New notification work lands in Jaunty

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

Thanks to the concerted efforts of Martin Pitt, Sebastien Bacher and several others, notify-osd and several related components landed in Jaunty last week. Thanks very much to all involved! And thanks to David Barth, Mirco Muller and Ted Gould who lead the development of notify-osd and the related messaging indicator.

Notify-OSD handles both application notifications and keyboard special keys like brightness and volume

Notify-OSD handles both application notifications and keyboard special keys like brightness and volume

MPT has posted an overview of the conceptual framework for “attention management” at, which puts ephemeral notification into context as just one of several distinct tools that applications can use when they don’t have the focus but need to make users aware of something. That’s a draft, and when it’s at 1.0 we’ll move it to a new site which will host design patterns on

There is also a detailed specification for our implementation of the notification display agent, notify-osd, which can be found at and which defines not only the expected behaviour of notify-osd but also all of the consequential updates we need to make across the packages in main an universe to ensure that those applications use notification and other techniques consistently.

There are at least 35 apps that need tweaking, and there may well be others! If you find an app that isn’t using notifications elegantly, please add it to the notification design guidelines page, and if you file a bug on the package, please tag it “notifications” so we can track these issues in a single consistent way.

Together with notify-osd, we’ve uploaded a new panel indicator which is used to provide a way to respond to messaging events, such as email and IRC pings. If someone IM’s you, then you should see an ephemeral notification, and the messaging indicator will give you a way to respond immediately. Same for email. Pidgin and Evolution are the primary focuses of the work, over time we’ll broaden that to the full complement of IM and email apps in the archive – patches welcome :-)

There will be rough patches. Apps which don’t comply with the spec and send actions on notifications even when the display agent says it does not support them, will have their notifications translated into alerts. That’s the primary focus of the effort now, the find and fix those apps. Also, we know there are several cases where a persistent response framework is required. The messaging indicator gets most of them, we will have additional persistent tools in place for Karmic in October.

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  1. Alistair Says:

    Well done, that’s definitely looking good and a step in the right direction! Now just need to start pouring some of the beauty of OS X into Ubuntu releases 😉

  2. luke Says:

    is that a new metacity theme I see?

  3. anonim Says:


    Will canonical/ubuntu help on the new gnome-shell proyect?

    Mark Shuttleworth says: Yes, we helped by sending most of our user experience team to the user experience sprints, and have folks at the UI hackfests. We’re working on notifications in a way that will fit with both GNOME and KDE, and will contribute that at And we’re working on the panel and other pieces. We’ll package up the new gnome-shell in due course, but will wait to see what the best defaults for Ubuntu are.

  4. John McHugh Says:

    The banshee guys have already patched the latest version in trunk to be compatible with the new notifications 😀

  5. lzap Says:

    Great, works like in MacOS. I like it. And I like the dark theme – I hope it will be default in Jaunty.

  6. Dread Knight Says:

    Horay! 😀

  7. ulrik Says:

    Yes, Growl, an open source utility that does this in OSX is a really good role model! And it allows configurability (shutting up skype etc), and other things. I enabled hardware notifications and make them the dark theme, everything else in a candy-ish theme. We’ll probably arrive there too in ubuntu right (configurability, not the candy).

  8. Nicolaide Says:

    Niceeeee!!! There is a way to try that in intrepid to help finding bugs and that stuff?


  9. foo Says:

    I find this to be weird. What did upstream have to say about this change?

  10. Nicolaide Says:

    Niceeeee!!! There is a way to try that in intrepid to help finding bugs and that stuff?


  11. Stefano F. (tacone) Says:

    While seeing Ubuntu developers finally getting their hands dirty with 3rd party apps, the alert box fallback seems to me the worst idea since sliced bread.

  12. Bruce Cowan Says:

    Yet more patches to “fix” things that aren’t broken in the first place.

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  15. Paulo Cesar Says:

    How about integrating this with the notification framework of KDE4? Imagine a user in Gnome receiving a Kopete notification on Notify-OSD, and a user in KDE4 using pidgin and receiving the notification on Plasma notification :)

  16. Aigars Mahinovs Says:

    Is there a simple command line tool that we could use from scripts or that could be trivially added to existing software without adding all the DBus code cruft?

    Mark Shuttleworth says: notify-send in the libnotify-bin package.

  17. Thomas Leonard Says:

    How will this affect third-party applications that rely on distributions implementing the full spec? e.g. ROX uses actions in notifications in several places (you can dismiss or edit an alarm when it goes off; you can choose whether to download updates when they are found). Are third-parties expected to provide separate versions of their software for Ubuntu?

  18. Alejanjim Says:

    I really love your GNOME’s theme! What it is?
    Oh! This OSD like seems Growl, it’s great!
    Could work my VIA graphics card on Jaunty? xD

    However, good work!

  19. Lore Says:

    It seems quite interesting. And what about the theme? Is it the new official one?

  20. juancarlospaco Says:

    nice work, i like the bubble skin

  21. frustphil Says:

    In my case I use the firefox’s search field a lot when I want to google something. The current placement of notification obstructs my view and accessibility to it. I would love to have some changes with the new notification that would suit me more.

    Mark Shuttleworth says: This is something we support explicitly – when you mouse over the notification, it fades away and blurs, and you can click and type straight into the search box. So you can close or maximise or restore windows, or do anything you want underneath the notification. It works really well.

  22. Jonathan Rothwell Says:


    I still think the things are too button-shaped to be seen as transient by users, and they’re also too opaque. I’d try making them a little more transparent by default, and a little flatter.

  23. alex Says:

    nice i cant wait to get my hands on it. its a very welcome change. i agree with izap too, i would love to see dust released as a default theme. pretty much everyone i know uses it in some form or another.

  24. web123 Says:


    Some KDE folk does not like :
    “Response to the proposed Canonical Notification System”

  25. ClubUbuntu Says:

    great work, I saw the mockup from the first days and I enjoy reading that it will be available in our next Ubuntu release!

  26. sharms Says:


    Thanks for organizing this, I am very excited, it looks fantastic.

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  28. frustphil Says:

    What if I won’t use mouse to access the search box and just ‘Ctrl-k’instead. How does notification behave in this use-case?

    Mark Shuttleworth says: It fails in this use-case. You will still be able to type your search query and hit enter, but the view of your text input will be blurred by the notification. If it’s possible for the notification display agent to detect that focus has moved into this area, we could fix that. Feel free to file a bug, it may be marked wontfix if it’s infeasible, or it may be something that can be addressed in a future version.

  29. John Gill Says:

    One thing I’d like with notifications is some sort of cache, so that I can go and read ones I’ve missed while away, or ones that flashed by too quickly for me to notice — any plans for something like that?

    Mark Shuttleworth says: There should be a log in your home directory, which would contain notifications since you logged in. It would get reset to zero each time you log in, but would nonetheless let you see if you’d missed something.

  30. Dylan McCall Says:

    I don’t have Jaunty in front of me right now, but how does this handle those notifications which are attached to existing windows? (For example, previously drawn as bubbles with arrows pointing to panel applets).

    And can I download this for Intrepid? I realize 90% of the notifications wouldn’t look right, but I feel like playing with it.

  31. Khalid Rashid Says:

    congrats on it making into jaunty! I was skeptic that it would be finished after trying out alpha 4 briefly, looking forward to alpha 5 with great anticipitation :-)

  32. said026 Says:

    Thank you for this information ^^

  33. jorge Says:


    I use ctrl-k regularly as well and I was concerned that this would break me but I found that the bubble was just translucent enough to let me continue typing while someone IMed me.

  34. Says:

    Implementadas las nuevas notificaciones de Ubuntu [ENG]…

    Son el primer intento de Ubuntu de introducir novedades en la usabilidad del mundo Linux. Ahora, las notificaciones no implicarán ninguna acción por parte del usuario, y desaparecerán a los pocos segundos. Habrá indicadores en el panel para acceder…

  35. arf Says:

    Hey Mark, re this and your recent talk of bling in Koala, why not push a Kubuntu/Ubuntu merge in 2-3 version’s time? KDE 4.2 is finally stable, and it delivers serious bling. Kubuntu tends to suffer from KDE’s general timidity when it comes to spicing the default desktop (thereby perhaps scaring off the casual experimenter); but as I’m sure you know, spending a little time on customizing KDE 4.2 makes it easily rival Vista or OSX.

    It seems to methat you’ll have an easier time getting “there” from here with KDE as your foundation than with Gnome, and I say this unreligiously, having used both desktops as they’ve developed over the past 8 years. Gnome has some horrible usability problems (file/open, for example) that KDE’s had right for years. Try some user group testing on desktops that are themed otherwise identically in both DEs, and see where the preference falls.

  36. Dylan McCall Says:

    Okay, I discovered the project on Launchpad and checked out the source code. Got it running in Intrepid by building, killing notification-daemon then running ./src/notify-osd in place. Nice and easy :)
    It looks pretty!

    Project is hosted here:

  37. Justin Says:

    A things that I would like to mention:

    Will it be integrated into Kubuntu? please say yes.
    Will the notification cover the panel? Please say no.
    Pleeeeeeze, if you can, integrate Vuze, I love Vuze, but I hate the way it currently handles notifications.

    Mark Shuttleworth says: Yes, it will be integrated into Kubuntu, but due to extended discussions in the Kubuntu community and delays in the implementation with Qt, it will likely land in 9.10. Notifications won’t cover the panel, that’s a bug. As for Vuze, patches welcome :-)

  38. Dave Higgins Says:

    Karmic…Koala? Kangaroo?

  39. Sander D Says:

    I’m using Notify OSD for a few days now and it looks and feels very nice! Great that Ubuntu will become the first OS that provides notifications in a humane way by default. Users who prefer the old notifications with the X button will still be able to install that package, so this is only good news for everyone.

    It would be very nice if Canonical could work with Mozilla to let Firefox use this protocol. I assume you know about the Ubiquity extension. (If you don’t, watch the video at – it’s not the Ubuntu installer by the way.) It depends heavily on notifications. Currently it uses the ugly, custom grey ones on Linux, while it connects to Growl on Mac. Ubiquity notifications only do icon-title-body text too, so there wouldn’t be a design-technical conflict.

    By the way, it would be interesting to see Ubuntu working more with Mozilla’s Ubiquity anyway. It’s already got experimental support for working with local Mac apps. This would be a great way to integrate Ubuntu with the web.

  40. David Says:

    Congrats! It feels like something great is being accomplished here.

  41. CoolGoose Says:

    Congrats for the notification system.
    May I ask what theme are you using ? It doesn’t seem to be darktheme (that’s a bit broken on my 9.04 box).

  42. xubean Says:

    Hi Mark, I don’t know if you’ll read this or not, but anyway, I’m a big fan of yours. What you’re doing for the Linux community is phenomenal. Also this new notification system is definitely worth all the buzz it’s getting. I’m excited to try Jaunty, and I’m already looking forward to Karmic also. I don’t have any questions for you, I only wanted to say Good luck and god bless to you and the entire Ubuntu community.
    @Alex, yes I use the Dust theme exclusively on all my computers also, but I use the light Dust sand theme instead of the default dark one. Either way I think Dust is one of the best we’ve seen so far.

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  44. The Open Sourcerer Says:

    Hi Mark, you’ve been tagged:

  45. Jonathan Says:

    Am I misunderstanding this new notifications thing? When any sort of message worthy of attention (for example arrival of new email or even completion of a printing task) I don’t want to have to think about which application or desktop component is responsible. Clicking on the notification to bring up the appropriate application for the notification is an important productivity booster.

    OTOH having unified desktop management for notification is great (as long as it is not too fat). It would be nice to configure where and for how long notifications are displayed and even the degree of translucency and clickability (supporting left click | right click | no click | key combo).

    limiting capabilities == bad;
    lightweight unified framework == good

    Am I missing something?

  46. Aru Says:

    I take it this notification bus/system will be included in Kubuntu as well? The KDE team (most notably Celeste Paul) have been quite vocal in their displeasure with this system. Will I, and others who disagree with the direction that is being taken with the new notification system, be able to opt out of using this new bus?

    Mark Shuttleworth says: Celeste and others are certainly influencing the spec for notify-osd. As soon as we have both the OSD and the messaging indicator for KDE, they will be rolled into Kubuntu. Jonathan Riddell has been supportive of having new work from Canonical land in Kubuntu at the same time as Ubuntu.

  47. Zac Says:

    Good work!

    Karmic Koala, I love it!

  48. Joshua Blount Says:

    What does “landed in Jaunty” mean? I’m running Jaunty, but I don’t see the new notifications, so I’m a bit confused.

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  50. JP St. Pierre Says:

    I’m just curious whether having the notify daemon go against the spec and have no interactivity and instead patching apps is the best route you could have taken. I’m not saying it’s a bad decision, I’m just asking whether you had evaluated designing and implementing something that could work seamlessly with other programs rather than something that requires applications to be monkey patched downstream.

    Mark Shuttleworth says: The spec is clear that actions are optional, and that applications should query the notification system to see which optional capabilities it supports, and only use those. Thus, fixing apps to do so means fixing them to conform to the specification.

  51. Ggfgf Says:

    Oh look a Growl ripoff

    Mark Shuttleworth says: Oh look, an anonymous coward.

  52. Markus Says:

    Too bad you guys work on such minor features, but all your comments about how important KDE is to you are immediately disclosed as bogus once tries your “brilliant” KDE support. Not only do you break KDE’s localization files (see ). I suppose that this usability experiment is also GNOME-exclusive, right?

    Mark Shuttleworth says: No, we will deliver notify-osd on Qt and KDE too. We’ve hired two full-time Qt / KDE developers to work on that, they’ll be on board for the whole 9.10 cycle, so expect to have feature equivalence on both Ubuntu and Kubuntu. We’ll only do that where necessary, in the main we will try to write once and deploy on both environments, publishing the work on I don’t see the point in funding dual development just to massage ego’s, when that funding could go to other worthy causes instead. Now, did you have something constructive to say, or are you just going to carp on?

  53. AMO Says:

    Yea i love Ubuntu. It is good that they doing this because i got something like it for my pidgin i think is the same thing but this one is modify and better but i try mumbles and is not that good. Keep up the good work also im thinking on buying a Ubuntu flash drive but only 4 gig i need some 8 gig already but is okay i still buy it i love Ubuntu forever. Satisfy customer since December of 2008 first time Linux user. One more thing i got the Dell XPS with Ubuntu 8.4 install by factory so i hope that helps the Ubuntu community.

    Love and equality for all.

  54. pavs Says:

    Hey Mark,

    The image in this post, is this a mock up what you guys eventually hope it to look like? Or a working example?

    I just tried notify-osd preview and it looks nothing like that. I understand these are still early development but I would like to know if this is a mockup or something might be wrong with my configuration.

    Thanks! Let the naysayers whine, you guys are doing a good job. The only distribution that is actually working on to improve user-interface.


  55. Sashin Says:

    This looks very nice. Both the theme and the notification. Would be perfect if they didn’t cover the bar, seems like you desgined them to be really user-orientated (with the fading away and whatnot). Although having the notification log in the /home directory seems somewhat intrusive (I’d prefer only documents, pictures, music etc to be there), why not have them as something in the system menu.

    I’m not exactly why alot of people seem to favor KDE, to be honest it’s only the default appearance that I find looks better. Gnome seems alot cleaner and neater than it, with less clutter. Would it be possible simply to change Ubuntu’s default look instead of changing to KDE. If you do change to KDE (for default) though, will there still be a version of Ubuntu that uses gnome (gnubuntu perhaps). If I were you though, I’d wait for gnome 3.0 before deciding though.

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  57. Nathan R. Hale Says:

    I know this may seem like “minor feature,” but virtually all the big things really work well in Ubuntu. I’m not saying everything is perfect or that the Ubuntu team should neglect larger usability issues, but sometimes we can forget that often it’s the little things that keep users attached to a certain desktop environment or operating system. I still use IceWM all the time, for instance, because it has an easy-to-use “minimize to system tray” feature that is really helpful to me. It’s the little things like this notification system that will contribute an elegance to the overall Ubuntu experience, and provide a bit usefulness that I’m sure many users will welcome.

  58. Howard Says:

    Just wanted to say that I think it’s pretty cool that you actually read and respond to these comments :)

    Great job with Ubuntu – keep it up!

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  61. AmblestonDack Says:

    Excellent work and congrats on getting it implemented with Jaunty :)

    Love your answer to Ggfgf.


  62. rawsausage Says:

    Those notifications are bad. The last thing a user needs nowadays is more notifications. Computers should shut up and let people focus on their real life tasks.

  63. L4Linux Says:

    Great work!
    Is it the Willibex theme you are using in the above screenshot??
    Please make it default for Jaunty!! The color combination is really easy on the eye (2-3 friends, non-Linux users actually said it looks nice), it blends perfectly with the wallpaper and it can’t be accused by Trolls that it is a Mac or Vista rip-off. In my opinion it is a great choice, until a new theme for 9.10 is made by your artist team.

  64. Leroy Says:

    Nice improvement! Looking good!

  65. Ralph Corderoy Says:

    Nice work. Will other focus grabbing things be given attention in time? For instance, you start Freeguide and go back to typing while the disc is whirring. The Freeguide manages to pop up its banner window, taking focus, so you iconise it and get back to typing. More whirring, and it pops up its main window, taking focus again, despite me iconising the banner window.

    Compare this to Firefox where you can start it by selecting the menu item, click back on the gnome-terminal and keep typing. When Firefox appears, it’ll be *under* the terminal in the window stack and the focus isn’t taken. Freeguide isn’t alone, Open Office is another offender.

    Similarly, Firefox and gnome-terminal use Fitt’s Law regarding the scrollbar on a maximised window but Open Office doesn’t. These little niggling inconsistencies niggle. I realise it’s down to having a wide range GUI libraries, but some extra polish would be good.

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  69. .fosk. Says:


    I love it. Thank you very much for this work!

  70. tricky Says:

    Wow, again the big man of Ubuntu cared for a very small detail, while the truly big bugs in Hardy and Intrepid are still not fixed.
    My very best whises for your future 😉

  71. Jarrod Says:

    The concept behind the new notification system is a great step in terms of usability. I for one welcome the change. I’m interested as to how the various other usecase scenarios (buttons in the notification, clicking the notification to open the corrosponding app) play out, but I’m sure you’ve got this covered :)

    As always, I have great confidence in Canonicals work, ubuntu is an outstanding desktop. I know you don’t need the encouragment, but keep up the fantastic work!

  72. alex Says:

    I got the notify-osd working great on my Intrepid install. Looks great. Ive posted a relitively straight-forward guide on my blog.

    Dont forget to file bug reports on launchpad.
    Keep up the awesome work Ubuntu community. :)

  73. Awais Says:

    I think the deviant art community should be engaged in developing themes for ubuntu. There is alot of talent out there and these people would be willing to participate if asked.

  74. Ubunlog Says:

    Lo que leí en la semana 16/02 al 22/02…

    Ubuntu 9.04, 20% más rápida que Ubuntu 8.10
    Mejor Integración de wine en Ubuntu 9.04
    Google Chrome y la vida despés de Windows
    KDE 4: Después de Oxygen, Air

    Instalar Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 “Lenny” Screencast
    Deluge 1.1.3
    New Notificatio…

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  76. Joe "Floid" Kanowitz Says:

    Hm. Look what happens when you try to do something “easy” – wherein drawing transparent overlays with no window-manager decorations is now “easy.” :) Some quick reactions:

    * What’s an “Alert,” by comparison? A modal dialog? Not everyone is steeped in these distinctions, which are unique to the particular primordial soup involved. (Ubuntu’s primordial soup being the GNOME/Metacity/??? bazaar; other platforms have their own mess of APIs and their own underlying assumptions.)

    * This will plant another knife in the back of drag’n’drop, not that any system ever realized it fully: As has already been discussed, these notifications are a special class of not-a-window that disappears on mouseover… but what if you want to preserve a notification as a “reminder” or “sticky note?” If anyone cared about implementing the DnD metaphor anymore, it would make sense to be able to “tear them off” with a click-and-drag and have them become real windows with real window-manager decorations; instead we’ve convinced ourselves to sit tight and look in the log later if we care. [I’m not sure how often I’d use this feature, but it’s worth pointing out the metaphor-breakage.]

    * Cool, there’ll be a log. I’m not sure blowing out the log per-session is the best default; I imagine the common case for log lookups in the short term would be users who notice a notification for a new message from “Bob,” don’t get a chance to deal with it, shut down, restart later, and need to find the message but can’t remember if it was email or IM or what. Something like a 7-day rolling replace would make more sense, and preserve enough data on default installs for attempts at log-viewing UIs to have something to work with.

    Well, maybe some further thoughts:

    * re: actions on notifications: I assume the real reaction against these is that they’re a pain to render. We can argue enough about what these actionless “black blob” or “brown blob” notifications look like, but adding the need to render variable-width buttons risks making even more of a mess. [I assume this is more of a reality than the simplicity fetish that’s inspired, say, Nautilus’s prickly tendency to throw warnings like “Some files are newer” without offering a way to compare dates.] If the application is offering actions through the standard API, would it really be bad to offer a single “There are actions…” element that pops up a regular, “ugly,” normal, window-managed window that lets the user perform those actions?

    Users could then complain upstream: “Your program’s notifications show ‘There are actions…’ notifications on Ubuntu, but the only action is “Open the program!” This would fairly rapidly select for only ‘useful’ actions, although it does throw the idea of having a single “default” action (as I proposed previously, wherein notifications would have default handlers like filesystem objects) on its head.

    * How does “accessibility” work for these not-window-windows?

    That’s enough for now! I’ll definitely have to look at these roadmaps — and speaking of that, where’s the tutorial on how serious UI nerds can “get involved?” Or are we making enough noise as it is? :)

  77. Andrea Says:

    I’m using it on Jaunty and I like it!
    Thanks Mark, go on. :-)

  78. Vlad Says:

    I notice from the screenshot that the top notification is covering up the panel. This will be a usability issue for some as it is hard to see time and other icons the notification is covering up. Could it be possible to make the notifications appear right under the panel so as to not cover anything up?

    Also, what will happen in the rare case that many notifications are coming up and one wants to change the screen brightness? Will the brightness notification have priority over the others and show up instantly? Or will it be queued like all the other notifications?

    Mark Shuttleworth says: Both good observations, Vlad! The notifications should not cover the panel, that’s a bug to be fixed before Jaunty. Also, the “keyboard feedback” notifications are treated differently, they are “synchronous” and displayed immediately. If you switch from changing the brightness to changing the volume, then the synchronous bubble shows volume immediately. Also, synchronous notifications reset the timer on any asynchronous notifications, too. So you can adjust the brightness, then read your notification at leisure.

  79. Valerio Varro Valrosso Says:

    Hi Mark, first I wanna apologize for the bad english but it’s not my mother tongue.
    However I think this notification system is very elegant.
    Like other Ubuntu users I appreciate the distro and I hope the new theme will be ready as soon as possible. You are promising it since a lot of time :)

  80. KingofSwing Says:

    Wooo i m waiting for Jaunty, Gnome seems alot cleaner and neater than it, with less clutter. Would it be possible simply to change Ubuntu’s default look instead of changing to KDE.

  81. Callum Says:

    I’ve given this new type of notification some thought since your last post, and I like it. I think it makes a lot of sense. While I can see people resisting, I think it’ll win out in time because it will actually work really well. Great effort.

  82. lzap Says:

    Can these notification be active? I mean for example with incoming IM message a message box for answer.

    And what if the message box will show some IM message and I would like to answer it without a mouse? Will there a key-combination to move focus to the textbox? What about more boobles with more textboxes – maybe this approach is bad…

    Just thinking. Thumbs up anyway – I think youre not kidding with the Bug no. 1.

  83. Vadim P. Says:

    Keep up being a rolemodel for other organizations (

  84. zelrik Says:

    “when you mouse over the notification, it fades away and blurs, and you can click and type straight into the search box.”

    So my question would be, what if I want to click on the notification? Isnt it contradictory?

    Also those notifications look rather big, I feel it will fill all my screen space…

    Will we be able to change from where those notifications will appear? I feel the lower right corner might be better fitted for notifications (I agree with the comment on firefox). The notifications from thunderbird do not bother me too much.

    Mark Shuttleworth says: You can’t click on the notifications, we don’t have a “dismiss” button, and we don’t support actions (buttons) on the notifications. As for size, the size is based on your system font settings. They are designed not to take too much space, and fit in with other work we will deliver over the next year. The positioning won’t be configurable, because as I say other screen elements have to fit around them.

  85. Enlightenment Says:

    Ubuntu is awesome. It looks like it will keep improving at a faster rate than others. It is coming along nicely already.

  86. Daniel Says:

    Though I’m running Fedora, I’m quite impressed. I was wondering though – any chance this will make it to gnome upstream to be used by other distributions as well?

    Mark Shuttleworth says: We’ve published notify-osd under the GPLv3, so any distribution can ship it. Some of the icons are trademarked, but we will include an icon set in the GNOME and KDE default themes, which is licensed for widespread use. There will be a lot of new work coming from this team, though, and the best place to get it will be Ubuntu 😉

  87. » Ubuntu gets cloudy koala Australian Broadband Deals Says:

    […] over the weekend, Shuttleworth detailed NotifyOSD, an initiative to improve the notification system within […]

  88. klaus Says:


    Markus’ message (at February 22nd, 2009 at 12:00 am) showed this link:

    Your answer: “… Now, did you have something constructive to say, or are you just going to carp on?”

    I do know that english is your native language, so maybe this isn’t an important issue for you? But I sincerely hope you know about the problems with translations used in Ubuntu. They are a disaster, at least for several languages. Ubuntu doesn’t ship the upstream translations, at least not the KDE translations. Instead you depend on your own translations done at Launchpad.

    If don’t know about this situation you should dig into it right away because this makes ubuntu look quite bad and amateurish in some countries.

  89. Deas Says:

    That looks fantastic! It reminds me of the Growl notification system. It’ll be neat to see it working.

  90. New and Shiney Notification to arrive wit Ubuntu 9.04 - Says:

    […] tag it

  91. livio's way · Nowości - luty 2009 Says:

    […] tym, jak Mark Shuttleworth opublikował wpis, traktujący o powiadomieniach, projekt Ubuntu rozpoczął wdrażanie jego idei w życie. Szczerze, od samego początku towarzyszy mi obawa, że zmiany, które Mark uważa za pozytywne, […]

  92. Brian Donohue Says:

    Ah, Martin Pitt — the fellow who I said would be fired in a “normal” corporation, after he did this. That’s the difference that makes FOSS one of the primary models by which the corporate city of thieves will be transformed and renewed. It’s all about the values that inform and nourish FOSS.

  93. Boycott Novell » Links 23/02/2009: Says:

    […] New notification work lands in Jaunty Thanks to the concerted efforts of Martin Pitt, Sebastien Bacher and several others, notify-osd and several related components landed in Jaunty last week. Thanks very much to all involved! And thanks to David Barth, Mirco Muller and Ted Gould who lead the development of notify-osd and the related messaging indicator. […]

  94. André Gondim | Using Ubuntu » New notification work lands in Jaunty, some examples Says:

    […] More about in Mark Shuttleworth’s blog. […]

  95. André Gondim » Notificador do Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope dá as caras Says:

    […] Mais informações no anúncio oficial no blog de Mark Shuttleworth. […]

  96. Ubuntu: sistema de notificação chega a tempo para o 9.04 Says:

    […] por Julio Pacheco – referência […]

  97. zelrik Says:

    I am looking forward…to disable that feature. :)

  98. Wil Wade Says:

    I noted that you mentioned above that the notifications will not cover the panel, however is this accomplished through absolute positioning or is it panel aware? Example if I take the default setup and move the top bar to the bottom, do the notifications rise in height to the top of the screen? (Or if I have a taller top panel do they drop down a little?)

    It would seem that some method of moving the location of the notifications would be needed if it is not panel aware, as I have seen a large variety of panel location and sizes.

  99. [ShotPress] Get the new Notifications on Intrepid Says:

    […] Rybicki posted a tutorial about how to get the new Jaunty notifications on Ubuntu […]

  100. alex Says:

    hey mark, Ive been using notify-osd for a few days now, and I really like what I see.
    One thing that I would like to see though is a separate anchor, accessible thru a settings menu perhaps? that would allow the user to click and drag the notification area. currently it only pops up in a fixed location, and it doesnt accept the old libnotify location override. this can cause some problems for certain gdm layouts.
    what do you think? should i blueprint it on launchpad or was that not something that was intended in the grand scheme of things?

  101. lockwood Says:

    Isn’t it better to place the notifications underneath the Gnome-panel, or what do you think?

  102. Nuevas notificaciones en Ubuntu 9.04 - FayerWayer Says:

    […] nuevo agente de notificaciones estará disponible sólo para el entorno GNOME. Canonical ya tiene a gente trabajando en la version QT para los usuarios de KDE y se espera que esté disponible en el release de octubre […]

  103. Punto Libre» » Nuevas notificaciones en Ubuntu 9.04 Says:

    […] nuevo agente de notificaciones estará disponible sólo para el entorno GNOME. Canonical ya tiene a gente trabajando en la version QT para los usuarios de KDE y se espera que esté disponible en el release de octubre […]

  104. Hola PO! » Instala el nuevo sistema de notificaciones de Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope Says:

    […] fin de semana Mark Shuttleworth publicó en su blog personal un artículo mencionando los avances que se están realizando en el desarrollo del nuevo sistema de […]

  105. LKRaider Says:

    I hope this notification system be used in the mozilla apps. The notifications they use now are really distracting and do not integrate well with the Gnome environment.

  106. Instala el nuevo sistema de notificaciones de Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope | Windows Seven 7 Says:

    […] fin de semana Mark Shuttleworth publicó en su blog personal un artículo mencionando los avances que se están realizando en el desarrollo del nuevo sistema de […]

  107. Instala el nuevo sistema de notificaciones de Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope | FeedXtractor Says:

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  108. Nuevas notificaciones en Ubuntu 9.04 | FeedXtractor Says:

    […] nuevo agente de notificaciones estará disponible sólo para el entorno GNOME. Canonical ya tiene a gente trabajando en la version QT para los usuarios de KDE y se espera que esté disponible en el release de octubre […]

  109. Alejandro Moreno-Ramos - Translator engineer Says:

    Nice, keep up the good work!

  110. Mohan Says:

    Very cool, I am looking forward to this. I hoping that this will be in the upcoming alpha. :)

  111. New notification work lands in Jaunty | Says:

    […] Well now it’s in the alpha version of Ubuntu 9.04, “Jaunty Jackalope”, for more | digg story Share and […]

  112. Le Septox - Jaunty: News Says:

    […] nouveau system de notification est deja integre dans Jaunty, bien qu’etant encore en version alpha , il donne deja a […]

  113. Instalar el nuevo sistema de notificaciones de Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope Says:

    […] truco para cambiar el tema. Sin embargo este fin de semana Mark Shuttleworth hablaba en su blog del nuevo sistema de notificaciones para Ubuntu 9.04, NotifyOSD, que tiene un aspecto bastante agradable, y mejora en usabilidad a […]

  114. Colin Says:


    What about showing g_warning() or similar console logs in case an application doesn’t check for action support before using it?
    Is the goal to alert applications developers or to annoy all users?

  115. Nuove notifiche di sistema per Ubuntu 9.04! « PIMP MY LINUX™ Says:

    […] un possibile cambiamento nelle raccapriccianti notifiche di sistema di Ubuntu, e a quanto pare da questo articolo scritto da Shuttleworth sul suo blog le notifiche sono state cambiate in tempo per la versione 9.04 […]

  116. Benachrichtigungen und Alerts in Ubuntu Gnome « Software und Ubuntu Says:

    […] Mark Shuttleworth soll in der neuen Version von Ubuntu 9.04 das neue ‘Notifications’ System enthalten […]

  117. Annerajb Says:

    it be awesome if this notifications had a way to be closed a small x on a corner or being left clicked because sometimes you need your whole screen and if you have a notification sticking up there for 2 seconds really gets annoying when you get a lot. ie messenger on windows they are small and just have a x and action and i hate the fact that they have a action attached. BTW gj at ubuntu 😀 trying to break my windows addiction <_<

  118. Uri Says:

    hello Mark,
    first up, thank you for believing in this project. your faith builds the muse in many of us, the Ubuntu users.
    i am really fascinated by this, and i wonder, since i am using AWN (and a few more programs – all from the repos.), if the notifications will act as shown?

    thanks again, and keep us the great work. maybe one day (after my B.A) we’ll somehow meet in UDS.


  119. Adam Hunt Says:


    I have read both your blog posts on the incorporation of the new notification, plus what many other writers have said about this feature. Ask a feature it sounds okay, but the one issue that I haven’t seen addressed is whether this will increase the system resource requirements, particularly RAM. The current Ubuntu “Recommended minimum requirements” includes 384 MB of RAM. Will this increase in Jaunty? Will the notifications feature be able to be turned off to save resources if need be?

    The reason I am concerned is that there are a large number of PCs out there right now that are running XP, the mainstream support for which runs out on 14 April 2009 just days before Jaunty will be released. Most of these boxes were delivered with 256 MB of RAM, although some now have 512 MB of RAM installed. Like many Ubuntu users I have been trying to get the owners of some of these PCs to give Ubuntu a try, but system resources may be an issue if things like the notification feature require more RAM.

    If the notification feature will increase the RAM required then I should ask if there any plans to include it in Xubuntu? If not, this may be a better option for all those 256 MB and even the 512 MB boxes.

    Mark Shuttleworth says: It’s a fair question, thanks Adam. At the moment, notify-osd seems to take about 20MB RAM which is about the same amount as gnome-panel. I’ll ask the team whether they expect to streamline that.

  120. gp Says:

    Hi Mark,
    This is really brilliant , I read somewhere 9.04 will allow widgets from external source like google gadgets ……its it true ? I would love to use ubuntu as cloud platform with desktop as window to cloud service

    I would like to introduce which make ubuntu more user friendly specially newer or somewhat unsupported hardware ….. i hope you you will patience to read on to this some what lengthy post :–)

    Recipe System ->> Automated hardware resolution
    “Recipe System ” which can help ubuntu or any linux based system to hardware issue particularly on laptops and branded desktops …every user faces issue one or another hardware issue once they install ubuntu…while majority of hardware is automatically detected …small but important part (from point of user usability) like wifi drivers not working , sound card not detected or web cam not working …..its takes lot of forum post , googling to make it work (if you are technical oriented and lots of patience) …for example it took me one month for me get all hardware on sony vaio laptop fully working ….I found out all (unfortunate ) people who bought that particular laptop model faced the similar problem …so would it great if could create solution for each particular hardware laptop/desktop model as which can auto executed automatically and fix all hardware issues particular to that model

    Use Case
    1) Detect or ask user for laptop/desktop model
    2) Connect to recipe server to find out in recipe exits for that model if yes download and execute
    3) Run automated Hardware tests to check if all problem where solved , if not make collect all information and link to user , user can now use this info (logid or link) to get more support and will allow developers to fine tune recipe further

    Recipe System
    1) Recipe consist of set for Rules (forward chaining rules ) which is more flexible that hard corded script
    2) Rules are defined in Domain Specific Language (DSL) so that conman user can edit for example
    if =”intel*” and laptop.model =”sony vaio fz 11s” then install”ricoch56.deb”

    i am trying to work on this system from whatever free time I get and also my domain is in AI and NLP I dont know much on system side other basic shell commands ……………if you feel this is interesting and share one resource from systems side that please let know

  121. Andre Says:

    finish MICROSOFT WINDOWS !!!!!!!!!!

    UBUNTU !!!!!!!!!!

    FREE LINUX !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. Sandesh Says:

    Hi Mark, that looks pretty neat. But I am failing to visualize how will this behave if i dont have the default Gnome layout. e.g. i like to have maximum vertical space while working. Especially so when its a laptop. So i often remove one panel and live with only one. I also remove the “applications, places, system” panel and keep just one button in place – this gives me more space on the task bar (panel) horizontally. And this customized panel sits at the bottom (not on top like the default gnome layout) just like windows task bar. Infact while working on my windows machine i dock my taskbar on the right hand side – again to have maximum vertical space. I tried to do that on Gnome but the taskbar doesnt quite work the way it works in windows, so i had to revert back to the horizontal one at the bottom. So what happens in that case? Also if i do indeed stick it to the right hand side – how will these notifications behave?
    You guys are doing a great job indeed. I love ubuntu.

  123. David Sugar Says:

    Finally, a decent way to present incoming telephone calls from sipwitch. Naturally I consider the most “important” uses for notifications first :).

  124. Jaunty Tests the Ephemeral Notification Waters With Notify-OSD | google android os blog Says:

    […] One of the goals put forth for Ubuntu’s Jaunty Jackalope at the last Developer Summit, the development of a unified, "hands-off" notification display, has finally made an appearance in the testing release, according to Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth. […]

  125. Notify OSD: Nuevas notificaciones en Jaunty | La Ventana Muerta Says:

    […] comenta Mark en su blog, el progreso de Notify va viento en popa, pero tienen que optimizarlo para al menos unas 35 […]

  126. » Le nuove notifiche di Ubuntu, pronte per Jaunty Says:

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  127. Notify-osd su Intrepid Ibex « Riscoprirsi liberi Says:

    […] su Intrepid Ibex Chi di voi non ha la tremenda voglia di provare il nuovo gestore di notifiche made in Canonical ma non ha invece nessunissima voglia di scaricare/installare la Jaunty? I vostri […]

  128. ccm Says:

    Hi Mark,

    actually it’s interesting considering the integration of well known applications like Thunderbird into this. I filed a request against Thunderbird on Launchpad as the integration is fairly easy and not doing so might lead to a confusing user experience:

    Guess that this is right too late for Jaunty, but we’ll see.

    Thanks for putting emphasis on interface design in Ubuntu
    and best from Berlin,


  129. antistress Says:

    @ Mark Shuttleworth :
    you said in comments : “the positioning won’t be configurable, because as I say other screen elements have to fit around them”

    whereas i would have prefered having notifications in the lower right corner considering that upper right corner is used by Firefox search box.

    Why didn’t choose the lower right corner ? and do you really think that other screen elements will fit around notifications ?

  130. Silvercircle Says:


    it looks realy nice.

    But, is there a way to set the location or the monitor witch is displaing the notifications?

    I have two monitors and they will be displayed on the right one, but my panel is only on the left one…

  131. Denis Says:

    Tried on jaunty. Looks terrible IMO. Standard notification much, much better than this black rectangles.

  132. Denis Says:

    Don’t use black so much, it sucks.

  133. Il nuovo sistema di notifica di Ubuntu Jaunty su Intrepid · Commenta la tecnologia, la telefonia, i software Says:

    […] che molti gia sapranno,la prossima release di Ubuntu, 9,04 (Jaunty) avrà un nuovo sistema di notifiche.Sul blog di Alex Rybicki è presente una guida per testare le nuove “notifiche“su […]

  134. Así se verá el nuevo Ubuntu | LinuxChillan Says:

    […] – Blog de Mark Shuttleworth – […]

  135. Amaury Nieto Says:

    Dear Mark – I realize this might be off topic, however in trying to comment elsewhere on more related threads, I was unable to. This post is germane to Ease of Use, “just works” capabilities that will (or would) make (from my view), Ubuntu more appealing to any regular working joe.

    That being said:

    I recently acquired a 3G enabled cell phone, and found both Intrepid and Hardy easy to configure (none required, really), to browse through the 3G network WIRED through the mini-usb or proprietary connection cable – however found it a pain on both to configure Bluetooth RFCOMM DUN or PAN.

    The devices were a Nokia 5610 Phone, and a Blackberry Curve(the latter with which I had no success, even after acquiring a thoroughly complex yet brilliant package, should I ever get it to work: “Barry” )

    I also own a Nokia N800 Maemo-based device, and find that it automatically detects the RFCOMM bit required to tether the connection onto it. By far the easiest “Plug and Play” with Linux in respect to Bluetooth connectivity.

    As an everyday more “nomadic” entrepreneur, carrying less and less each day, with Netbooks, 3G enabled phones and the like, the need for cables becomes more and more redundant, cumbersome and taxing. (god forbid you should lose or misplace the proprietary cable, then one would really be eating crow with one’s peers without “just works” BT connectivity in Ubuntu.)

    Are there any immediate plans to support either PAN or DUN on Ubuntu, with a “just works” approach, so to speak, for Jaunty? – I am no noob to Linux, and have been an avid follower of Ubuntu for 3 years straight now.

    I guess my question is geared towards making it easier for users to tether through Bluetooth without having the hassle of carrying either a mini-USB, or a proprietary cable around, lest we have hardware with no USB host connectivity, such as other PDA’s or other mobiles.

    I found a useful article at: – however by no means was it simple or easy to follow. I have yet to be successful, having to resort to Windows, or the cable for a quick-fix.

    (Windows XP has a “service discovery” tab when a device is paired, with which one can easily establish COM ports, DUN or PAN). It seems currently the only built-in Bluetooth capability is push through OBEX (without going into nano and digging through MAC addresses, and details of such sorts).

    Thanks so much in advance for your feedback, or the reservation of said feedback. :) It is enough for you to know that several of us are interested in making Ubuntu as painless and a joy as possible, to be able to recommend and promote it to our peers, and less-savvy acquaintances who would quickly shun said promotion due to functionality.

    Cheers!! – Amaury from Mexico City.

  136. NotifyOSD: nuove notifiche per Ubuntu - Crismon’s Blog Says:

    […] approfondire vi lascio all’annuncio ufficiale e alla pagina del wiki di […]

  137. Tectonic » Ubuntu Jaunty alpha 5 goes live Says:

    […] to control where the notifications appear on their task bar. But Shuttleworth has said that the new notification system will make an appearance in Jaunty soon, so keep watching. Those who can’t wait can have a look at these […]

  138. This Feb | Says:

    […] U-I-candy for ubuntu fans as Mark Shuttleworth and Lifehacker […]

  139. Kristoph Says:

    I think the new notifications system looks great and all and is perhaps a great idea for the long run, but I also hope that this isnt being prioritized over fixing serious bugs and regressions that are currently plaguing the Ubuntu distro.

    Also, I think it would be a good idea not to drop support for the current ‘old’ notifications system as others might have problems with the new or might even prefer the older one to it. And it maybe shouldnt be implemented by default with the next release this could save alot of trouble with user complaints about the lack of functionality or bugs with it etc. I think the last thing we need is another ‘pulseaudio scenario’.

    Dont rush it, all good things with time.

  140. Marco Gastoldi Says:

    Hi Mark, I hope the new theme will be released soon with this wonderful notification system. I think a lot of ubuntu users want this new restyling 😉 and we’re expecting it impatiently :)

  141. » Blog Archive » Ubuntu Jaunty alpha 5 goes live Says:

    […] to control where the notifications appear on their task bar. But Shuttleworth has said that the new notification system will make an appearance in Jaunty soon, so keep watching. Those who can’t wait can have a look at these […]

  142. Luis Says:

    As I said when the new notification system was announced, I don’t like the notifications-without-actions idea. I want answer an IM when I receive it, I want to read an email when the system tells me I have a new one, etc. I don’t think it is such a madman’s desire.

    I like very much the idea of of integration of Gnome apps notifications in KDE and viceversa, but I would like to see those apps notifications using KNotify (as I’m a KDE user myself), and not the new system that, in my opinion, is simple and maybe even beautiful, but essentially crippled. Simplicity is not always the best option for the user (although a system with fewer options and functionality is easier to maintain and to improve in terms of accessibility and usability, but those are concerns of the developers, not the user).

    I’m a bit sad (just a bit, because of course a new notification system is not something to rage about) about this and other decisions, like for example no Google Gadgets integration in KDE4.2 in Kubuntu, which I have seen in other distros but I have read that there are no plans for this to be included in Kubuntu until google-gadgets-qt can be placed in main, although it has been said by A. Seigo that it is perfectly possible without doing so (

    I love what you have done with Ubuntu, Mark, but I may be moving from Kubuntu soon (This is not a threat not a way to try OSS developers do things the way I want, just a sad comment from someone that has been using Kubuntu since for almost 4 years).

    Yours, Luis.

  143. Nuovo sistema di notifiche per Ubuntu 9.04 | PettiNix Says:

    […] Annuncio Ufficiale […]

  144. Martin Notes » Mini (p)review Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha 5 Says:

    […] similar to 8.10. I found the only visible difference after connecting to the wireless network: the new notification system. It shows nice, half transparent, notifications in the upper right corner of the screen. Strangely […]

  145. Ubuntu Podcast Episode #20 | Ubuntu Podcast Says:

    […] 9.04 Alpha 5 released, new notifications are now in Jaunty, Kubuntu 8.04.2 released, Ubuntu 9.10: Karmic Koala announced, US Team seeking mentors to help new […]

  146. Instalar el nuevo sistema de notificaciones de Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope « Yo Soy Linux! Says:

    […] truco para cambiar el tema. Sin embargo este fin de semana Mark Shuttleworth hablaba en su blog del nuevo sistema de notificaciones para Ubuntu 9.04, NotifyOSD, que tiene un aspecto bastante agradable, y mejora en usabilidad a […]

  147. sean Says:

    Hi Mark,

    The notification looks great! Ubuntu starts to look a bit more polished. And an attractive OS will pick up more people willing to try Ubuntu out.

    However, once they’ve tried it out, will they still have troubles getting the audio to work?

    It has been said that ‘linux audio is a mess’. And it seems (not necessarily the fault of pulseaudio) that the mess is only greater. The problem seems to be a combination of things;
    a) setup and configuration not ideal (by default) in Ubuntu (after experience with Hardy)
    b) large number of applications do not use the alsa API in a pulseaudio friendly way
    c) Some applications many users are almost forced to use are closed source, such as skype (no fault of the developers of any linux system).

    Nothing can be done about point (c) (except for maybe boycotting applications like skype (and supporting plugins like Gnash).
    But I think Ubuntu really suffers when basic OS functionality such as the sound system does not work, or is obviously buggy (stutterring, etc).

    And while features like the new notifications are really nice, it is even more important to make sure that functionality that is ALREADY in Ubuntu (such as pulseaudio) are working, and ready for production. I love using Ubuntu, and would never go back to windows, as linux has a great community and kind of spirit of togetherness (helping each other out, etc etc). But I can understand when some other people would try out an OS like Ubuntu, or opensuse (another OS to use pulseaudio) and re-install windows shortly after. Sound should work!

  148. Nicolas Says:

    I make work the new notifications in emesene in a plugin 😀 … Later i upload to the forum and i wait for answers from the members


  149. Eapen Says:

    Hey Mark,

    Notification system looks all good and all… but… here’s something that really needs to be fixed “UBIQUITY” installer. I was helping my friend switch from Windows a few days ago and now I have a computer that is completely formatted and the whole drive is in ext3 format. Here are a few things that I found annoying about Ubiquity:

    a) When I tried to partition the drive, Ubiquity gave a ridiculous warning which I couldn’t even comprehend… and to think about it, my friend and I are engineers, we’re not even your regular dummy users.

    b) We read the warning and went ahead with the partitioning and ubiquity aborted at 30%.

    Its only now that I know that I need to defragment the windows drive first. If the windows partition is fragmented, Ubiquity should clearly warn about this.

    This has been my worst experience with ubuntu ever. And now I have to figure out how to get back all his data. Also, the new and the old Ubiquity have terrible location selectors.

    I don’t know why I’m saying this here, but I thought it was important for Ubuntu to try not to be as destructive in the coming releases. Maybe we should address simple warning messages too and less complicated terminology (something and ex-Windows user will understand) i.e more idiot proof.

  150. Installing Ubuntu 9.04’s New Notifications in Ubuntu 8.10 « .: Ninjatux :. Says:

    […] đặt tên là Notify-OSD với nhiều cải tiến hấp dẫn (tham khảo trang web của Mark Shuttleworth và Ubuntu Wiki). Muốn thưởng thức nó ngay trong Ubuntu 8.10 ? Hãy đọc tiếp bên […]

  151. Egipt Says:

    My panel is only on the right now… Whats up? Can somebody help me?

  152. Thomas Says:

    It all looks really good – just a couple of concerns I have though:

    1. What about people that can’t / don’t want to use a compositing window manager?

    2. Will I be able to specify which notifications will be displayed and – perhaps more importantly – how long they are displayed for?

    Basically I’m just worried that these notifications could get really annoying if there’s no way to configure them – a lot of current notifications appear for far too long for my tastes, but you couldn’t make them any shorter by default because a lot of people read a lot slower than I do! In my opinion, a way to configure things like timings, positioning, etc is almost essential (“Linux is all about choice” etc).

    Nonetheless, keep up the great work!

  153. Linux News from Linux Loop » Blog Archive » Brilliant Brainstorms #50 - Unified Bandwith Progress Says:

    […] of the exciting features of Ubuntu 9.04 is the new notification system that will provide system-wide alerts to the user in an unobtrusive way.This new system could be […]

  154. Luiz Says:

    Nice work! I used before xosd-bin to do something like that with bash scripts.

  155. Cruz Says:

    Well done! Fantastic design.

  156. Thiago Branco Meurer Says:

    Mark Shuttleworth

    Very nice improvement in boot time of the Jaunty, I was also impressed with the time after the login screen, speed and loads the Environment X.
    That improvements are excellent, only thing I noticed was the Gdesklets with some errors of dependencies.

    even more.

  157. Nuevas notificaciones en Ubuntu 9.04 « Tecnología All-In-One Blogs Says:

    […] nuevo agente de notificaciones estará disponible sólo para el entorno GNOME. Canonical ya tiene a gente trabajando en la version QT para los usuarios de KDE y se espera que esté disponible en el release de octubre […]

  158. Magaboco 69 ude nu « Magaboco Podcast Says:

    […] – Ubuntu Notification […]

  159. Wynand Meyering Says:

    I’ve sent a letter to HBD:

    Dear HBD,

    I’ve found a nice .com start-up idea that I think will be the next YouTube type

    Is Shuttleworth still interested in .com start-ups – from absolutely nothing,
    only the concept-level?

    I haven’t got the money to do it myself.


    Wynand Meyering.

  160. Testando o novo Notify no Intrepid « Caminho Livre Says:

    […] cada versão uma nova funcionalidade é agregada à distro. Para o Janty, uma delas é a área de notificação que recebeu uma nova roupagem, ficando mais elegante e […]

  161. Vincent Says:

    I like the idea a lot. But in order for this be be usefull and not be a complete user-experience horror, it should at all cost not interfere with full-screen applications on a 2D and 3D windowmanager! Take into SERIOUS account the Wine project, which is a HUGE succes factor in fixing bug #1 (gaming ofcourse).

    The implementation needs to be like one of the following, or a combination of the following:
    -Do not display the notifications when the window focus is on a fullscreen application
    -Delay the notifications when the window focus is on a fullscreen application UNTILL the window focus changes to another non-fullscreen window that is a different application. Take into account a program that might temporarily loses focus by switching resolutions (bad programmed proprietary game, can’t be fixed)
    -Display the notifications on top of the fullscreen window, and do it very, very, VERY properly, so that nothing might interfere (some hacking in

    Anyway good luck! :-)

  162. Eapen Says:

    Hey Mark,

    I don’t know who the developer for the Ubuntu Installer (Ubiquity) is. But, I think he needs to get off his but and do some thinking. Please use the location selector yourself and you will know what I’m talking about. Its a very good looking world map, except its impossible to select the your location. Somebody please FIRE those developers for the love of GOD. Do you know how irritating it can be to see such incompetent work ?


  163. Installare il nuovo sistema di notifiche proposto da Canonical | Il blog di Luca Marchi Says:

    […] Ormai l’attesa per il rilascio ufficiale di Ubuntu 9.04 sta crescendo vertigiosamente, nonstante siamo quasi arrivati alla prima versione beta. Questa versione apporterà, come sempre, parecchi miglioramenti e uno di questi che è senza dubbio uno degli aspetti più interessanti è sicuramente l’introduzione del nuovo sistema di notifiche. […]

  164. A Canonical e seu sistema de notificação « Livio Ribeiro Says:

    […] anunciou em seu blog o desenvolvimento de um novo sistema de notificação, o qual recentemente se tornou acessível através da versão Alpha do Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty […]

  165. The Declining Art of Dissent | Says:

    […] of organization when I recently found the name of a certain developer prominently mentioned by the CEO of Canonical, makers of Ubuntu Linux. I recalled that this developer, Martin Pitt, had written an acerbic criticism into a product […]

  166. Who » Nuove notifiche di Ubuntu pronte per Jaunty Says:

    […] versione 9.10 adotterà un nuovo colore, Mark Shuttleworth, Mr Ubuntu, ha recentemente scritto sul suo blog che le nuove notifiche mostrate in video sono in dirittura d’arrivo per la prossima versione […]

  167. Brian M Says:

    This is going to look awesome. I cant wait for it!

    – B

  168. Catatan Hari » Ubuntu 9.04 - codename: Jaunty Jackalope Says:

    […] Soal notification system bisa langsung dibaca di […]

  169. Jaunty notifications on Arch Linux « thinkblobs Says:

    […] notifications, ubuntu, ui by abhidg The upcoming Ubuntu (codenamed Jaunty Jackalope) 9.04 has a new notification system. Since it’s so beautiful, you may wonder if it’s possible to get that stuff onto your […]

  170. Chris Lorieagq Says:

    Hi there! I’m doing a whole project on Linux, specifically ubuntu. Anything special I should mention?

  171. Ernie Says:


    I just want to thank you for everything you’ve done for Ubuntu and the Open Source Community. It is just awesome!

    Keep it going. You are really doing a real great job.

  172. Blog » Archiv » Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope 9.04 Says:

    […] Benachrichtigungen Weiterhin wurde viel an libnotify rumgeschraubt. Wie das ganze nun endgültig aussieht kann man im englischen Blog des Entwicklers Mark Shuttlewort sehen (hier und hier). […]

  173. Xanatos Says:

    Looks like a nice addition!

    Will that first notification always cover the time, shutdown button etc? Personally i’d prefer it starting just below the bar. I dont like having the time obscured! (I might also be obsessed with checking the time)

  174. Karolis Pocius » Raguoto triušio panikuojantis kernelis Says:

    […] atnaujinimų sąrašo mane labiausiai domino trys:GNOME 2.26 grafinė aplinka;Ext4 failų sistema;Naujoji pranešimų sistema.Diegdamas OS, pasirinkau Ext4 failų sistemą, kuri ir tapo pirmuoju galvos skausmu. Nors iškart […]

  175. Pietro Battiston Says:

    Please Mark, think again a part of the notifications. When they work as intended, they are indeed nice and clean, but the ones that don’t respect your guidelines, and in particular the ones which need to be persistent, should fallback to something similar to previous notifications, not to an ugly window with two useless buttons…

    … and the point is that if I use a notification as a reminder – and the effect was very nice and useful on Intrepid (in my program “Gueic” – on Launchpad) – they _must_ be persistent.

    The other stupid thing is to queue them… it should happen only if they saturate the height of the screen, for two reasons:
    – ten notifications together may disturb you, but ten consecutive notifications take away a lot more of your attention, without need
    – people _don’t_ usually get ten notifications. If an app does show a lot of them, then either it must be fixed (_it_, not the library), either the user indeed wants them (I’m thinking to the useful zeroconf gnome applet, which in a crowded network can easily pop up a pair of dozens of them… if they disturb me, I just disable them for the applet)

  176. h2s Says:

    i wish you could partner with a manufacturer (the way Apple does it in the Far East),and produce Ubuntu netbooks and 101% sure,your problem will be how to satisfy the demand for currently running Jaunty on a Lenovo laptop and a is just a thought though.thanks for Ubuntu

  177. Wynand Meyering Says:

    It seems Google wants to buy the messaging service for $250m – while Twitter isn’t making any revenue at the moment. It sounds extremely expensive – what do you think Mark?

  178. h2s Says:

    relying on established brands will not help Ubuntu,we need Ubuntu Laptops sooner than later

  179. Jeremy Says:

    Mark, the Ubuntu team and the community have done such a fantastic job with consistantly moving Ubuntu forward. I’d personally like to thank you Mark for pushing on and providing a brilliant OS.

  180. Shane Fagan Says:

    I just wanted to ask in the video you have different icons to jaunty beta, are you planning on having differing icons according to the theme you are using or will there be a way to change them? Also you got an email notification and you had this cool flashy thing where the deskbar would usually be, what is that?

  181. Zac Says:

    I read your recent interview about your vision for Ubuntu and I like to say I share that vision. While another has virtually ‘thrown in the towel’ with regard to desktop linux it’s fantastic to see you are optimistic and have bold vision. Consumer desktop linux is the seed that will grow linux and you realize this. People will always criticise visionaries so don’t let that get you down. Keep up the good work.

  182. kurushi Says:

    Don’t forget the new button to ‘turn off’ computer with only one click. This is also a great new software in Ubuntu. Congratulations to Ubuntu developers, very good job.

  183. Geekblog » Blog Archive » Twitter through Pidgin Says:

    […] love Ubuntu Jaunty’s sexy new notification system. It’s elegant and unobtrusive. So much so that I have decided to let the latest distracting […]

  184. bob Says:

    Yeah,well done.I have tried Ubuntu 9.04 beta,the New notification brings a big progress ! I advice you to transplant “Devicekit ” from Fedora to Ubuntu.

  185. Instala el nuevo sistema de notificaciones de Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope « Miguelthepooh’s Blog Says:

    […] fin de semana Mark Shuttleworth publicó en su blog personal un artículo mencionando los avances que se están realizando en el desarrollo del nuevo sistema de […]

  186. Origoman Says:

    Hello Mark! Today in russia we are celebrate a cosmonautic day! Сongratulation and good luck in all of yours undertakings!

  187. Don’t Panic » Blog Archive » Adjective Animal - Jeroen Baert / Forceflow’s blog Says:

    […] a first glance, nothing terribly new. There’s a new notification system which is very slick, but ships without any options to configure it. Older applets and programs […]

  188. Silvio Says:

    I’m concerned about the new update-manager pop-up behavior that was introduced in Jaunty. I’m going to be frank here and say I just don’t like windows popping up. This rant isn’t about the new notifications though. I like those and think they are quite beautiful.

    The reason I don’t like windows popping up is probably a psychological one because spy-ware and viruses used to launch pop-ups all the time in the past when I used Windows. It feels a little bit like being abused. I have turned the behavior back to the old way because of this. It’s nice that it’s still possible to have the old behavior.

    The notification work is truly wonderful. I really like the new notifications. Keep up the good work.
    Cheers, Silvio

  189. And your favorite new feature in Jaunty Jackalope is … ? | Screenage Says:

    […] still young and there is a lot to do like implementing it to common applications like Thunderbird), introduced by Mark Shuttleworth some months ago. Moreover while not currently using Evolution myself I am impressed about reading […]

  190. mnk Says:

    I have installed Jaunty RC and the notifications look nothing like the ones in your flash video.
    Can you let me know how to make them the same as your video?
    [pls email me too – much appreciated]

  191. Here we go… |Josh Holland’s blog Says:

    […] on in just six months. For example, from Mark’s original post on the notifications to them actually working on a stock Jaunty alpha was just 3 months. This is incredible, and they look […]

  192. tardigrade Says:

    Still getting used to the new notify system. I like the consistency, but still think that IM and Email notifications should be actionable. I understand the ethos at work so that’s not going to happen, I can live with it. But I do think that 2 other considerations should be given some thought.

    1] Positioning. If you use maximised windows with a dark theme, like I do the transparency of the notification means that it’s sometimes easy to miss it as it’s lost in the dark background of the window header. It doesn’t grab your attention which a notification should do. The eye also reads a page from top left to bottom right. I think if we had the option to set the notifications in the bottom right of the screen that would be helpful. That’s seems the natural place for them to me. Either that or the option to change the colour of the notifications.

    2] Email notifications. I would love for them to have From: and Subject: just a few words will do. Then I would know if I want to go to Evolution and read the mail or ignore it. That would be a great productivity benefit. At the moment I am compeled to check each time an email notification pops up to see what it is, half the time it’s not important and that gets frustrating when I’m working but am waiting for important mail. After all when I get a new IM or Twitter, it doesn’t say, “You have 1 new Tweet.” It gives me the tweet.

    Thanks. Can’t wait for 9.10 and a new UI look.

  193. Вышла Ubuntu 9.04 « Прогулки с ветром Says:

    […] Шаттлворт представил новую систему оповещений, похожую на Growl в Mac OS X. Любая информация может […]

  194. Ubuntu is for spinners « Ubuntu Syndrome Says:

    […] he’s going to have to fix some of the basic stuff first.  Worrying about whether some non-interactive messaging system, that’s the technical equivalent of spinning rims, is IMHO a bad […]

  195. Adam Hunt Says:

    I just wanted to say that I have been running Ubuntu 9.04 for a week now and it is a first class release – no serious problems of any kind and even the camera issues from Intrepid seem to have been fixed!

    Notify-OSD works very well and in the final version on my AMD machine is only using 3.8 MB of RAM, which is not bad.

    Thanks, Mark and the team, for a really great release!

  196. Tim Says:

    This new notification is really slick – I like it a lot. I also hope that there will be a configuration tool in the next release that will allow me to move it. But again, this is nice!

  197. Jean-Marc Valin Says:

    Just saw the new notification work in Jaunty. Overall it’s nice, but I find it annoying that the notifications pop up at the top-right of the screen while the notification area of my panel is at the bottom-right. The notifications in Hardy (and before) used to pop at the bottom-right, which makes more sense considering where I put my panel.

  198. Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope feels rushed and premature | Says:

    […] most obvious improvements in this release are the notification system (see Shuttleworth’s blog) and improved boot speed. The notifications bring new uniform notifications of various system […]

  199. sirsean Says:

    This notification system sucks… it us buggy unresponsive and bloated. Function over form please!

  200. Dilton McGowan II Says:

    I like the new notifications very much and thanks for the Wiki links to study how they work.

  201. Thoughts of a coder » Ubuntu 9.04(Jaunty Jackalope) Says:

    […] the booting time, the next major feature 9.04 adds is the new notification system. This replaces the gtk notification daemon. The new notifications looks really nice, however the […]

  202. Michael Sherwin Says:

    I am a bit concerned by the new notification system, because it does share a more ‘Mac’ style of thinking of desktop, which is beautiful, but could be less clear in its design. By trying to look beautiful, it is possible for a desktop system become less clear and harder to tell how to use it. For example, Windows Vista is very, very pretty compared to XP, but reviewers agree that one of Vista’s issues is with unclear UI. Now I am not comparing Ubuntu to Windows Vista, the above is simply an example of UI being beautiful but confusing. In reviews of Mac OS X.5, there were mentions of the new of the Dock sacrificing some usability for the sake of beauty, as another example of beauty being important, but design clarity being more important.

    I don’t want to sound picky, but I think the intrepid notifications did have some value over the jaunty notification. Yes, the jaunty notifications are cleaner, and therefore, more beautiful, but the the ones in intrepid were clearer, and you could tell they were there more easily. I think that jaunty notifications are a step in the right direction but maybe too conservative in their design at this point in time.

    I personally believe the Linux desktop is evolving thanks to you. You have been, really, the flint of tons of action on the Linux desktop.

  203. Ulasan Singkat Jaunty Jackalope | Says:

    […] baru Semua notifikasi tergabung menjadi satu di kanan atas, dari mulai volume, batere, sampai notifikasi pidgin. Menarik […]

  204. Felix Says:


    I like the new notifications. It would be cool, if they would stay till the user move the mouse cursor over it or something like that, because i miss some notifications 😉 …but it’s nice… it’s nice.
    Whats the reason FOR an autostart-update-manager and against the nice and understated update-notification-icon. Is that only a workaround because of the new notifications? We german would say “Es ist etwas nervig”. Is there an official statement?

    Thank you for all…


  205. daecwzcz Says:

    I’m running Ubuntu 9.04 on MacBook 3,1 and I like it over MacOSX :-) The new notification system is awesome – just better than Growl on Mac (because it is not clickable, which was sometimes obtrusive a lot).

    By the way, I got Ubuntu 100% working (Apple Remote, iSight, subwoofer, …) in one day with really good help of guides on Ubuntu website.

    Thank you all, Mark, Canonical and volunteers and developers, very much for this great operating system!

  206. the empty quarter » Jaunty notifications in Thunderbird and Firefox Says:

    […] of the major new features in Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty) has of course been the new notification system. For what it’s worth, I think it’s a pretty good, bold piece of work and the […]

  207. Khalil Says:

    Cool ! Thanks for this excellent program !

  208. Ubuntu Jaunty on HP EliteBook 8530p – All Issues Solved! « Guru dell’Eccelso Picco Says:

    […] now I can enjoy all the Jaunty wonders! New notifications, faster boot and shutdown, a reliable […]

  209. Automatinis atsarginių kopijų kūrimas su rsync ir Notify-OSD pranešimai at Povilas Balzaravičius Says:

    […] informacinių pranešimų valdymą ir rodymą vartotojui. Apie juos plačiau galite pasiskaityti Mark Shuttleworth bloge arba oficiame puslapyje. Man iškart kilo klausimas, kaip rodyti custom pranešimus. Notify-OSD […]

  210. Serving Notice at Says:

    […] few months ago when Mark Shuttleworth announced that a new notification system was going to roll out in the then upcoming Jaunty Jackalope release, […]

  211. New notification work lands in Jaunty « Technology And Gadget Info Says:

    […] of Martin Pitt, Sebastien Bacher and several others, notify-osd and several related components landed in Jaunty last week. Thanks very much to all involved! And thanks to David Barth, Mirco Muller and […]

  212. wakacje Says:

    This the dark theme is ok! Ubuntu maniac. Thanks 4 !

  213. Ubuntu Podcast Episode #20 « Says:

    […] 9.04 Alpha 5 released, new notifications are now in Jaunty, Kubuntu 8.04.2 released, Ubuntu 9.10: Karmic Koala announced, US Team seeking mentors to help new […]

  214. Browser Notifications with Yip Says:

    […] uses libnotify/notify-osd on Ubuntu Linux, Growl on Mac, and Snarl or Growl for Windows on Windows. One disadvantage is that […]

  215. lanyards Says:

    Microsoft’s efforts to make Windows 7 less annoying than Vista may also be making it less secure than its predecessor. With Windows Vista, the operating system popped up a warning any time a major change was being made to the system, whether by the OS or by a third-party application. With Windows 7, users can choose how often to be notified, with the current default set to notify only when a third-party application is making a change.

  216. Evan Says:

    it is so hard to reach you. Are you getting my emails?

  217. The p-Code Machine » Epiphany with WebKit becoming a reality Says:

    […] at when Mark Shuttleworth made some comments about making bold moves in Ubuntu while announcing the new ephemeral notifications. I applaud the move to replace Pidgin with Empathy. I hope the same gets done by replacing […]

  218. namensschilder Says:

    hope that you know about the problems with translations used in Ubuntu

    best wishes

  219. Consacepo Says:

    I believe that its very unprofessional to keep supporting these older browsers, we as web designers should have some obvious and useful tools for the job, but these browsers makes it harder for beginners to catch up, and even makes the most skilled of us resort to pure guesswork as of how to get something to work in a given browser.

  220. prowista Says:

    oh, where is my comment?

  221. Mihir Patel Says:


    I Really like ubuntu for this kind of great features. Ubuntu is getting more and more users day by day because of a very user friendly and nice features.

    Thanks for sharing nice information. I am sure gonna try this today.


  222. psycholog Says:

    Finally, a decent way to present incoming telephone calls from sipwitch. Naturally I consider the most “important” uses for notifications first

  223. Ubuntu Masih yg Terbaik @ Distro Watch dot Com « Kelincidungu’s Weblog Says:

    […] baru Semua notifikasi tergabung menjadi satu di kanan atas, dari mulai volume, batere, sampai notifikasi pidgin. Menarik […]

  224. mokume trauringe Says:

    I agree: the dark theme seems fine to me.

  225. Michael Grossman Says:

    Where will linux be in 15 years? in 100? Epicycles, metacycles, unicycles (just kidding!) sound a bit like hype to me and my Bologna detector starts to deflect full scale. Perhaps mandatory periodic releases may just result in mandatory, periodic reinvention of the wheel: for example, sleep on intel macbook (2,1) worked in Hardy, broke in Jaunty, seems again to work in Karmic. (Proprietary Video/Audio has never been great in ANY Linux, although I realize this is more the artificial result of crippling laws rather than the period of software cycles. )

    This may be too far out of the box, but perhaps we should be trying to lengthen the period between human interventions in software–with the ultimate goal of the period approaching infinity: the software maintains itself because it wants to exist and make more of itself. Why can’t a virus or a worm(s) be created to help people and do something useful? Could there ever be an operating system that consists entirely of virally reproducing, cooperative, symbiotic (with humans and each other, providing they do not occupy the same niche) software life?
    Such software life could be managed and weeded like a garden. Perhaps we are already on the brink of creating a new kind of life. Or perhaps we’ve already done it and not noticed, the software making humans run around and do silly repetitive things to serve its own semi-sentient reproductive goals?

    There goes my bologna-detector again: I think I blew its fuse.

  226. tardigrade Says:

    A few months on and I have got used to the notifications system, because I’m now familiar with it. I am still struggling to see it as an improvement though. My principle objections are that it is too slow. Almost any kind of notification tails behind the rest of the system telling me what’s going on, for example email, downloads, wi-fi network and even screen brightness. All of these were better with there previous notifications.

    Positioning in Karmic has not improved it’s got worse.

    The fact that the notifications fade on mouseover does not stop you from wanting to dismiss the notification and if you catch it too soon it actually focuses the notification rather than dimming it. Basically it’s in the way.

    It’s not actionable. I thought that I could accept this, but after a number of months I’ve realised that I can’t and it’s actually damned annoying and is definately counter productive.

    The bottom line is that, I like the notification concept. I didn’t accept it initially, but I’ve come to appreciate it. However this particular implementation of it, does not work and I am left wishing I could un-install it.

    I’m sorry to be so negative. But I believe that the notification system needs more work, and I’m frustrated enough with it to feel that it warrants such negative feedback. It’s broken and needs improvement because it doesn’t work as well as previous notifications did, particularly in relation to speed and legibility. As an enhancement it is simply not an enhancement at all. But it could be if developed correctly.

    It’s just very frustrating to see something that could work be a bane. Difficult to put my finger on what’s missing or what could lift it up, but then if I could I guess I would be a Guru and not a User.

    Looking forward to 10.4 anyway.

  227. linux Says:


    The first distro that I downloaded and, per force, bought was Linspire. (Yes, folks, not all Linux is free. This one cost me 50.) It installed painlessly on my Dell laptop at home, and is very slick. If you don’ t mind paying a little for stuff and wan…