It’s time to put our heads together to envision “the perfect 10”.

This is a time of great innovation and change in the Linux world, with major new initiatives from powerful groups bringing lots of new ideas, new energy and new code. Thanks to the combined efforts of Google, Intel, IBM, Canonical, Red Hat, Oracle, Cisco, ARM, many other companies, Debian and other projects, a hundred startups and tens of thousands of professional and inspired contributors, the open source ecosystem continues to accelerate. We need to bring the best of all of that work into focus and into the archive. For millions of users, Ubuntu represents what Free Software can do out of the box for them. We owe it to everybody who works on Free Software to make that a great experience.

At the Ubuntu Developer Summit, in May in Belgium, we’ll have a new design track, and a “cloud and server” track, reflecting some major focal points in 2010. They will complement our ongoing work on community, desktop, kernel, quality assurance, foundations and mobile.

Our new theme is “Light”, and the next cycle will embrace that at many levels. We have a continued interest in netbooks, and we’ll revamp the Ubuntu Netbook Edition user interface. As computers become lighter they become more mobile, and we’ll work to keep people connected, all day, everywhere. We’ll embrace the web, aiming for the lightest, fastest web experience on any platform. The fastest boot, the fastest network connect, the fastest browser. Our goal is to ensure that UNE is far and away the best desktop OS for a netbook, both for consumers and power users.

On the other end of the spectrum, we’ll be lightening the burden of enterprise deployment with our emphasis on hybrid cloud computing. Ubuntu Server is already very popular on public clouds like EC2 and Rackspace, and now that Dell supports the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud for private cloud infrastructure, it’s possible to build workloads that run equally well in your data center or on the cloud. We’ll focus on making it even easier to build those workloads and keep them up to date, and managing the configurations of tens, or tens of thousands, of Ubuntu machines running in the cloud.

It’s not all about work. We don’t just want to be connected to the internet, we want to be connected to each other. Social from the Start is our initiative to make the desktop a collaborative, social place. For the past five years, we’ve all been shifting more and more data into the web, to a series of accounts and networks elsewhere. Now it’s time to start to bring those social networks back into our everyday computing environment. Our addressbooks and contact lists need to be synchronized and shared, so that we have the latest information everywhere – from mobile phones to web accounts.

So there’s a lot to do. I hope you’ll join us in shaping that work.

Introducing the Maverick Meerkat

Our mascot for 10.10 is the Maverick Meerkat.

This is a time of change, and we’re not afraid to surprise people with a bold move if the opportunity for dramatic improvement presents itself. We want to put Ubuntu and free software on every single consumer PC that ships from a major manufacturer, the ultimate maverick move. We will deliver on time, but we have huge scope for innovation in what we deliver this cycle. Once we have released the LTS we have plenty of room to shake things up a little. Let’s hear the best ideas, gather the best talent, and be a little radical in how we approach the next two year major cycle.

Meerkats are, of course, light, fast and social – everything we want in a Perfect 10. We’re booting really fast these days, but the final push remains. Changes in the toolchain may make us even faster for every application. We’re Social from the Start, but we could get even more tightly connected, and we could bring social features into even more applications. Meerkats are family-oriented, and we aspire to having Ubuntu being the safe and efficient solution for all the family netbooks. They are also clever – meerkats teach one another new skills. And that’s what makes this such a great community.

Here’s looking at the Lynx

Lucid is shaping up beautifully, but there’s still a lot to be done to make it the LTS we all want. Thanks to everyone who is bringing their time, energy and expertise to bear on making it outstanding. And I’m looking forward to the release parties, the brainstorming at UDS, and further steps on our mission to bring free software to the world, on free terms.

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  1. d2kx Says:

    If possible, I’d like to hear something about how you are planning to integrate the changes brought with Lucid (Indicators, Theme) to the whole new Gnome 3.

    Good job with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS though!

  2. Daniele Says:

    Ubuntu’s becoming very very important, and used , thanks Mr. Mark.

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  6. Andrew Ampers Taylor Says:


    I would like to see more concentration on business software, with an extra effort in, perhaps, helping the smaller outfits producing software of particular use to small business. If we take desktop publishing as an example, it could be scribus and inkscape. Xara seems to have abandoned Xtreme. This has been at v0.7 for so long now, it’s sad.

    If there are reputed to be 18,000 programs for Linux out there, there must be many which would be more useful from the business point of view. Canonical’s bread and butter depends on more businesses taking up the desktop – surely more thought could be made in that area? Perhaps the Canonical’s engineers could work on producing a free Canonical business version of Ubuntu (but available to all) that has less emphasis on play and more on work. 10.04 goes a long way towards cutting down on play, so you could start from there for 10.10.

    Looking at programs that aren’t open source for the business version is OK, as long as it has to be downloaded from Canonical’s website and not Ubuntu. If you search the web and bring these altogether, more businesses may take up Ubuntu. You could differentiate even more by calling it Tanda instead of Ubuntu (or even Puza – if I have the spelling right :-) )

    And if the public see more and more business using Linux, you’ll find more and more of the public taking it up.

    Just a thought ou kerel.


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  8. CoolGoose Says:

    I wonder if there are any plans on switching to gnome-shell for the 10.10 release.

  9. Richard Salsbury Says:

    “The fastest boot, the fastest network connect, the fastest browser.”

    Interesting … Can I be the first to start the rumour that Ubuntu 10.10 might switch from Firefox to Google Chrome?

  10. Baron Flopsy Says:

    Ubuntu is the fo shizzle
    Me looks forward to ever release!
    Bring on the Meerkat, Woohooo!!

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  12. raven::online Says:

    Ubuntu 10.10 heißt Maverick Meerkat…

    Mark Shuttleworth hat in seinem Blog den Namen für das im Herbst erscheinende Ubuntu bekannt gegeben. Zitat: Meerkats are, of course, light, fast and social – everything we want in a Perfect 10. We’re booting really fast these days, but the final pus…

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  14. mimor Says:

    CoolGoose: As far as I know, it’ll be there in Gnome3, so as 10.10 ships with Gnome3…..

  15. Marty Says:

    Thanks a lot, Shuttleworth!

    I just lost a lot of money this morning, for reasons I cannot get into. 😉

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  18. Steve Says:

    Slightly OT: Anyone from the UK is going to make wise-ass comments about “comparing the Meerkat” in a russian(?) accent :-)

  19. simon bennie Says:

    Hi mark. thanks for all the great things you guys are doing at canonical, i really do think 10.4 has been the best release so far.

    If i could plead with you to look at battery life in the next cycle (as you have mentioned netbooks). On average an optimized Ubuntu system is still 30% worse than windows with regards to battery life, although it is improving.

    I’d like to think that Ubuntu will become the greenest option out there for consumers, as well as being the option that will keep my laptop going the longest. That is something that would be easy for me to sell to my colleagues and easy for OEM to sell to their customers.

  20. ubuntufanGR Says:

    3 things will help GNU Linux to be installed at every home`s pc:

    a) Drivers for all types of hardware
    b) Better applications for editing photos, video, etc
    c) Laptops with pre-installed GNU Linux distro

    Ubuntu specific needs 2 things:

    a) You have to decide the color of ubuntu distro, stop change it always, do some color chose and support it for some years. (except blue color :p)

    b) Stable distro must be a stable distro.
    i) exable: I have 8.04 with hacked xorg,conf because my monitor (LaCie electron19blue) is not recognized. I am very good with my 8.04. But after upgrade to 10.04 Beta, hal ignore xorg.conf so I dont have monitor… This is not a stable distro behavior. A simply user dont care if now we have Xorg 7.4, he dont know what is Xorg 7.4 and he dont care, he just want his screen to be ok.
    So please give more support to LTS so people not be afraid to install GNU Linux.

    thank you.

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  22. Mark Says:

    Right on! I installed the netbook edition on my local tower last week. It was slick. Good luck to Ubuntu. Ubuntu user since v6.10.

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  26. freenight Says:

    ubuntu rocks

  27. Shane Fagan Says:

    @CoolGoose The plan is to switch to Shell in 10.10 but its going to be a bumpy road. Its not going to be perfect but we are going to have lots of new and shiny stuff all over the desktop. 10.10 is going to be the building blocks of the features that will be the next LTS release.

    @Mark nice name meerkats are awesome :)

  28. Chauncellor Says:

    Thanks for the inspiration, Mark. I look forward to working with everyone to get this rolling!

  29. Alan Bell Says:

    Woot! I am sure the Meerkat will be an operating system beyond compare!

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  31. Nickedynick Says:


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  34. v1ncent Says:

    Suritaca!!!! yeah!…

    Anyway, i really think a lot about the future of Linux and Software Libre in general, and i have a strong recommendation:
    Don’t be afraid of think even bigger, challenging people with ideas is a wonderful thing. I particularly think that Linux needs a rock solid common ground (anyone would say that we already have that, and the following ideas may be a little crazy and may never get done or be considered seriously), because there is so much more to discover.

    So here is it: we need to create frameworks that integrate the best of each field, like for 2D drawing. This is important because it gives a sense integration; individual projects could remain like that, but at the same part can be part of a framework, which will (in my dreams) be part of the LSB… This way they can also work together, and it would be much much stronger and innovative, not only because of the momentum it creates, but also because new innovative projects could be integrated to that hypothetical framework in anytime.

    Other than that, my real dream is to have universal applications, that can be used in any version of any distro of linux (that respect the further versions of the LSB). Despite the fact that package managers still take care of the core system stuff, which i would never change.
    How would you do that?
    How would you stop libs conflicts, easily? (and at the same time not having duplicated libs, and staying solid)

    I have to install a new system version every 6 or 12 months at most (in the Ubuntu case) because, else, i can’t install updated software, i’m suddenly in this closed time, separated from the now, in which i can only contemplate whats going on in the software world, but not being able to install almost anything, because my gtk or qt libs are too old, or anything else.
    (And YES, there may be solutions, there is always a way to get things done in Linux, but i don’t want to waste my time, nor make excuses, when we really can make things better and we know it… dammit)


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  37. Cinaedh Says:

    I’m not sure how to make this Comment “constructive” but I’d like to make sure you’re at least aware there are lots of people out here who want nothing to do with the “Cloud” and even less to do with integrated “music stores” and other such extraneous capacity.

    Ubuntu is a fast, flexible and robust operating system. That’s all I want. I’m pretty sure that’s all a lot of people want. That’s why we’re using Ubuntu and not something else.

    If I want strangers storing my data, like Ubuntu One, the “Cloud” in general and built-in “music stores” and such, I suppose I could make do with Windows or OS/X or even an iPhone or iPad.

    As it now stands, if you bloat Ubuntu and turn it into something other than a simple, fast, reliable operating system, I’m sorry to say I’ll have no choice but to look for another Linux distribution.

    Why would you want to kill the golden goose and alienate your base? I simply don’t understand.

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  40. Jonathan Wolf Says:

    Allow me to suggest Plucky Penguin for 12.4. Also, I love the new direction you are taking with 10.4 (which I am running on my laptop already).

  41. Steve Says:

    Actually the more I think about it this could be good bit-of-fun exposure at least in the UK. You went into space in a Russian rocket, the main Meerkat character (Alexandr) is Russian. there’s an IT kat in all the ads called Sergei.

    They’ve done some podcasts with Alexandr interviewing (so far) David Hasselhoff and Piers Morgan (UK media personality). The second one was pretty funny, though I skipped the Hoff as I find him just too weird. I could see an interview being rather good.

    To coin another catch phrase that will probably crop up in the ‘buntu forums a lot from now on: “Simples!”

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  43. dragonbite Says:

    Ubuntu Linux has definitely made an impact on the computing and the Linux world. Linux is found in places only dreamed of pre-2004!

    @v1ncent: You say “Don’t be afraid of think even bigger, challenging people with ideas is a wonderful thing.” but then you limit your own thinking with “Other than that, my real dream is to have universal applications, that can be used in any version of any distro of linux…”

    Why limit it to only Linux? That’s the beauty of Open Source is that it can be brought to ALL of the masses who can benefit! I find OpenOffice, Gimp, Inkscape and Pidgin on a number of non-Linux machines. Firefox and Thunderbird have helped my family and others to move from Windows to Linux by providing a consistent (thus familiar) application to use.

    I look forward to see how things progress with LL and MM as well as the whole Linux and Open Source community. We are a family, swift and agile. I think the Meerkat is a very apt choice.

  44. Børge A. Roum / forteller Says:

    Social from the start is great. But I’m concerned that it might help segment monopolies in the social network space if it’s not done right, just like IE’s integration in Windows helped make it a browser monopoly. This is bad for everyone and especially for us who care about freedom.

    Please take a look at this Ubuntu Brainstorm idea:

  45. linux lover Says:

    Ubuntu really needs to focus on UI if you guys want to increase your userbase. Common guys its 2010 and gnome still looks fat and pathetic. Compare it with atleast os x.

  46. ylo Says:

    “Lucid is shaping up beautifully”… You may be in an ivory tower since last month?

    IMO, Lucid shape is far from being right! And some challengers, as well as users, are just kidding about this quite frankly with their devise: PCLOS have changed it’s “radically simple” to “our buttons are right” a few days when ubuntu started messing with hypothetic new functions that should come one day, “justifying” to reverse users habits.

    Well, you’re now involved on design… but design should not be done after a hashish party! Indeed, that may explain seing Leopards instead of Lynx for release X.04! That’s copycat job…

  47. Tor Says:

    May I suggest making a really polished release, where minimized the bugs is a top priority? I don’t really miss any features in 9.10 Karmic Koala, but there sure are a lot of bugs that annoy me. Users interfaces in particular takes a lot of testing to make robust. Always revamping it in every release means it is constantly flaky.

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  51. Yoyo Says:

    Empecé hace muchos años con ubuntu y después de pasar por muchas distribuciones Linux he vuelto de nuevo a ubuntu con Karmic Koala :-)

    Creo que se está haciendo un gran trabajo en esta distribución, gracias Mark :-)

    Un saludo.

  52. Saleel Velankar Says:

    Mr Shuttleworth, I like that Ubuntu is becoming more social, however it worries me as well. Take myspace for example, a shining star of social networking a few years ago, is not being used by anyone in my class of 400 (I did this for a beginning statistics class), they are all using some other things. Switching between these types of services is increasingly becoming like jumping from one walled garden into another. Are you not worried that the work being done to make Ubuntu social will be nullified by the mercurial tastes of the crowd? Are you not worried about the increasingly closed nature of these services, where the data I upload suddenly ceases to be mine?

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  56. Carlos Reis Says:

    Hi Mark:

    First of all I would like to congratulate you and all the Ubuntu developers. They have done a great job. It is a team work for sure. It all starts with the debian developers and they must be always remembered and you do it.

    I look forward to see great things in the future and since you have move position on Canonical I hope you can inspire more progress and inovation. And I would love to talk about inovation. You have touched one part that I agree and it is a simple thing like synchronisation of contacts. Today is a mess. Outlook, Adress Book on OS X, Google Contacts, Mobile Phones they all have diferences and on all we spend to much time resolving issues.

    I also thing that the next move is integration and cross devices using the same principles on the software side. We always must look to Apple and see the best they do and what they will integrate with the iPad. They are doing it. Crossing all different devices with the same touch and feel and bringing easy and great experience.
    I should say that I have used every single version of Ubuntu. But all the time I could not use it for much time. Every time something happen that have make me decide that I could not use it. I have not much time available and I essential must work . No time to resolve problems. I think it is already clear that I’m not a proficient user of Linux but I also thing that Ubuntu can and must be the OS for the not proficient users. Install it and let it work. Setting a backup should not be more difficult that setting up Time machine.
    I’m giving all this examples because it can make the diference. I use OS X but I don’t like the direction that Apple is going but in the end, wen I need to have work done I use it.

    You can change all of this with so many great users. I will be on the first line cheering it. Wen you do that, this will be your second visite to the space and then you can se the wolrd evolving. Right now we are not there. But I will do it again. I will setup a machine with Ubuntu and try again. I will do it every time.

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  59. Owais Lone Says:

    With Ubuntu, I’ve tasted the flight.

  60. Aero Says:

    What a idea! I like the codename. Just going to write a post on it.

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  62. Eliot Frost Says:

    I know a lot of thought has been put into this name, but I must urge you to reconsider. The phrase “maverick” has picked up some very negative connotations in the US, in light of its use by the conservative Republican party during the 2008 presidential race and subsequent political debate. You can do your own research of course [, but the upshot is that I will have a very difficult time telling my friends I’m running “Maverick.” I realize that it is difficult to come up with adjectives that have only positive connotations everywhere in the world, but the US is an important market and I believe this name will make us a laughingstock, or at least have everyone chuckle a little bit when it’s mentioned.

    Beyond that, I’d like to take the opportunity to commend you for what you are doing. Ubuntu and the free software movement both are amazing pieces of work. I’ve been lucky enough to be growing in a time where freedom is important, at least in the software world.

    All the best.

  63. Michalxo Says:

    Thanks for bringing up new ideas and information to us. :-)
    It will be nice to see Maverick on my PC :-)
    I have just one question.
    Will you try to “push” somehow on firefox (or any other web browser) to finally make browsing in linux at least as comparable as is in windows XP, 7 (on same machine)? Cause after few months of using any ubuntu (distro) version and browser, it’s becoming more and more slower.

    So far I am very pleased with Lynx (except button layout :-D) and looking forward to Mave’ 😉
    Thanks Mich

  64. Ankit Tulsyan Says:

    Awesome!! love the idea to make positive bold moves..rock on Mark.


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  66. Praveen. S Says:

    It would also be nice to see new features to be added in way we handle our windows.
    If gnome-shell is transforming things the way access our programmes, then sure I would like to see transformation on the way we see our files our system. I mean a new different ‘Nautilus’ like file manager. I know there is some Ziestergist Activity journalwork going on but I like see more redical change in ‘Nautilus’ Windows management.

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  69. Anzan Says:

    Ooooooh. “Maverick”? Really?

    In North America that still has some strong political associations.

  70. diptekosede Says:

    thanks Mr. Mark. I am sure the Meerkat will be an operating system beyond compare!

  71. William Clancy Dalebout Says:


    I would like your help in deploying Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server to once it gets released.


  72. matthew Says:

    I’m excited to be a part of the process. This vision looks fun!

  73. naptastic Says:

    Here are two ideas:

    “/home has been mounted 32 times without being checked; check forced.” And my computer is tied up for an hour.

    Suggestion: In the same way that Fedora’s palimpsest notifies users of hard drives that didn’t pass their SMART test fully, it should notify users “hey by the way, your drive is almost due to be checked for errors,” and allow the user to see (as in, be aware of) when the next check will be (in 5 boots, etc.) and if they wish, schedule a check for the next system shutdown–this way, if I’m turning the system off before I leave for work, I can schedule the fsck for “when I shut the computer down this time” and when I leave, the computer will fsck, then shut down.

    SECOND IDEA: The *only* reason I’m not using Ubuntu right now is because it’s impossible / highly difficult to run JACK and Ardour at any reasonable latency setting without getting xruns. With Fedora, the solution is trivial: install PlanetCCRMA. I don’t know what the solution is in Ubuntu, but I know it’s beyond my current skill level, so I’ve given up. I would much rather use Ubuntu, but I really do need low latency to Just Work.

  74. Ja sabem el nom de l’Ubuntu 10.10: Maverick Meerkat | SomGNU Says:

    […] S’ha anunciat el nom en codi per a la propera versió d’Ubuntu que es publicarà a l’Octubre. El nom serà Maverick Meerkat, que vindria a ser Suricata Inconformista. Molt en la línia dels noms de l’Ubuntu. Segons la Viquipèdia: El suricata (Suricata suricatta) és un petit mamífer membre de la família de les mangostes. Habita al desert de Kalahari (Botswana) i a Sud-àfrica. Un grup de suricates s’anomena “multitud”, “quadrilla” o “clan”. Un clan de suricates acostuma a tenir de 10 a 30 suricates, però algunes grans famílies en contenen més de 50. Tenen una vida mitjana de 12 a 14 anys. […]

  75. Nick Says:

    I would love to see 10.10 using the Chromium browser, that really would be a radical move and an extremely positive one for all users. If speed is the key , then you can’t get much faster than Chromium.

  76. kikl Says:

    “…Our goal is to ensure that UNE is far and away the best desktop OS for a netbook, both for consumers and power users…”

    I think in terms of desktop usage, mobile devices and netbooks is the way to go. This is where MS has fallen behind. However, Android and chrome OS are going to be in that market too. I don’t know whether canonical and google are actually cooperating in this venture, but I hope you are.

    Lots and lots of great apps are being developed for the android market. In particular game developement is picking up, traditionally very weak on linux. Lack of good commercial games is a major complaint by many considering switching to linux. Wine is not a reliable solution, unfortunately…

    It would be excellent and very desireable if android applications could be easily available in the ubuntu software store – I was a little disappointed about the lack of progress in the software store in 10.04 -… Android development could be opening the door for putting commercial games on the linux desktop. The ubuntu software store would be an ideal market for selling these games.

    All the best


  77. Shooting for the Perfect 10.10 with Maverick Meerkat « Technoskald Says:

    […] In Links on 2010-04-02 by Kyle Maxwell Tagged: linux, Mark Shuttleworth, ubuntu Shooting for the Perfect 10.10 with Maverick Meerkat. […]

  78. rolandixor Says:

    Nice name =) I like the Maverick part xD and I love merkats…

    with that said…

    Whoops typo FAIL Shell…

    grr can’t seem to get it right. GNAIL Shell… sigh, you know what I mean. Let’s face it, most of the community doesn’t want GNOME Shell, it’s immature (and I can’t see that improving any time soon), and it won’t just be a “bumpy road”, it would kill ubuntu (you don’t believe me? just force users to use it.).

    PLEASE! I know ubuntu is fast becoming a slight dictatorship OS, but PLEASE listen to us JUST THIS ONCE PLEASE!!!!!

    Don’t steal compiz from us, and don’t force the shell on us. Make the shell optional (yes, optional). Does that sound like a fair deal?

  79. Liberado Codinome do Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat Says:

    […] vi lá no Linuxers que Mark Shuttleworth anunciou em seu blog o novo mascote para o Ubuntu 10.10, o novo codinome da próxima versão será […]

  80. Maverick Meerkat | Pourquoi pas !! Says:

    […] Mark Shuttleworth nous annonce le nom de code de la future version de ubuntu et ça sera “Maverick Meerkat“. Cette version sortira le 28 Octobre 2010 (2). Pour Mark, ce mammifère africain est léger, […]

  81. Raj Says:

    A few missing things that still do not give confidence to ordinary users who are unable to get off the windows desktop.
    – No Tier 1 OEM deals that allow purchase of a standard configuration with U.
    – No IM interoperability with Yahoo (atleast) and MSN for Voice and Video chat.
    – Bringing Wine more mainstream for most legacy programs that people cling on to.
    – Switch to KDE4 as the base. Gnome is no match for the visual effects and configurability that is seen in KDE4. Plus Mono continues to pull Gnome into a cesspool of patents.

  82. » Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat NoticiasTech Says:

    […] Shuttleworth anuncia en su blog el nombre de la próxima versión Ubuntu 10.10: Maverick Meerkat. Ubuntu seguirá la […]

  83. Ubuntu 10.10: Maverick Meerkat será el nombre | [ Neuronal Training ]: Says:

    […] Mark Shuttleworth, acaba de revelar el nombre que tendrá Ubuntu 10.10, el sucesor de Lucid Lynx. Bien, el nombre elegido de Ubuntu 10.10 será Maverick Meerkat y estaraa disponible para descargar en octubre. […]

  84. Disclosure | Hearing Aid Price Says:

    […] Mark Shuttleworth » Blog Archive » Shooting for the Perfect 10.10 … […]

  85. Hemach Says:

    Hope the Meerkat breaks all ‘Windows’ :)

  86. Lesiuk Says:

    Great news.

    Thanks 😉

  87. Albert Says:

    Good luck with the ongoing improvements! And well done to all involved. Thank you.

    But please.PLEASE. Put the minimise/maximise/close icons in the correct place when you release it. Otherwise I predict a huge and much used thread over at ubuntuforums dedicated to putting it right…

  88. MasterNetra Says:

    Can’t wait! Ubuntu is shaping up nicely.

  89. Ubuntu 10.10 ya tiene nombre: Maverick Meerkat | Ultimos Avances Says:

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  90. Ubuntu 10.10 ya tiene nombre: Maverick Meerkat | Says:

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  91. Robbert Says:

    What really needs to be done to make Ubuntu perfect:
    – Get a clipboard which really works, so you can copy a part of an image with The GIMP, then quit The GIMP, start Writer and be able to paste the copied part of the image in an Writer document.
    – Be able to undo actions in Nautilus (accidentally moving or renaming files).
    – Be able to select files with the rubber band method in Nautilus’ List View (this now only works in Icon View and Compact View).
    – In Nautilus’ List View only show the context menu of a file or directory when you click on its filename. When you don’t click on the filename, don’t select any file or directory, but show the context menu of the directory you’re currently viewing (in other words: when not clicking on a filename, show the same context menu as when clicking in some white space).
    – Change the right click behavior from showing the context menu on mouse down to showing the context menu on mouse up (or at least give an option to configure this), because the current behavior is extremely annoying when using a mouse with a very high DPI or when you’ve got very nervous hands.
    – Disable the ability to scroll on the window list and the list of workspaces (or at least give an option to disable this scrolling) as it’s extremely annoying for people using a touchpad.

  92. La suricata non marchiata: Maverick Meerkat 10.10 « Alecutu's Blog Says:

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    […] Shuttleworth anunció a través de su Blog que el nombre que recibirá la futura versión de Ubuntu será Maverick Meerkat o en español algo […]

  94. anonymous Says:

    Mickey Mouse :)

  95. Ubuntu 10.10 se llamara Maverick Meerkat « Webeando en la red Says:

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  100. Ubuntu 10.10 trägt Codenamen “Maverick Meerkat” – Balkoncam Blog Says:

    […] Meerkat” kann mit „Rebellisches Erdmännchen” übersetzt werden. In seinem Blog erklärt Shuttleworth, dass Erdmännchen „light, fast and social” seien. Eigenschaften die auch in Ubuntu 10.10 […]

  101. Gonzalo Porcel Says:

    Sometimes, I think we are losing perspective.

    Being bold and innovative sounds great and cool, but what if the greatest innovation we could bring was making what is already very good, incredibly good.

    I think Gnome is getting to a point of reliability and just works that is unmatched in other platforms. It would be a huge disservice to do a KDE4, let´s reinvent everything and wait three or four years for the dust to settle. KDE lost a lot of momentum and opportunity and is still recovering from that very bold move. In a sense, KDE´s timing was good, because Microsoft screwed Vista so much that it gave the kde developers more time to deliver on their vision.

    But this time around, time is what we don´t have. Apple is pushing in all fronts to create a very dangerous close ecosystem and Microsoft has improved somewhat with Windows 7. This means that we cannot afford to throw out the baby with the bathwater and that we cannot reinvent too much.

    We need what Lucid Lynx is solid, consistent software that improves by being even more integrated than ever. When I plugged my Android phone in Lucid and Rythmbox allowed me to manage the musical side of the phone without having to do a thing, it was a thing of beauty. That´s exactly what we need to focus our efforts on.

    Thanks for all you do Marc.

  102. Mattj Says:

    Will there be a Compare the Meerkat tool to find which Ubuntu version is the best for you?

  103. Ubuntu 10.10’s Name, Open Source Skype, and No Linux on PS3! Says:

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  104. Links 2/4/2010: Ubuntu 10.10 is Maverick Meerkat | Techrights Says:

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  108. David Gerard Says:

    In my experience, Ubuntu Netbook is the best desktop OS for a larger laptop too!

    (Although it’s a bit painful running it on a laptop without hardware 3D acceleration … Mesa really isn’t enough.)

  109. Cual será el nombre de la nueva versión de Ubuntu « Jvare Blog Says:

    […] un cambio radical pues para la 10.10, Mark dice que es la perfección, utiliza una película como Maverick como mascota en lugar de un […]

  110. Mourinho Says:

    And Kubuntu?

  111. André Gondim » É hora de por nossas cabeças juntas para fazer “o perfeito 10″. Says:

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  112. Ubuntu 10.10 codename announced: Maverick Meerkat « The BAT Channel Says:

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  116. Seamless Serb Says:

    As for the first part, good luck putting your heads together. I’ll always hope for good hardware detection, normal font rendering, and why not, visible keyboard layout indicator in panels in new dark themes :) I work using two languages and three scripts, it bugs me not being able to see where I am.

    Now on to important issues.

    Maverick Meerkat? Forget about it. Saw it on TV one time. Maverick meerks have a rough time of it. They can’t even mate with other meerks without permission or they get the offspring eaten or something along those lines, horrible and heartbreaking really. Toe the line or hit the Dorsland that’s the gist of it. In no time Maverick Meerkat turns into Ostracized Ostrich. Not something to strive towards or identify with now that’s fo sho.
    The only thing they got going for them is the efficiency of crunching them bugs. Unlike Ubuntu one might add. Why is it so complicated to report bugs from Ubuntu? I had FF crash like 30 times if once and no prompt to report anything. Same thing with them default IM and email clients. Or does it go somewhere automatically? I sure hope it does.

  117. Is the home church movement active in Central Ma? « A southbridge Blog Says:

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  118. Cont3mpo Says:

    Then 10.10 is gonna be more social, fast, with a fresh UI. Nice. …¿With GNOME 3.0?

  119. Introducing the Maverick Meerkat | jonobacon@home Says:

    […] Mark announced that Ubuntu 10.10 will be the ‘Maverick Meerkat’. I just wanted to re-post on my blog to spread the […]

  120. Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat | Rebel Zero (dot com) Says:

    […] Shuttleworth explained in his blog today about his vision for “the perfect 10″ while revealing the codename for Ubuntu […]

  121. Chris Says:

    If you really want the perfect 10, look for old bugs, many bugs are there so long that the next release fixes them, but this is symptomatic of what will stop you reaching the perfect 10, that and forcing on people architectural changes without there being working alternatives, you *could* for example offer a supported alternative for pulseaudio which is horrible on various hardware (still) that would be ok while its getting up to speed, IF there was a supported alternative, Linux is about (for me at least) choice!

    That said Ubuntu warts an all is one of the best OS’s, compared to some the rock steady stability and access to source has us spoilt…

  122. gfxsky Says:

    Ubuntu is very popular. But the thing i don’t like about ubuntu is that they make it not for old PC. Ubuntu take many expensive hardware to run smoothly :(

  123. Ubuntu 10.10 será “Maverick Meerkat” « Tux Files Says:

    […] 10.10 será “Maverick Meerkat” 3 04 2010 Segun el anuncio que realizó Mark Shuttleworth en su blog el nuevo nombre para la versión de Ubuntu 10.10 será “Maverick Meerkat” (o […]

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    […] comienza un post en su blog Mark Shuttleworth, creador de Canonical y la distribución GNU/Linux: […]

  125. Clint Says:

    Funny how social integration is all the rage on mobile devices with conclusive apps on webOS and Android, but it’s nonexistent on the desktop. Good to see that Canonical does what’s best and not just what is being done by others.

    You guys are doing all the right moves. What I’d love to see and hear more about is Ubuntu One integration in more applications. I’d like to see my gconf and Compiz settings being automatically sync’d instead of having to export a settings file or manually make the changes. Dropbox has made my laptop and desktop feel like one computer. They only place it lacks is in app settings. This is where One can differentiate and as soon as it is ready, I’ll switch.


    Oh and your comments about the browser and about how some changes may cause backlash leads me to wondering if Firefox won’t be the default in Maverick. Also Canonical’s work on ChromeOS leads to some speculation. I would love to see you guys get behind Chrome or Epiphany. Just my 2 cents.

  126. Ubuntu 10.10 será “Maverick Meerkat” Says:

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  131. Fabian Rodriguez Says:

    Love the name :) We’re ready!

  132. Ubuntu 10.10 si chiamerà Maverick Meerkat « Zeirus’s Blog Says:

    […] A maggio verranno svelati all'Ubuntu Developer Summit i punti cardini della Maverick Meerkat […]

  133. Zac Says:

    I like to see Ubuntu embraced by the major OEM’s so that Ubuntu machines is as easily visible to the public as the Windows machines are.

    Ubuntu Software Centre will be the key to making Linux easy for the general public. Simple to install/remove/update/downgrade any piece of software/drivers – free, paid and commercial software. PLEASE, put alot of effort into this.

    Looking forward to 10.10, after I install 10.04 first though. :)

    Ubuntu is my main machine at home. I trust my whole computing life on Ubuntu.

    Well done Mark for pushing the boundaries. Ubuntu is getting more user friendly all the time.I want to see Ubuntu in stores, product placements on TV, etc….bring it on.

    PS: I am one of those who prefer the window buttons on the left as it has resulted in less mouse travel for me.

  134. SOURCES.LIST » Blog Archive » Ubuntu 10.10 nome in codice Maverick Meerkat Says:

    […] Shuttleworth ha dichiarato che il codename relativo ad Ubuntu 10.10 sarà Maverick Meerkat (Suricato […]

  135. OperatorsAreStandingBy Says:

    Suggested goals for 10.10 ….

    These goals are outside of your control, but can have a large impact on the future success of linux. You might not have the ability to affect change directly, but your
    voice has much more weight than the average computer user.

    Consider applying some pressure on AMD/ATi regarding their linux driver support. AMD easily has the best GPU line-up available and yet progress has been slow on linux proprietary driver development and their commitment to open sourcing of their drivers.

    Try to convince Valve to port Steam to linux thus tackling one of the largest issues facing linux, commercial game development. To increase consumer adoption of linux usage amongst youth, linux needs a marginal amount of commercial game development. Valve has already done a considerable amount of heavy lifting by porting existing Valve titles and steam to MacOSX. It shouldn’t take much extra effort to offer this library and target compatibility for a few select linux distros with larger marketshare.

  136. Staffan Says:

    The release date for 10.10 should be 10/10-10. Reason is of course because 101010 is binary for 42; Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.

    Mark Shuttleworth: *Nice* :-)

  137. django Says:

    But how maverick is it to have the best desktop (or server) OS if consumers don’t get the choice to include it when purchasing their Hardware?

    Take for example the so important netbook market. I live in the Netherlands and there is no way I can buy a Linux or No-OS netbook. The heck, even buying one from Newegg, Amazon is almost not possible.

    So I think, Ubuntu has two choices:
    1) aggressively partner with big name brands like Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Samsung etc etc to get an even chance
    2) develop for tech savvy audience, like myself, and hope we can convince end users out there to give Ubuntu a chance.

    My 2 cents.

  138. mattyv Says:

    Interested to hear what might be on the agenda with changes to the toolchain. The prospect of desktop oriented optimisations across all/most applications is an inviting one. Is this a discussion that has already started to be fleshed out. In particular, any info out there for non-developers on what has been hinted at in this post?

  139. el blog de páez » «Maverick Meerkat» será el nuevo Ubuntu 10.10 Says:

    […] anunciaba Mark Shuttleworth en su blog el nombre que tendrá la próxima versión de Ubuntu, la 10.10 (Octubre de […]

  140. olivier Says:

    Good day,
    my opportunities in the English language is unfortunately limited. Therefore I am compelled by my sentences google translate. Apologies if it is not translated perfectly.

    I work for quite a while with Ubuntu, so know the configuration files, unfortunately, the newcomers often have problems in order to maintain the syntax of the files, or even just knowing how to edit. What is missing in my opinion, a newcomer, is a Konfigutationstool to these files. I am thinking of a tool in the style of Yast2 under OpenSuSE.

    Yours sincerely

    Brügger Olivier

  141. Is it possible to cover a large oriental wall fan with paper or fabric without damaging the fan? Says:

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  142. Mourinho Says:

    There is news for Kubuntu? Or has still to fend for himself?

  143. “Maverick Meerkat”: το νέο Ubuntu | BLOG...OTSARKA Says:

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  144. Ubuntu 10.10 a.k.a. Maverick Meerkat | MidSofts.COM Says:

    […] None other than the father of the popular Ubuntu operating system, Mark Shuttleworth, officially announced a few minutes ago the goals for the next version of Ubuntu. Yes, we are talking about Ubuntu 10.10, dubbed Maverick Meerkat and scheduled for release on October 28th, 2010. "It’s time to put our heads together to envision "the perfect 10". This is a time of great innovation and change in the Linux world, with major new initiatives from powerful groups bringing lots of new ideas, new energy and new code. […] We want to put Ubuntu and free software on every single consumer PC that ships from a major manufacturer, the ultimate maverick move. We will deliver on time, but we have huge scope for innovation in what we deliver this cycle." – Mark Shuttleworth said on his blog. […]

  145. Ubuntu 10.10 wird sich Maverick Meerkat nennen » Version, Mark, Meerkat, Blog, Maverick, Artikel » spezialisiert sich auf Rezensionen und bloggt über alles mögliche. Says:

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  146. Moshpet Says:

    For it to be a perfect ten, it’ll need to make loading in any off the shelf game, (under wine etc et al) painless, simple and most of all; functional. Currently the only reason I run M$ software is to play games, give me an OS that plays the games I want, when I want and I’ll burn a M$ cdrom with petrol and a lighter.


  147. Ubuntu 10.10 wird Maverick Meerkat heißen | Ubuntuxx Says:

    […] Weiter lesen…. […]

  148. Alfons Mair Says:

    It’s really nice to hear the statements around Ubuntu, but there has to be done many steps before the system is easy usable. Mark has totally right if he see the needs to shift to a new future. Ubuntu needs the improvements. The new design has to go to the right direction! The easy set-up is one of the major changes which has to be done. The desktop has a old tradition because it was more and less designed by Windows, and of course there is space for improvements. Let the fantasy set the border and nothing else. Already now Ubuntu has many advantages instead of other systems but anyway there is an wide range for “to do” it better.
    The main problem is that many enthusiastic programmers are working on Ubuntu, but sometimes it seems that they lost the fantasy to choice new ways. Another major problem is that some of the major functionalities are not working at all. Let me give an example, I used Ubuntu 9.04 and the VPN via PTPP was working perfectly since I made the upgrade to Ubuntu 9.10 it doesn’t work at all. In my mind that is unacceptable if I asked the different forums nobody could help me, but I got reactions that this was known. Unbelivable if thats true. How can I use Ubuntu then if I have to use it for VPN connection to get in contact with my company? This is a killer factor for Ubuntu, and I don’t like the argumentation that I can use dual-boot, why should I? Wish you all the best and please let the fantasy improve Ubuntu 10.10 as much as possible.

  149. Ubuntu 10.10 – Maverick Meercat « enteo bloggt Says:

    […] wie das Erdmännchen “light, fast and social” sein, wie Mark Shuttleworth auf seinem Blog verriet. Ubuntu 10.10 soll wie üblich im Oktober diesen Jahres […]

  150. Markus Says:

    The best name ever. Thank you Mark and thanks to Canonical for this wonderful OS.

  151. Maverick Meerkat omg. | speak no evil Says:

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  152. Ubuntu 10.10 Named Maverick Meerkat; gets outlined - A Collection of Latest Happening in Technology Field Says:

    […] a post on his blog, titled ‘Shooting for the perfect 10.10 with the Maverick Meerkat’, he outlines his goals for […]

  153. Arkadi Says:

    I’m a big fan of Ubuntu and I’m very happy see that Ubuntu improves better and better with every release.
    Thanks for all the effort you make to make this OS popular and good luck in your great work!

  154. Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat | Hardsoft Geek Says:

    […] Para conocer un poco mas el camino que seguirá esta versión de ubunto pueden seguir la lectura en el blog de Mark Shuttleworth […]

  155. oldwindowsuser Says:

    So there will be more clouds in the sky 😛 Still be on earth please. Shooting for the perfect means really stable system with new improvements? More stable and user friendly than 9.10 (has never crashed here and easy to use) 😀 Keep doing great work!

  156. F30 Says:

    Do your really think that the concept of “netbooks” will have any promising future? From my point of view, they were a nice hype back in 2008, but then people started to realize that they’re just not a reasonable trade-off between mobility and productivity:
    You can’t work on a netbook like on a desktop or laptop computer – that’s why you need a different interface like Ubuntu Netbook Remix. But if you use it different, why keep the traditional “mouse/touchpad & keyboard” interaction model?

    I write these lines on the first US iPad sales day. And I truly love my iPhone. I like how Apple just creates some kind of new interaction, perfectly suitable for the specific case.
    What I don’t like is watching how all the others, namely Microsoft, Nokia and the whole FOSS community, just can’t create any comparable product or OS three years(!) after the initial iPhone was presented. Android is definitely nice (if it would have been there in 2007, the iPhone surely wouldn’t have had this impact), but I don’t see it as competitive to the iPhone.

    Yes, creating products like Apple does is much easier if you control hardware, software and the rest of the platform. A large company which’s spirit is all about perfection might also be helpful.
    But what I believe in is that others can do it, too.
    To be realistic, there have been a lot of articles about the bad relationship between FOSS and user interfaces and sadly, most of them are right. To be even more realistic, we’ve had ten “years of the Linux desktop” and Linux is still at a market share < 5%.
    But the mobile devices market is just starting and it's important to be there from the beginning on. So put your efforts in trying something new, maybe not based on traditional GNOME or KDE concepts. I'm sure Canonical has very talented developers; there are user experience experts who would probably love to spend their time creating something new rather than arguing about update notifications. Sure, it's hard, but it's not impossible.

    I really encourage your efforts in making 10.10 a great desktop and server distribution. But I just don't see the point at putting your efforts in a "perfect netbook OS".

  157. Cursos oficiais Ubuntu: UCP, Ubuntu Server, Cloud Computing, Ubuntu Desktop. Certificado oficial Ubuntu, com representantes oficias ou on-line. Says:

    […] leia mais […]

  158. Duncan Murray Says:

    Many thanks for all the work! I’m currently enjoying 10.04 – and I actually like the new button configuration (because it’s closer to where I move my mouse for other things – there’s not much reason to go to the top left).

    To get Ubuntu on to all shipping computers, I suggest you petition the EU to force computer companies to provide a choice of operating system for all their computers. Surely it is anti-competitive to only offer ONE OS! That way I have no doubt that manufacturers would naturally opt for Ubuntu.

    I look forward to the whole desktop metaphor being shaken up in 10.10. Maybe consider getting rid of menus or hiding them in the title bar (with a right click). Space is always premium.

    Another idea might be installing ‘collections’ -> eg ‘music composition’ or ‘graphics’ or ‘desktop publishing’ with the various software/fonts/etc for working in a particular area.

  159. TobaUntu » Ubuntu 10.10 “Maverick Meerkat” anunciado Says:

    […] y ahora que sólo quedan días para su lanzamiento definitivo, Mark Shuttleworth publicó una reflexión en su blog donde además también anunció el nombre de la siguiente versión 10.10 de Ubuntu, planeada para […]

  160. Andre Machado Says:

    You loosed a great opportunity to call it Ubuntu Mickey Mouse…

    It should be released in October 10!

  161. ..:: Linux 4 PR ::.. » Ubuntu 10.10 ya tiene Nombre “Maverick Meerkat” Says:

    […] – Mark Shuttleworth dijo en su blog. […]

  162. Ubuntu 10.10 se llamará Maverick Meerkat | Tovyblog Says:

    […] “Estamos en una etapa de cambios, y no tenemos miedo a sorprender a la gente con un movimiento audaz, si la oportunidad así se presenta. Queremos poner Software libre y Ubuntu en todos los PC’s. Tenemos grandes oportunidades de innovación en este ciclo Una vez publicada la versión LTS tenemos mucho tiempo para experimentar un poco. Escucharemos las mejores ideas y reuniremos a los mejores talentos y así empezara un nuevo ciclo radical. Elegimos a los suricatos por que son ligeros rápidos y sociables.” Informe completo (inglés) […]

  163. Mark Shuttleworth ” Blog Archive ” Shooting for the Perfect … | Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat Says:

    […] Introducing the Maverick Meerkat. Our mascot for 10.10 is the Maverick Meerkat. … “Our mascot for 10.10 is the Maverick Meerkat.” – seja lá o q for isso, foi a escolha do … View full post on Yahoo! Search: maverick meerkat […]

  164. Trackbacks & Pingbacks | Kotak Technologies Says:

    […] Mark Shuttleworth » Blog Archive » Shooting for the Perfect 10.10 … […]

  165. Ubuntu 10.10 a.k.a. Maverick Meerkat Says:

    […] is slated for release in October 2010.  On Friday, Mark Shuttleworth announced these detail on his blog.  “It’s time to put our heads together to envision “the perfect 10″. This is a […]

  166. kikl Says:

    @ F30 “Android is definitely nice (if it would have been there in 2007, the iPhone surely wouldn’t have had this impact), but I don’t see it as competitive to the iPhone.”

    I think most people would disagree with you on this point. Check out for example and several reviews of android vs. i-phone. Many people think that for the time being the android OS is superior to the i-phone. Steve Jobs takes it very seriously, otherwise he wouldn’t be suing HTC for patent infringement.

    Android actually proves that linux can successfully compete with apple and MS on “light” mobile devices.

  167. Shooting for the Perfect 10.10 with Maverick Meerkat « gericom Says:

    […] a post on his blog, titled ‘Shooting for the perfect 10.10 with the Maverick Meerkat’, he outlines his goals for […]

  168. Maverick Meerkat, così si chiamerà il prossimo Ubuntu | Win-OPen Says:

    […] vigilia del rilascio di Ubuntu 10.04, Mark Shuttleworth annuncia la successiva versione, la 10.10, chiamata Maverick […]

  169. Tháng 10 – Ubuntu 10.10 với codename Maverick Meerkat Says:

    […] pháp an toàn và hiệu quả cho các netbook gia đình. Trích blog Mark Shutterworth. Theo Mark Shutterworth's blog Trả Lời Với Trích Dẫn […]

  170. Ubuntu 10.10 se llamará “Maverick Meerkat” | La vida Linux Says:

    […] | Mark’s blog […]

  171. Melvin Carvalho Says:

    Hi Mark

    Agree with you 100% on the social aspect.

    The way to do this is a slight paradigm shift. The desktop OS has local scope, but your social data often has relatively global scope (a URI).

    The correct way to architect this is to give your data/identifiers more of a namespaced global scope. HTTP is the way to go here as it an be easily dereferenced to find yet more data (for example a public key). This is what Tim Berners-Lee refers to as ‘Linked data principles’. The best example to date is FOAF, which seems to be making something of a comeback.

    Using SSL you can relatively easily do single sign on, be it with X.509 or fallback to traditional username password. We need well structured data that we can pass round to all apps. This will give Ubuntu a killer advantage over other OS’s, IMHO.

    Best wishes

  172. CYBERTECH.Blog's » Ubuntu 10.10 se llamará “Maverick Meerkat” Says:

    […] estas palabras Mark Shuttleworth anunciaba el nombre que recibirá Ubuntu 10.10. Our mascot for 10.10 is the Maverick […]

  173. UniversoTek » Meerkat Maverick, Ubuntu 10.10 Says:

    […] muy en cuenta los fabricantes de otros sistemas operativos). Lo siguiente se extrajo del sitio de Mark Shuttleworth fundador del proyecto Ubuntu y quien como veremos de acuerdo a lo que escribió abajo; se viene […]

  174. Michele Renda Says:

    +1 to have the perfect 10 released on 10/10/10 :)

    Yes… Ubuntu is the answer about the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything!!! :)

  175. Claudio Says:

    You are great Mark. I’m an Italian user and i started to appreciate Ubuntu since the release of Intrepid Ibex. I think you are going in the right direction. Collaboration with Google could do the difference cause i think that Google Android, Chrome OS and Ubuntu will be joint together in the next years. Like you said, Windows is the bug to fix…let’s fix it!

  176. Shooting for the Perfect 10.10 with Maverick Meerkat | Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat Says:

    […] View full post on Mark Shuttleworth » Search Results » meerkat […]

  177. Jako Says:

    I think that Lucid should use Radiance theme by default and not Ambiance because Radiance is clear and not dark, it is more light oriented than Ambiance. It’s better because it gives the sensation of security about the product, confidence, etc

  178. Shooting for the Perfect 10.10 with Maverick Meerkat (Mark Shuttleworth) | TechCombo Says:

    […] Shuttleworth:Shooting for the Perfect 10.10 with Maverick Meerkat  —  It’s time to put our heads together to envision “the perfect […]

  179. JD Says:

    Hey Mark! great news :) , Just Thinking it would be cool if you actually replied to your comments more then Steve Jobs does!
    for example Steve Jobs repiles “Yep” and “Nope” to peoples emails and questions. I Found this quite stupid! And i know your way cooler and a better person then he is (in my opinion) so i thought it’d be cool of you talked back to the community more.

    P.S I’m not saying you don’t now … I’m just making a suggestion!

  180. Ubuntu 10.10 har fått sitt namn Says:

    […] att det är rätt att man gör det lite enklare för dessa användare också. Läs mer på Mark Shuttleworth blogg om Maverick […]

  181. Ubuntu 10.10 officially named | The PC Report Says:

    […] Shuttleworth has announced in his blog that Ubuntu 10.10 will be using Maverick Meerkat as it’s mascot. It appears as if they are […]

  182. Ubuntu 10.10 – maskotka i inne nowości - O Wszystkim Says:

    […] Shuttleworth, założyciel Canonical, zdradził we wpisie na łamach swojego bloga, kto zostanie maskotką najnowszej dystrybucji Ubuntu 10.10. […]

  183. E’ ufficiale, Ubuntu 10.10 si chiamerà Maverick Meerkat « Geeking Says:

    […] lo sviluppo Quando mancano ormai poche settimane al rilascio di Ubuntu 10.04, Mark Shuttleworth ha annunciato il nome in codice della successiva release 10.10: Maverick […]

  184. Maverick Meerkat, Ubuntu 10.10 ya tiene nombre | Blogmenauer Says:

    […] con lo que contará con más meses de soporte de los habituales por parte de Canonical y que según Mark Shuttleworth, esperan que sea ágil y ligera como el propio […]

  185. Ubuteca » Ubuntu 10.10 ya tiene Nombre Oficial: Maverick Meerkat Says:

    […] de varias especulaciones, Mark Shuttleworth dió a conocer el nombre clave de Ubuntu 10.10: Maverick […]

  186. Abdul Qodir Says:

    How’s Mark? Good health is always with you.

    I was amazed to see the development of open source, especially Linux. But all the people of the world fixed on ubuntu linux. Why? That’s because the ease of use especially for my novice user. And the principle of freedom of 100 percent is in Ubuntu. I am also waiting the arrival of Ubuntu 10.4 and immediately wanted to try it, and the presence of “10 Perfection” aka Ubuntu 10:10, I expect more surprises. Actually I also want to be involved in the provision of a code on Ubuntu, if I could, where I will send an email? That’s just my opinion, hopefully there are more people like you. Develop is always the open source world, make life better, and Ubuntu for human life.

    Best Regards,

    Abqo Ringkar

  187. Ubuntu Team Arkansas » Ubuntu 10.10 Says:

    […] Ubuntu 10.10 new name has been announced. This release for October is called Maverick Meercat. Here’s Mark Shuttleworth’s blog post about the next release. […]

  188. Claudio Says:

    ok, i’m very sorry for my last post but it was just a test….that’s cause yesterday night i can’t post my comment! Well, i’m an Italian user since the release of Ubuntu 8.10 and i think Ubuntu is growing fast and is taking the right direction. I also think that collaboration with Google could do the difference and i hope to see the project Ubuntu ( my favorite one ) joint with Android and Chrome OS. I’m very proud to be an Ubuntu user and like you said Mark, Windows is the bug…..let’s fix it! I love Ubuntu…..Go on so an do the right choices!

  189. morris Says:

    +1 for Radiance, I’m using it right now.

  190. Ubuntu 10.10 se llama Maverick Meerkat « Gabuntu Says:

    […] Fuente | Mark Shuttleworth […]

  191. Says:

    Ubuntu 10.10 ya tiene nombre: “Maverick Meerkat”…

    Así lo anunció el propio Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu 10.10 ya tiene nombre clave: “Maverick Meerkat“, lo que traducido al español sería algo así como “suricato inconformista“. Según Mark, este animal, el suricato, tiene las ……

  192. Johnny Says:

    I have to second or third or fourth the 10-10-10 release date. I loved the binary response and the tie in to the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. I have long been a supporter of the long awaited answer to life and everything. LOL

    I must also say that Ubuntu has changed my life. It wasn’t the first Linux OS I tried but has been the one I go back to time and time again. Thank you to everyone who has ever contributed the code I’ll never understand to all the many varients of our beloved OS Linux.

  193. Ubuntu 10.10 to be Codenamed Maverick Meerkat « Techknology's Blog Says:

    […] for version which will carry the codename Maverick Meerkat. Founder Mark Shuttleworth revealed in a blog entry today that since 10.04 was a long-term support release, the primary focus was on stability and […]

  194. » Techfreedom Berriak 20100329+7 Says:

    […] Avances iniciales de Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat […]

  195. Alexander Trauzzi Says:

    Running 10.04 beta on some machines now, just finished a fresh install.

    The UI is really quite nice to look at. The me-menu is very useful and will save me a lot of lost time. Definitely one area where the notifications daemon is paying off big time (amongst countless others!). Performance, as usual is amazing, still a very easy and rewarding distribution to use.

    I have some concerns over some features and usability issues that are starting to fall through the cracks though. Also, QA is starting to enter that realm of trying to control bugs by rejecting them with some degree of prejudice. You can’t patch your users!
    I’m wondering if the Ubuntu team is doing anything to ensure not too many bug reports (non automated) are simply deferred indefinitely? These kinds of things can really make or break Ubuntu because I find myself attending to many friends and family with issues stemming from Ubuntu just “not working anymore”. Whether it’s as a result of a failure to detect hardware properly (volume, resolution), or if it’s an entire feature that’s been overhauled without considering the feature regression (empathy).

    I have about three such issues right now which are sitting with “new” status in limbo.

    Keep up the good work, but now is a time to focus as well! Take care!

  196. 10.10 codename: Maverick Meerkat « Ubuntu+1 Says:

    […] Pubblicato 02/04/2010 Telegrammi 7 Commenti Tags: 10.10, maverick Con un articolo sul suo blog Mark Shuttleworth rivela il nome in codice della prossima versione di Ubuntu 10.10: […]

  197. Ramblings of an Ubuntu User Says:

    […] codename for the next Ubuntu release (10.10) was announced today by Mark […]

  198. Shooting for the Perfect Ubuntu 10.10 with Maverick Meerkat | Technology Says:

    […] further steps on our mission to bring free software to the world, on free terms.Read more here: Share and Enjoy:hopfeed_template=''; hopfeed_align='LEFT'; hopfeed_type='IFRAME'; […]

  199. Ubuntu 10.10 ya tiene nombre: Maverick Meerkat Says:

    […] Más información | Blog de Mark Shuttleworth […]

  200. Timmi Says:

    I am a novice Linux user.
    I use Mint-ubuntu, because I am not an expert, and expect my WiFi to be detected and configured out of the box, and media codecs to be there so videos, for example, and other things, work automatically.
    If you are so bold as to think you even have a chance to be on as many computers as possible, perhaps you might make the very bold move of actually making Ubuntu people friendly for the rest of us!
    Then we wouldn’t need Mint-ubuntu, and perhaps you guys could work together on advancing Ubuntu and what it does for people, instead of relying on a few very good individuals on the Mint team to finish the job for you.
    So long as you are so stubborn to ignore them for God knows what motives you may have, your release will not be truly for the people.

  201. Ubuntu 10.10 es bautizado como Maverick Meerkat | RSS Tecnología Says:

    […] Shooting for the Perfect 10.10 with Maverick Meerk… (Mark Shuttleworth […]

  202. Удивительное рядом » Maverick Meerkat Says:

    […] Подробности здесь. […]

  203. Glender Says:

    Switching the button layout is like driving on the other side of the road, you get used to it really quickly, and I like the new format. I have had problems with Ubuntu before (Intel graphics driver in 9.04 and Firefox losing the sound when playing videos or music in 9.10 requiring a re-boot) but 10.04 beta is working really well and I haven’t had to re-boot it apart from updates, plus I can use Blender XD

    I am looking forward to “Maverick” it reminds me of Gambling, Poker, and the Wild West. Let’s hope that the Ubuntu version of Maverick is Bad Ass, and not like the Ford Maverick which was just Bad.

  204. Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat: Primeros detalles : Noticias2D Says:

    […] ha pensado en el ámbito familiar, sobre todo añadiendo el tema Light y se pretende que llegue a todos los […]

  205. XAVI MONLLAU (un ATICTE) - Ubuntu 10.04 ya tiene nombre, Maverick Meerkat Says:

    […] Shuttleworth nos ha anunciado en su blog el nombre de la proxima version de ubuntu 10.04 Maverick Meerkat, que en español es suricata […]

  206. Maverick Meerkat - Ubuntu 10.10 Says:

    […] semaines avant la sortie de Lucid Lynx, Mark ShuttleWorth a annoncé le nom de la prochaine release d’ Ubuntu… la 10.10 sera la Maverick Meerkat […]

  207. Ubuntu 10.10 será un “Suricata Inconforme” | Todos Geek Says:

    […] Mark Shuttleworth ve el software libre (y Ubuntu) puestos en cada PC de escritorio construida por los grandes fabricantes. A esto le llama disidencia, inconformidad frente al poder establecido. A partir de la próxima versión LTS, la 10.04 Lucid Lynx, Mark se sentará (junto a su equipo, supongo) a escuchar las mejores ideas, reunir el mejor talento, y ser un poco radical en el enfoque del siguiente ciclo de dos años hasta el próximo Ubuntu LTS 12.04. En vista de esta renovada postura, Ubuntu 10.10 será conocido como Maverick Meerkat (el “Suricata Inconforme”). […]

  208. Wie wird Ubuntu 10.10 heissen? « Wir sind das Internet Says:

    […] von Ramona am 6. April 2010 Diese wichtige Frage hat uns Ubuntu-Gründer Mark Shuttleworth auf seinem Blog verraten. Nein, diese im Oktober erscheinende Version wird nicht “Masturbating Monkey” […]

  209. T3STY Says:

    I haven’t got much time to read all of the stuff posted here, hope this wasn’t posted yet. Also, I’m from Italy and my english may be bad, sorry for that.

    So, All you know that there are lots of Windows OSs modified to be unattended. I know, most of all are illegal but the point is that manyof them have a software called WPI (Windows Post Install wizard – a free open source project) that makes you choose wich softwares to install and wich not when the windows finished installing.
    Then, why don’t Linux groups make something like that for Linux ? I mean, before starting OS’s installation (not at the end if possible), you could make a software that makes us choose the software we’d like to have (to install) on our PC’s so we free space and time for installation and after. I know that Ubuntu has the CD and DVD version (as many other distros) but even the CD version has lots of softwares I don’t use: I don’t like/play the (no offense, horrible) included Ubuntu games, I don’t use Tomboy, Empathy (for this one a good replace is Kopete, really better) and many other softwares; and I don’t think I’m the only one thinking so. Also, because I don’t play/use this softwares, I have to spend time to uninstall them to free space, and this takes a little.
    In the end, think at how useful s software like that would be :)

  210. Raimund Sacherer Says:

    Hello Marc,

    I am not sure if you will read this comment, but I want to reach you and your guys on a lot of channels.

    There are (more than) rumors that OpenVZ will not be included in Lucid LTS. I understand the move to LXC and that OpenVZ has a very delicate method of kernel-updates etc.


    LXC is not ready for prime-time yet, one of my favorite goodies in OpenVZ, being able to prepare a customers installation in-house, create a dump and restore the dump at the customers side with nearly no hassle at all does not work with LXC, as there are no tools to create dumps and migrate stuff.

    LXC is also straight out not working for me on Lucid Beta 1, where i saw some bug-reports but no progress.

    On the other side OpenVZ released a patch for the 2.6.32 kernel, which will be the next stable kernel for OpenVZ if redhat will stick to 2.6.32 also, so basically it would fit the LTS kernel for lucid, will be (for sure) maintained for at least 5 years.

    With the decision to include OpenVZ in lucid you will give everyone the time needed:
    * Us integrators to create a very smooth path to switch to LXC
    * LXC to mature and get to a point where it really could be considered for an OpenVZ replacement.

    My problem is that we depend a lot on a stable OpenVZ environment and we want to switch with all our machines and where we can also for our clients (for the time being a debian/centos/redhat mixture) to an clear Ubuntu-Centric deployment.

    Which would make it hard if we had to rely on someone else for the kernel or to maintain the kernel ourselves …

    So please, please, pretty please with cherry on the top, rethink again the decision to drop OpenVZ.

    Thank you,
    Best regards

  211. DistroWatch Semanal, numero 348, 5 de abril 2010 « Gustavo Pimentel's GNU/Linux Blog Says:

    […] Shuttleworth ha revelado el nombre de codigo de la proxima release de Ubuntu, cuyo arribo es esperado para octubre del 2010: "Nuestra mascota […]

  212. Ubuntu 10.10 sera Maverick Meerkat Says:

    […] de nom d’animaux et d’attributs. Mark Shuttleworth (PDG de Canonical qui développe Ubuntu) vient d’annoncer que la version 10.10 prévue pour Octobre 2010 se nommera Maverick […]

  213. Creg Says:

    Maverick Meerkat?
    You should name the subsequent one after yourself: Neo Nazi.

    Mark Shuttleworth Aw, sweet. Someone lost the debate before it even started.

  214. Jan Wedekind Says:

    I think you said it once in a talk yourself: FOSS needs to go where proprietary software can’t go.
    I use Ruby for example and due to the dynamic nature of the language, Ruby extensions are only really useful if you provide the full source code. Furthermore I think that computer algebra (e.g. Maxima CAS) and robotics (e.g. Willowgarage) are areas where FOSS can be justified even if merely considering pragmatic reasons.

  215. Open Stream En vrac et en vitesse Says:

    […] déjà le nom de la version 10.10 qui sortira en octobre 2010 : Maverick Meerkat. Annoncé par Mark Shuttelworth himself […]

  216. Mike O'Donohue Says:

    I completely admire Ubuntu and all that has been achieved thus far. The perfect 10:10 is a great target but can I be bold and suggest that a team for 12:04 be established now (probably not a new suggestion). This team can establish the foundations for the next LTS and interact with hardware vendors as appropriate. In my opinion (and possibly yours and many others) the LTS release cycle is the most stable and attractive for mass release in terms of mass market and all forms of desktop computers. Again I stress that I genuinely admire all that the Ubuntu OS has achieved and represents. Best wishes for 10:04, 10;10 and beyond.

  217. lefin dot net - private website of Nikolaus Lefin Says:

    […] might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.Mark Shuttelworth hat in seinem Blog den Codenamen und die geplanten Änderungen für das übernächste Ubuntu Release […]

  218. Marko Niketic Says:

    I tried Meerkat beta, it’s awesome, can’t wait 29th! Been using Ubuntu from very first release and each was better then previous and was closer to ultimate user experience. With this release Ubuntu will get one step in front of competition.

    Generaly Ubuntu is great idea and even better realization of it. I’m convinced it’s the best OS on market, I have no doubt that it will very soon become choice of many. Especially in developing countries like is mine, Serbia.

    Great job, congratulations!

  219. Ubuntu 10.10 sarà Maverick Meerkat « Crismon's Blog Says:

    […] […]

  220. Ubuntu 10.10 codename announced: Maverick Meerkat « geekpedia Says:

    […] to Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu 10.10 will be called Maverick Meerkat. I think it’s a pretty neat name; I like […]

  221. douby Says:

    Connectivity is a really good way to focus -it’s the future-, but I think there is a lot more things to do before adding new stuffs.

    I hope that you’ll focus more on graphic cards drivers. I think that’s a very big problem in linux.

    Why wouldn’t you launch a big survey to know the taste of linux users ?

  222. Ubuntu 10.10 codename announced: Maverick Meerkat « Gus Says:

    […] under: OS Updates, Linux According to Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu 10.10 will be called Maverick Meerkat. I think it's a pretty neat name; I like meerkats. Other than a neat name, 10.10 will continue […]

  223. Tony Foley Says:

    Great choice of name. The South Africa radio telescope array is going to be called MeerKAT,
    and naturally of the workstations run Ubuntu Linux (although there is a small OSX

  224. Próximo Ubuntu se chamará Maverick Meerkat | News Says:

    […] Maverick Meerkat, que em português significa alguma coisa como Suricato Vagabundo. O comunicado foi feito no blog do executivo, que entre outras coisas é o dono da Canonical Inc, companhia que desenvolve o […]

  225. Zapowiedź Ubuntu 10.10 | Says:

    […] Mark Shuttleworth ogłosił nazwę kolejnej wersji Ubuntu – Maverick Meerkat (Niezależna Surykatka). Ubuntu 10.10 będzie uruchamiało się szybciej, a w systemie pojawi się więcej elementów społecznościowych. Programy uruchamiane na nowej wersji systemu, również będą działać szybciej. Więcej można dowiedzieć się tutaj. […]

  226. Ubuntu 10.10 codename announced: Maverick Meerkat | Free Techie Blog Says:

    […] following content is originally from Linuxers: Mark Shuttleworth announced in his blog the mascot for Ubuntu 10.10. Its going to be Maverick Meerkat. As Mark said in his blog, Meerkat […]

  227. Kickass Features that will make Ubuntu 10.10 “the perfect 10″ | Free Techie Blog Says:

    […] 10.04, Lucid Lynx, being a LTS release, the major focus was on its stability and refinement. In his post, Shuttleworth mentioned his excitement and plans to start experimenting again with Maverick and […]

  228. Svelato il nome in codice di Ubuntu 10.10 | Geekly Says:

    […] Per maggiorni informazioni potrete consultare il sito di Mark Shuttleworth […]

  229. Fokus på netbooks och molnet i Ubuntu 10.10 « Prylbögens Blogg Says:

    […] Hela inlägget hittar du på Mark Shuttleworths blogg ”Here be dragons” […]

  230. Algunos planes para Ubuntu 10.10 | Says:

    […] Mark Shuttleworth quien ya bautizo la versión 10.10 de Ubuntu como Maverick Meerkat publico en su blog parte de la planeación que se tiene para esta versión. El desarrollo deberá arrancar durante el […]

  231. Official name for 10.10: Maverick Meerkat | Forge network Says:

    […] LinkedIn […]

  232. affenterror – roogy’s blog » Blog Archive » Ubuntu 10.04 – nicht mehr lang… Says:

    […] Freue mich schon auf das endgültige Release und die weitere Entwicklung… […]

  233. Eshan Says:

    I want to know more about OS development. Can you give me a copy of ubuntu’s source code???

  234. Ubuntu’s New Web Office Integration « Says:

    […] functionality to come in Maverick Meerkat. webservice-office-zoho shown here installed along side Open […]

  235. Richard Says:

    Usability testing. If hope you do some on these future changes before making them final – it’s just best practice anyway. That might have saved you some of the embarrassment of the new Lucid window buttons being actually less usable than before (e.g. the close button is too close to the Edit menu).

  236. Mantis Says:

    I hoped it would be Mellow Mantis

    maybe the next one “Native Nightingale” ?

  237. Joe Says:

    Are you going to have a tea party to introduce the Maverick(s).

  238. Darren Says:

    Im really looking forwards to 10.10 Hope to help test it soon

  239. Carlos Costa Says:

    Hello Mark :)

    I have seen your concern for improving the «visual quality and identity of the desktop», and always standing applause. Unfortunately, GNU/Linux desktop suffer of the lack for organizing this field. I have a suggestion, something for a next release.

    I would like to see a «Ubuntu Theme Manager» that works!! I mean, a theme manager able to install themes that cover all the desktop experience: from boot splash, through GDM, to desktop itself. Something able to install a self-container package (a .deb file) with all the color-schemes, mouse pointers, backgrounds, sound themes and etc… and using the Manager, users should choose one of the themes installed and «apply» across the desktop with a few clicks.

    From the other side, designers will provide theme packages (using ppa repository) that can be easily installed. I’ve see a theme manager as the opportunity to integrate desktop designer (look at and Ubuntu in a more close relationship.

    An immediate consequence of a theme manager will be to improve the desktop accessibility: a theme for people with reduced visual capacity will be easily distributed using a few clicks.

    Thank you,

  240. David Koch Says:

    I like it! Brings in a lovely African feel and quite a witty paradox!

    One thing I am still amazed by though is how few non-tech savvy people have even heard of Ubuntu. Microsoft has been a posterchild for the victory of Marketing over Quality. I fear that with regards to your average Joe in today’s Ad-Mad world, marketing to this audience is what is missing from Ubuntu and Linux in general. No matter how good your product, if people never hear about it they won’t use it.

    I, like so many sing its praises where I can (I think Talk Radio 702 / 567 Cape Talk is going to put me on a blocklist soon) but the problem with word of mouth with Linux specifically is that it is usually a Techie telling a User about it and the User thinks “Yeah, only the Techies can use it”. While I know the stereotype of the socially challenged Techie is a declining thing, it still exists and I think it is time for Linux and Ubuntu specifically with its foundation to start looking at forms of marketing beyond the Internet. the majority of User I come across still have major misconceptions about Linux and it is time the truth is brought directly to them.

    Much love from SA, you do us all proud!

  241. Disponible nombre para ubuntu 10.10 « Mi experiencia en GNU/Linux Says:

    […] Son animales ligeros, rápidos y sociales, según Mark Shuttleworth es por lo que se le ha elegido como nombre de la distribución que vera la luz en octubre de 2010. El termino inconformista hace referencia al hecho de que Ubuntu no se conforma con lo que ha conseguido hasta ahora, sino que pretende alcanzar una mayor cantidad de usuarios Fuente | Noticias UbuntuInformación sobre los suricatas | WikipediaMás información | Blog de Mark Shuttleworth […]

  242. Ubuntu 10.10 tendrá como nombre “Maverick Merkat” « PrensaTech Says:

    […] } Un Suricate, así lo publicó el mandamás de Canonical, Mark Shuttleworthm al publicar una entrada en su blog donde anunció el nombre de la siguiente versión 10.10 de Ubuntu, planeada para el próximo mes de […]

  243. Andydread Says:

    Mark First of all I have been running 10.04 now in a VBox since Alpha. I am quite pleased with what I see so far. Congrats to you and the developers. I have been installing Ubuntu for people now since Breezy and this is definitely looking good. I am also proud to announce that I have 60+ installations of various versions of Ubuntu Desktop and several productions servers for various small businesses. From nursing homes for the elderly to auto mechanic shops and small offices. Its a small amount but I am only one soldier out here fighting the battle to replace Windows with Ubuntu amongst countless others. And I am happy and we just keep on pushing.

    I would like to put in a request. I would like to know if its possible that we focus more on quality control for the release products. I am running into some regressions that are becoming visible to the end users and I don’t want them to start becoming concerned about system stability on Ubuntu. The selling point I use with these users is “Ubuntu is more stable than Windows” along with many other advantages. While this is minor now I fear that it may become a major issue with Ubuntu and hope we can cut it off at the pass.

    I would like to bring to your attention and increasing pattern I am noticing also in the media. I really think we need to do something about this before it gets out of hand.

    Here are some recent examples.
    In this one they complain
    about a developer but really the dev says here he is over worked. he says to tell Mark to hire him some help.

    And here we have this. Another highly visible show stopping regression that gets publicized on Orielly with a megaphone.
    I cringed reading the article and the responding comments.

    Anyways overall Ubuntu is rockin’ and people are happy and we look forward to 10.04. And also 10.10 on 10-10-10. :) Thanks to you and the devs for this fruitful hard work.


  244. Phill Whiteside Says:

    light & quick footed? I really do hope Lubuntu gets into 10.10, what more a new ‘baby’ member of a Meerkat family could we hope for.


  245. MigrationKing Says:

    Does Canonical have a plan in place to eliminate multiple choice examinations and use hands-on practical applications like RedHat? You can cheat LPIC exam’s easily with websites like where you contact them and take, pay them through PayPal and then get your Ubuntu exam taken also.

    I want to take the UCP certification, but I refuse to waist my money on multiple-choice exams that anyone can just pay for. I have college degree’s that I earned and the only way for any recruiter or company to take Canonical and UCP certification seriously is to eliminate multiple choice exams and replace them with practical hands-on examinations.

    Nobody problem would tell you this, but I want you all to know so that you KILL THESE MULTIPLE CHOICE EXAMS!!!!!!!


  246. MigrationKing Says:

    Hi Mark,

    Canonical needs to kill these multiple choice examinations for the UCP. Does Canonical have a plan in place to eliminate multiple choice examinations and use hands-on practical applications like RedHat? You can cheat LPIC exam’s easily with websites like where you contact them and take, pay them through PayPal and then get your Ubuntu exam taken also.
    Nobody problem would tell you this, but I want you all to know so that you KILL THESE MULTIPLE CHOICE EXAMS!!!!!!! Replace them with hands-on exams, even if it is through virtualization. There is value in this. Multiple-choice will easily be cheated and the certifications will not be worth anything.


  247. zelrik Says:

    I am a little scared of gnome 3.0 (That’s what is coming in 10.10 right?). I have seen videos of the gnome shell and I must say I hate the concept so far; there seems to be too many steps required for little results. If gnome 3.0 fails, where will I go :( ?

    I hope to see OEM announcements for the release of 10.04. I need to replace my hardware soon and something bundled with 10.04 would be nice.

  248. hasan adil Says:

    I saw your talk where you mentioned a rewrite of the init.d process to an event driven process. Is there any plan to propose this innovation of the new process to the main kernel tree?

    Mark Shuttleworth: If you mean Upstart, I think that’s well known to the kernel folks, as it’s in use on Fedora and will be in RHEL, and possibly also Suse.

  249. Philip Says:

    Hello Mark. Slightly off topic, a Maverick Meerkat? I saw these at Would make a great companion at your desk or maybe even a logo. Fun.

  250. Hasan Says:

    Hi Mark
    Thanks for letting me know and pardon my ignorance. I’ve just recently started doing kernel programming, mainly vfs and io scheduler. 10.04 looks great, reporting the bugs I’m finding.
    All the best

  251. Maverick Meerkat: Ubuntu 10.10 codename « GNU/LINUX Says:

    […] Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth in his Blog announced the next version of Ubuntu 10.10 codename: Maverick Meerkat. screen.width * 0.7) […]

  252. kikl Says:

    “Ubuntu Netbook Edition” on “i-pad”

    Just a short remark: Since tablet PCs are taking off due to the i-pad, I see many more people wanting to use their mobile devices for simply writing stuff with their fingers or with a pen instead of a keyboard. People untrained in using the innumerable characters on a keyboard (what a complicated user interface?) would love to use a tablet-PC for taking notes (note-pad?)

    This is an application missing in open source:

    Optical character recognition. OCR

    I have done some research, but I haven’t found a native linux solution that works really well (tesseract, gocr, … well, well?!?…). I am currently using a slightly dated abbey fine reader version under wine for scanned documents or pdf-files, which works fine, but…..

    Linux would be perfectly suited for “light” tablet PCs, but this application is sorely missing!

    Google has done some work on automatic speech recognition for android, right? Please lobby google and possibly abbey to put some effort into this…. A lightweight OCR with a GUI for n00bs. Package it with the netbook remix, if you can! Jump on the bandwagon!

    All the best!

  253. Darin Says:

    This is a great opportunity, if you are willing to listen. I left windows for Ubuntu because I wanted stability, functionality and speed when using programs.
    I have converted 9 people to Ubuntu. None of which care about colors or boot time, or whether the buttons are on the right or left. They do care about not crashing and things working. I suggest being more concerned with fixing pulse audio so it works. people want skype they want to use rhythm-box and not have it freeze, they want to be able to watch hulu or you tube with out having choppy video. They don’t want to feel like they are dealing with the same old windows that doesn’t work.
    Please refocus the trend back to stability and harness the strength of open source to create it. I think the direction of Ubuntu is all wrong and pandering to the geeks out there…Ubuntu needs to be there for the person that is not a techie. the average user that wants to use email and web. watch a few videos. and not have to worry why stuff does not work… thank you
    I do hope you read this…i would not waste my time if I did not care about the future of Ubuntu.

  254. Steve Says:

    I’ve been experimenting with various Linux distributions since 12/09. I have a multiple HDD PC that runs XP and Linux on separate devices. Because my wife is averse to change, she uses XP, but voila she has learned to navigate the GRUB menu and launch XP.
    Relative to the world of Linux distros, a casual PC user will probably conclude that Ubuntu rates very, very high in terms of ease-of-use.
    Ubuntu will present you with various functionality challenges, but once you begin to climb the learning curve, and if you’re so inclined, most issues are easily resolved.
    I’m not so concerned with “look and feel”, but am very impressed with the amazing animations, and how easy it is to adapt the desk top and overall window appearance and function, to one’s taste. So, if Shuttleworth wants the buttons on the left, get over it and move ’em to the right. With Mac and Microsoft, WYSIWYG, and they are not free!!

    So, for my money, oops it’s free, 10.10 means perfect functionality/interoperability right out of the box. Maybe, then it can be named the “ubiquitous urchin”

  255. Ubuntu 10.10 Tarihleri Belirlendi - SDN Says:

    […] […]

  256. southamerican ubuntu usr Says:

    first, thanks a lot Mark. I’m from Chile, in south america. Here, ubuntu isn’t so popular, but i’ve been telling my friends about ubuntu, linux and the free software and every day I see they’re opening their minds to this new world. I use ubuntu since a year ago (started using 8.10 intrepid ibex, what a change with karmic, cool!)

    I think that the design group is doing fine changing the window controls and that stuff, i’ve been reding about what people is saying about that and… well, it isn’t difficult to learn to use the controls in the other side, c’mon guys, that’s not important for now… otherwise, this is a big big biiig change!

    i love ubuntu, everything i can do with it, . thanks a lot Mark!! i’m waiting for the next release.

  257. erick Says:

    wow! thats nice, very much willing to try…

  258. Felipe Álvares Cabral de Barros Says:

    What really happened after you went on the space trip and have seen the Earth from above?

    Did this trip change the way you think and feel the world?

    Well, at least it has changed the OS I use…
    Mark Shuttleworth: It certainly made me want to work on a project that would have a positive, global impact. And Ubuntu is that project :-)

  259. luis Says:

    Mark, after using lucid for a month, a really hate the new theme. Human was a far better constructed theme! Nevertheless, lucid is great. Thanks for ubuntu.

  260. jonathan carter » Blog Archive » What’s been happening with Edubuntu? Says:

    […] the work never stops, we’ve already started planning for Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat), I sent some of my preliminary ideas to the edubuntu-devel mailing list yesterday. We have a […]

  261. Menuju Lucid Lynx « Bhyllabus Says:

    […] Lynx ini? Maka jangan lupa kedatangannya seminggu lagi. Atau malah justru lebih tertarik menunggu Maverick Meerkat si 10.10 yang katanya akan rilis Oktober […]

  262. » Mark Shuttleworth: Maveric (ubuntu 10.10) en cada PC de los mayores Fabricantes Says:

    […] LTS) pero tendrá una relevancia notable, según las palabras que Mark Shuttleworth ha escrito en este post de su blog que uno de los objetivos principales de Maveric Meerkat (Ubuntu 10.10) es que Ubuntu y el software […]

  263. H.P. Says:

    Well, just one thing…. Thank you for Ubuntu!!!!

  264. Ibidem Says:

    Well, Lucid is good enough that I almost never boot Windows/anything else; but it does have a few difficulties:

    1. Battery life is extremely poor. Bad selling point, when Acer is boasting about a new Aspire One with 10+hours of battery life. If battery life is better than or equal to Windows, you have a good selling point.
    2. Standing bugs/ occasional unsupported hardware. One thing to get would be GMA500 support
    3. Slow network (Avahi/mDNS)
    4. Business software. Yes, OO Calc works for records–but for real accounting software/other business software, one needs to know where to hunt, and be willing to install “unsupported” software.

    1 & 2 are about netbook marketability; without them, don’t expect to do much.
    4 is about business appeal. The one person who might reasonably refuse to install
    “universe” software is a businessperson. If Ubuntu is ready for the business, there’s a market point.

    OEM deals are important and social is nice for those who like it, but don’t forget everything else.