Beryl 0.2.1 in Universe

Saturday, March 24th, 2007

I was thrilled to see a slew of new Beryl packages land in Ubuntu yesterday.

There’s been a furious amount of activity from the MOTU and Beryl upstreams to get these packages ready for Feisty inclusion – cleaning up copyright issues as well as getting the packages themselves into first class order. Now the rest of us can test Beryl simply by:

– enabling universe in /etc/apt/sources.list (or, in Ubuntu, just use System->Administration->Software sources)

–  installing Beryl (“sudo apt-get install beryl”)

After I’d done this, I could get Beryl up pretty much immediately by just running “beryl-manager” at the command prompt.

A huge thank you to the folks who worked so hard to get this done in time for Feisty – lupine_85, racarr, imbrandon, pricechild, and others! The MOTU team’s response to this challenge was awesome.

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  1. Robert Carr Says:

    Thanks again for the push Mark (and for the post), the last of the packages (beryl-plugins) is build-pending now!

  2. Paul Smith Says:

    The rpm family has beryl on official mirrors for a while now.

  3. PriceChild Says:

    I agree its great to see beryl in feisty & I’m amazed at the way you’ve let the beryl project get it in. I was wondering if you are aware of the beryl/compiz merge that will most probably be happenning?

    BTW I really don’t deserve the mention in your post, due to travelling and family things I just didn’t have the opportunity to help out with any of the packaging. 🙁


  4. Vincent Says:

    It’s really awesome 😀

    And now Beryl also might be remerging with Compiz… I wonder what the new name will be.

  5. Roland Says:

    As i looked in Synaptic today, i was happy to see beryl inside universe. For me Beryl is clearer as Compiz and very simple to configure.
    Thats why i prefer it. It doesn’t matter wich name it has, but i hope that the configuration manager is still easy to use in the Future.
    Thnx for building such interesting toolz.
    Best Regards

  6. Beryl en los Repositorios de Ubuntu Feisty! en Cesarius Revolutions Says:

    […] Después del anuncio de la unificación de Beryl/Compiz, esperabamos buenas noticias… y no se han hecho esperar el mismísimo Mark Shuttleworth anuncia en su blog la próxima inclusión de la paquetería de Beryl a los repositorios de Ubuntu, por lo que ahora bastará habilitar el repositorio Universe y despues teclear sudo apt-get install beryl y después ponerlo en marcha con el beryl-manager genial! […]

  7. gohan Says:

    Beryl is a very intersting package and make Ubuntu/Linux really good looking. Comparing Ubuntu Feisty+Beryl (which I use since you launch it!!!) with M$ Vista I really prefer Ubuntu. In our company I usually talk with IT people about the features that Vista has and the features that Ubuntu has and will have and I also we compare advantages and desadvantages to remove Win of our desktops and put Linux/Ubuntu.

    Keep working as you are doing it!!!

    Best wishes!!!!

  8. Alexandre Franke Says:

    Vincent, where did you get your info about Compiz and Beryl merge?

  9. Robvdl Says:

    Nice! Now everything I need is in the universe repositories, no more need for third party repositories in Feisty for me. Unfortunately it’s not installable yet on my Feisty machine:

    “beryl” depends on “emerald” > 0.1

    But the package “emerald” is not in the universe, which seems a bit strange, however “emerald-themes” is there.

    I’m sure it will get fixed soon 🙂

  10. Piotr Says:

    Oh, that’s interesting… When I go ”sudo apt-get install beryl” I get:

    The following packages have unmet dependencies:
    beryl: Depends: beryl-plugins but it is not installable
    Depends: beryl-settings but it is not going to be installed

    When I search on there is no such package as beryl-plugins.

  11. Vincent2 Says:

    Hi Vincent,

    It’s very simple………………….. BerylCompiz !!!!!!!!!!!

  12. JGJones Says:

    Err perhaps spoke too soon?

    I read this and immediately went to try it as I’ve been using Compiz full time on Feisty Fawn on my MacBook – it is actually what made me use Ubuntu more than OSX now – due to the rotating cube…some might dismiss it as a useless gimmick, but for me it’s a bloody wonderful way of visually displaying my multiple desktops – which on a 1280×800 res screen, is a must have. I have many windows, so having them spread across desktops make it easier to work with, and the rotating cube make it easier for me to know where they are.

    So this command:

    sudo apt-get install beryl

    Just result in an error about it being uninstallable due to some other dependancies of Beryl (ie beryl-plugins) being uninstallable.

    Guess I won’t get to try out Beryl, I’m in no hurry, the default Desktop Effects rock hard for me and I thank you and all the Ubuntu team for that at least.

    Look forward to trying Beryl once that dependancies problem is resolved and to seeing what the outcome of Beryl+Compiz will be 😀


  13. Meneer R Says:


    The beryl package itself seems to be missing for the powerpc platform. Although beryl-manager, etc. are available.
    This was at least true, in beryl’s ubuntu repository.

    I have high expectations of Beryl+Compiz as well.
    I like how Compiz integrates into the (gnome) desktop and follow the keyboard shortcuts you’ve chosen.
    Beryl completely separates its configuration, making a number of gnome-configuration applets irrelevant.

    On the other hand, Beryl has the cooler effects and seems more stable. Eventhough, that’s mostly due to hacks to make-it-work-now. Whereas Compiz refuses to patch problems that originate with faulthy x-servers. Their distinction reminds me of Ubuntu and Debian. Ubuntu contains the make-it-work-now patches, whereas Debian seems more concerned with the long-term, yet has lots of problems delivering a stable desktop with recent applications.

  14. Dennis Kasprzyk Says:

    beryl also integrates into gnome and KDE you have simply to select the right settings backend in the beryl-settings application.
    General Options->Settings Profiles and Desktop Integration->Backends and Integration->GConf Backend

  15. Roy Schestowitz Says:

    It would be wonderful when the Live CD boots into a Beryl session without added intervention.

  16. Limulus Says:

    I’m getting the same problem as JGJones; I’m using x86 Feisty from repositories and Synaptic informs me that:

    Depends: beryl-plugins but it is not installable
    Depends: beryl-settings but it is not going to be installed

    But I’m sure that will get resolved soon enough…

  17. Beryl en los repositorios de Ubuntu at Blog de Quentin Says:

    […] No ha pasado nada de tiempo del anuncio de la unión de Beryl y Compiz cuando el mismo Mark Shuttleworth anuncia la disponibilidad de Beryl en los reposiotrio de Ubutnu. Tan sólo va a ser cuestión de activar los repositorios Universe y teclear sudo apt-get install beryl. Mas fácil no podría haber sido. […]

  18. Poquelin Says:

    What’s funny, Beryl and Compiz are going to merge:

    BTW, I’ve got an error about some other dependancies too, but I hope it will be fixed soon :).

  19. JGJones Says:

    @Meneer R

    Sorry I didn’t clarify the Mac platform

    Macbook is Intel based.

    No worries, I’m not too fussy about Beryl not being installable. What I get with Compiz is just enough for what I need – mainly the rotating cube which make using multiple desktops easier.

    Thanks for your help though.

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  21. Linuxfera Says:

    Beryl 0.2.1 en los repositorios de Ubuntu…

    El propio Mark Shuttleworth anuncia desde su blog que ya se encuentran disponibles paquetes de Beryl 2.0.1 en el repositorio Universe de Ubuntu.
    Para su instalación basta con habilitar el repositorio universe en /etc/apt/sources.list (Sistema – Admini…

  22. Beryl en el repositorio universe de Ubuntu Says:

    […] No se si será por el anuncio de ayer de que Beryl y Compiz volverán a unirse o por la versión 0.2.1 en la que arreglaban los problemas de licencias pero hoy propio Mark Shuttleworth anuncia que Beryl ya está en el repositorio universe de Ubuntu. Ahora la instalación es tan sencilla como activar universe en /etc/apt/sources.list y escribir sudo aptitude install beryl. Etiquetado como beryl, General, Linux Ubuntu […]

  23. Beryl 0.2.1 en Universe « GEINUX Says:

    […] Beryl 0.2.1 en Universe Publicado 24/03/07 Uncategorized Parece que al final Ubuntu Feisty si tendrá repositorios para Beryl, según a informado el Sr. Mark Shuttleworth en su pagina web. Quieren conseguir que los paquetes estén listos para la inclusión Feisty. Ya podemos probar Beryl desde el 24 de Marzo,  simplemente activando los repositorios  universo en /etc/apt/sources.list. […]

  24. Demian Says:

    Way to go!
    Nice to see it included.
    And by the shots I’ve seen nice artwork too!
    Cheers to the Ubuntu team!

  25. Says:

    Beryl 0.2.1 en Universe de Ubuntu 7.04 (feisty fawn)…

    Ubuntu 7.04 tendrá Beryl 0.2.1. Cuenta Mark Shuttleworth en su propio blog que los chicos de MOTU han hecho un esfuerzo sobrehumano (tanto al empaquetar como con los asuntos de copyright) para conseguir meter Beryl en el repositorio universe de Ubuntu…

  26. adam0509 Says:

    Don’t we need XGL or AIGLX for running beryl ??

    common’ mark !!

  27. N. Spohrer Says:

    Yes, I think that is really cool! When Feisty is stable – and the prop.-driver installer really works – very much users will be impressed how easy (and 1337 😉 ) Ubuntu is 🙂

  28. Beryl y Compiz unidos + Los paquetes listos para Feisty « Desde Ubuntu para el mundo Says:

    […] El lider del proyecto Quinn Storm en una de sus listas de correo señalo la posible reunificación de Beryl a Compiz. Beryl el fork comunitario de Compiz (de Novell) ha crecido mucho en cuanto a popularidad en la red, superando en este caso a su Padre, pero siendo aún bastante inestable, claro que con la ultima versión se ha logrado una importante misión:  Incluir los paquetes a tiempo para la próxima versión de Ubuntu. […]

  29. Mike Dolan Says:

    Very nice. Users should also ‘sudo apt-get install beryl-manager’ as you need to install that package to use the manager.

  30. Michael Dolan Dot Com » Beryl > Compiz and it’s now in Ubuntu Universal Says:

    […] I really really like Beryl. I just installed it on my home Ubuntu desktop and all I can say is “WOW” (a real “wow”, not one of those Vista “wow”s). The beryl-manager makes it so easy to configure rather than the Compiz method of using gconf-editor. I also found it so easy to install now that it’s in Ubuntu Universal. Just do a “sudo apt-get install beryl beryl-manager” and that’s it – you’re ready to go. Start up bery-manager and you can configure anything you want. (at least that’s all it took with Feisty) […]

  31. John Mitchell Says:

    Wow, this is going to be the best release of Ubuntu yet! This is the first time I have helped beta test a distro and I am amazed at all the cool stuff that has been added so far. Beryl adds that oooooh effect when I show off Ubuntu and I am super happy that it’s going to be easier to install from now on. Everyone that I show wants to try Ubuntu when they see Beryl do all sorts of tricks on my pc.

    Thanks to those that did all the hard work to get Beryl in to the repos, you all rock!

  32. McGivrer Says:

    Amazing, great job guys ! And thanks for the ubuntu community .
    Feisty will kick far away other evil OS 😉

  33. CL Says:

    Dear Mark–

    Nvidia has broken their drivers again into three different packages, two of them legacy and it includes my card. I can’t believe them. This is what Ubuntu gets for relying on proprietary drivers, and Feisty is so close to release. Ubuntu and Linux truly don’t deserve this kind of treatment from Nvidia.

    Please do whatever you can to propel Nouveau forward because I was so excited to be able to use compiz and beryl with my GeForce Ti 4200 and now Nvidia screws that up. Thread at everyone’s favorite website (….not), NVNews Legacy cards

  34. lefty.crupps Says:

    How does this work on Kubuntu? I have installed according to Mark’s instructions and it pulled in 13 total packages, and Beryl Settings Manager appears in my KMenu>System and the Emerald Theme Manager appears in KMenu>Settings (why aren’t these together??) but running “beryl-manager” doesn’t work on its own. Additionally, nothing actually changes and I see no place to “Apply” changes.

    Is a logout/login required for KDE? Do i have to change other settings at the command line somewhere?

    I wish KDE got as much love as GNOME does from Ubuntu planners; am I wrong to feel like we get a lot of the default functionality of Ubuntu in the following Kubuntu release? (i.e., a feature appears in U6.06 and then in K6.10) Maybe I am wrong on that though. Still, I love the distro!

  35. Nemes Ioan Sorin Says:

    Yes from some points of view ..will be a victory ( to have a stable Beryl until Feisty release on April, and if is stable ..maybe enabled by default ) .

    But sadly – for my area of interest for Ubuntu promotion -> Local Administration / Public Services / Educational institutions – Beryl simply ..did not exist. They will like to see technologies like GLScube or ACL instead – to organize and protect documents better. They will not ask ever for 3D toys.

  36. Dud Says:

    Found that beryl emerges nicely on gentoo on amd64 platform too .. for nvidia i had to run beryl-xgl instead of beryl, else it was very unstable. If you get beryl to crash with a black screen lockup or just getting a dead X server, try google-ing a bit, there’s some settings you have to do and checkboxes to uncheck re vertical blank etc on the beryl-manager. Now /we are off to play with MCE on ubuntu 6.10 .. time for some myth-tv in the house.

  37. lyceum Says:

    I just installed Beryl on my desktop for the first time. I have played with Compiz in the past and was happy, but Beryl just blew me away! I normally play with Compiz and turn it off, as it messed with production. Beryl and I got along just fine 🙂 I can not wait to see it on a future Ubuntu Live CD so I can show potential Ubuntu users the easy way.

  38. Abbas Khan Says:

    Actually you have to => sudo apt-get install beryl beryl-manager
    because beryl does not depend on beryl-manager.

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