Breezy released!

Thursday, October 13th, 2005

Well done Matt, Colin, Fabio and company. This has been a very smooth release process, you’ve got it down to a fine art. There’s been lots of news coverage of the coolness of the Badger,so I won’t rehash that. Very well done indeed.

Personally, I’ve been hacking on some of the Launchpad infrastructure to support Dapper-On-Launchpad. The part of Launchpad that handles packages, archives, distro releases etc is called Soyuz, and while the back end of it is in good shape (thanks muchly Kinnison!) the web frontend is a bit weak. So I’ve finally got the skeleton of that to the point where we should be able to represent on the web what’s going on in the package archive itself. Of course there is but it misses some of the subtleties of version history, that we track in Launchpad and which it would be cool to display. Hopefully the new code will be live next week. As of next week, the Dapper archive will be open, all run by Launchpad. Expect delays, but they should be ironed out before UBZ.

So now we start the road to the Dapper Drake. I’ll spend this week focused on the definition of topics I’m hoping to cover at UBZ. As always we will track the specs in the Ubuntu wiki. This time we will have some help with scheduling and coordination, using the spec tracker in Launchpad itself to keep track of the status of each of the specs.

2 Responses to “Breezy released!”

  1. Debarshi Ray Says:

    Breezy Badger is indeed sleek, and its a big boon for laptop users like me, since it readily gets all the extra (volume control, internet browser, etc..) keys to work. Although I have not shifted to it from Fedora, I know many people around me who have shifted from SUSE, Fedora, and even Windoze!

    Right now I am eagerly waiting for Dapper Drake to come out.

    By the way it was nice to meet you in IIT Bombay. Thank you for the autographs, CDs and all the inspirtion!

  2. David Dallet Says:

    During the few time I had, I tried the Breezy Badger. After entering the right parameters at the DVD boot and after the install, all works better than with Windows XP on my laptop Gericom Hummer 2830 Advance.
    My sound card and my video card work properly (under windows, without extra drivers that’s horrible:640×480 and no sound…). All my usb devices work quickly (no long delay for detection the first time).
    Thank you for your work Mark and all the team,
    David Dallet