Well done to the guys working on Bazaar, the distributed version control system, for their work on the latest release. This one includes a new working tree format that radically cut the time of “bzr status” for larger trees. After installing the release I was prompted to type “bzr upgrade” whenever I used a tree in the old format, and the upgrade was smooth (glad for the backup it makes, but I’ve started deleting those since it all seems rock solid).

There’s a page which shows the relative performance of different releases of Bazaar since 0.8, and I’m impressed that they have cut the time of “bzr status” by 2/3rds since 0.8 which I think was about a year ago.

We picked Bazaar for Launchpad because of it’s excellent cross-platform support and robust handling of renames (even in extreme cases – renaming files inside directories that other people renamed and merging frequently between branches of people who are radically restructuring a big tree). It’s never lost data for me, or blown up in a surprising way, and we use it heavily in a team of about 20 developers.
For the past year I’ve been urging the team to focus on performance and these numbers suggest good results. Robert Collins tells me there’s about another 40% of low hanging fruit on “bzr status”, but for 0.16 Martin Pool says the focus is almost entirely on the smart server so that network operations (push to a remote repo, or merge from a remote branch, or commit to a remote branch) are much more efficient, especially for people on high-latency links. Looking forward to it!

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  1. meneame.net Says:

    La release más ‘rápida’ de Bazaar 0.15…

    Los chicos de Bazaar han trabajado duro para sacar esta versión de Bazaar, un proyecto de software libre con una gran comunidad de contribuciones, patrocinados por Canonical Limited, los fundadores de Ubuntu y Launchpad. Bazaar es genuidamente Free So…

  2. Joseph Says:

    I agree. bzr is very awesome. It is now my default RCS everywhere (even holds my research projects and PhD documents!!)

  3. marplatense Says:

    Ok, that’s it! I’m upgrading.

    My main concerns were regarding the upgrade process but if you say it’s smooth and trouble-free, I’m on.

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  5. MT.Net Says:

    I saw this ABC News story of Microsoft Word-author Charles Simonyi going to space and thought of you Mark.

    The article claims Simonyi is the “first nerd in space” as well as the first billionaire. Aside from the fact that most astronauts are nerdy, can’t you claim both titles?

    Best Regards,
    Mark Turner
    (P.S. Ubuntu rules!)

    Mark Shuttleworth says:

    Yes 😉 But nonetheless I hope Charles has a smooth and productive ride!

  6. DR William Kleynhans Says:


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    Dr William Kleynhans

  7. Djordy Seelmann Says:

    Hi Mark,

    You’ve most likely been using other kinds of version control systems as well, and I was wondering how Bazaar compares to Subversion. I’ve been using Subversion for a few years now in order to manage several game development projects, and I keep hearing the buzz about Bazaar lately. My quest for finding a credible review on the differences among various VCSs failed, so I figured I’d probably find out by hearing it from you. Briefly, how does Bazaar compare to Subversion (and other VCS)?

    Thank you very much.

    -Djordy Seelmann

    Mark Shuttleworth says:

    Subversion is faster, but designed only for centralised use. There are some tools emerging to let you commit offline and do better branching and merging, but they haven’t yet reached the level of fluidity that projects like Git, Mercurial and Bazaar all have. I’d recommend you try Bazaar for yourself. If you have a tree of less than 5,000 files it’s plenty fast enough (status in less than a heartbeat, or 0.7 seconds). The dev team is focused now on raising the performance for very, very large trees too.

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