Launchpad – It’s BETA time!

Monday, April 2nd, 2007

Launchpad 1.0 Application Icons

Congratulations to the Launchpad team on today’s public beta!

Launchpad is built for Ubuntu, but it’s great to see other projects adopting it too, most notably in recent weeks Zope and Silva. I hope those projects find it much easier to collaborate with one another, and with other projects too.

If you’re curious about Launchpad, this new guide to Launchpad’s feature highlights is a quick read (with pictures :-)) and gives you a good sense of how best to use it. It covers all the major applications that make up the service – translation, community support, planning, bug tracking, code hosting and team management.

And if you’re keen to test new features and willing to file bugs, you can join the Launchpad Beta Tester’s team, and live on the bleeding edge with nightly builds of the system. We’ll reopen the beta server ( later in the week to test some additional new functionality.

My latest (small) contribution to the code was to help Salgado with the system that lets you set a custom logo for every page in the system that belongs to you or your project. Have fun decorating! Here’s the official announcement of the beta.

19 Responses to “Launchpad – It’s BETA time!”

  1. effraie Says:

    will LP be free, finally?

    Mark Shuttleworth says:

    We are steadily releasing pieces of Launchpad, but the whole thing still has proprietary elements. We offer services to people who make Ubuntu derivatives using it, and that revenue stream is important. You can get all your data out easily (and this will soon get even easier to automate) so you’re not locked in. In time, LP will all be published under a free software license, but for now it is not.

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  3. Armin Ronacher Says:

    Looks nice. But mercurial support is missing 😀


  4. Says:

    Launchpad 1.0 en beta…

    Launchpad, el sitio para desarrollo y gestión de proyectos de software libre creado por Canonical ha sacado la beta pública. El sitio, competencia de sitios como SourceForge o LibreSource, fue creado principalmente para el desarrollo de Ubuntu, pero …

  5. ubuntufanatic Says:

    Love the new launchpad! Great stuff Mark! 🙂

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  8. Jonathan Carter Says:

    Wow, it looks good. With the old interface, I struggled to find what I want, and had to keep asking on #launchpad where to find things, only to find out that it’s been staring at me all the time.

    With the new interface, I can find things much easier, it feels so logical and straight-forward, and it looks fantastic!

    Congratulations to you and the Launchpad team!

  9. fish Says:

    This is completely off-topic, but hey, another distro goes Ubuntu… 😉

  10. Pierre Says:

    I don’t know much about collaborative application development, but this site’s totally awesome !
    The graphics are really great and the usability seems to have been greatly improved from I’ve seen. Another great job 🙂

  11. Zakaria Says:

    I have one BIG issues with launchpad. It uses of https everywhere, it really slow it down here in Indonesia because it can not be cached by proxy.

    Today I want to report that the feisty server beta doesn’t work on IBM System x3650 Type 7979 with everything on LVM. It got hardware raid. It works fine on dapper or edgy. But because the slowness on https I can not even search wheter that bug has been submitted or not.

    Sad, sad, sad

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    […] Mark Shuttleworth has more to say on the subject. If you’ve got any feedback about Launchpad, come join us in #launchpad on or sign up to the launchpad-users mailing list! […]

  13. Lanie Says:

    Hi Mark, do you have an e-mail address or on yahoo messenger? Thanks, Lanie

  14. Lucifiel Says:

    That’s awesome. Though, more could be done to improve its’ interface(easier to report bugs, etc.) as there’s Ubuntu, Linux-source 6.2.20 and Feisty. What this means is that: save for the seasoned bug reporter, a new user would likely not know where to file in a report. Furthermore, even if said user asked in #launchpad on freenode for advice, it’s often confusing. When a user submits a bug report, there has to be a guide that explains what data to submit, where to find the required data, and what system information to submit and even where to file a report. Simply asking a user to look at for some guide does not help matters especially if user is a Linux newbie or very new to reporting bugs.

    Finally, it’d be easier if Ubuntu had tools for collecting data from crashes instead of requiring the user to go on a wild goose chase of checking System Logs, searching the File System for every bit of reference to said error message, running commands from Terminal, etc. After all, if the process of bug-reporting is too difficult, this means that plenty of problems go unreported.

    Note: I’m a Linux newbie but I’ve done QAing for a freeware game project before and hence, have a slight idea about how difficult it is to report a bug and for the developers to fix it.

  15. Lucifiel Says:

    Oh and one more thing: you REALLY need to add in a section for Suggestions and Requests for features at

    Ubuntu is awesome but plenty of users at the forums have long been complaining about not being able to feedback their thoughts to the developers about certain features. Filing a feature as a bug is okay but wouldn’t it better to have a section where people can file their suggestions and so on?

  16. FreeSoftNews » Blog Archive » Ubuntu Weekly News: Issue #35 Says:

    […] Canonical has started public beta testing of Launchpad 1.0. Launchpad is a web application that helps track communications between many free software communities. With the tool, its possible to coordinate and collaborate work among projects that have shared code. Launchpad features an interface that allows branding and emphasizes current activity of projects. Launchpad allows for team management, tracking bugs, hosting code, translations, feature and ideas tracking, and community support. Besides Ubuntu, well known projects like Zope, SilverCMS, and Jokosher use Launchpad. Read more: (official press release), (Mark Shuttleworth’s blog) […]

  17. Dusty Says:

    >> open source projects should all get synchronised and use launchpad and all live in the happy ubuntu tree?
    >> You’ll excuse me if i dont follow the ubuntu sheep….
    >> This is just some more proof mark is a moron who doesn’t get it.
    > Gosh, Gareth.
    > Last year I made a sizeable donation to the OpenBSD project to help it survive – was that also a sign that I’m a “moron who doesn’t get it”?
    > This sort of comment doesn’t exactly do your cause any good whatsoever.
    > Mark

    Hi Mark

    Firstly i would like to apologise for the tone of my comment. I did not mean to be rude and I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

    While I’m sure the OpenBSD project appreciates your support, this does, in no way, change my opinion of your continued launchpad advocacy.
    My main problem with launchpad is what i see as the larger problem of the centralization and monolithism of opensource projects recently.

    In addition launchpad is not completely open source and using your position and prestige within the community it is successfully being promoted as an alternative to existing open source projects. As a firm supporter of the opensource community, you can understand my frustration at the decision.
    It would be more beneficial, even more so than money, for you to use your position and prestige to force launchpad into being entirely opensource, even as a condition for ubuntu to use it. However a preferred alternative would be to promote an existing opensource project which has equivalent or nearly equivalent functionality.

    Anyway, Mark, I feel that despite our disagreements on the way forward for open source, you will do the right thing for the opensource community at large.

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  19. Trevor Says:

    Hello, its a long shot Mark, but Im looking for intallation, development, rollout and support information for SchoolTool in South Africa. Is it still actively in development, and do you know if there are any schools or educational organisations using it in Cape Town or South Africa?

    We’ve been asked to provide a CMS for a school in Rondebosch, and I immediately thought of SchoolTool as a solution to the bigger problem of content syndication. We’re a small digital design studio, and I’d like to explore the option of SchoolTool.

    Any extra info you have would be appreciated.