you step in, your dash will have whole lot of information’s/navigation/entertainment …… they can ‘Ubuntize’ your home…. ‘Ubuntize’ your office ….

    Good job Mark and Co.

  169. Ubuntu para Android transforma seu smartphone em um Desktop PC Says:

    […] Canonical, responsável pelo Ubuntu, Mark Shuttleworth, confirmou nesta quarta-feira (22/02) em seu blog que vai lançar o Ubuntu for Android, uma versão do sistema operacional que permite conectar seu […]

  170. Nomax Says:

    Impressive. What kind of Android devices are on the market right that have such a dock?


  171. Ubuntu for Android unveiled Says:

    […] a post on his web site, Mark Shuttleworth highlights the fact that Ubuntu has been neatly integrated with […]

  172. zelrik Says:

    @Mark: Too many projects!! You need some focus there, Canonical is no Apple or Microsoft or even Google in terms of size, don’t spread yourself too thin. My main worry though is unity (I replaced it by gnome-shell and I am far from being the only person using it), I know it is a recent project but it should have started to get better by now :S.

    That being said I love that dual android/ubuntu idea.

  173. Ubuntu for Android: Complete Ubuntu Desktop for Docked Android Smartphones Says:

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  174. Siropia Tech – Um Android rodando Ubuntu? Says:

    […] Mark Shuttleworth diz em seu blog que durante o próximo Congresso Móvel Mundial, que irá acontecer em Barcelona entre os dias 27 de fevereiro e 1° de março, a Canonical irá apresentar o sistema ao mundo. […]

  175. Mark ShuttleWorth anuncia Ubuntu para Android | O Alleluia Says:

    […] da apresentação da Ubuntu TV (ver aqui), Mark ShuttleWorth anunciou ontem no seu blog (aqui) o Ubuntu para Android. Vamos conhecer em traços gerais em que consiste este […]