Surfin’ the web

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

Isn’t StumbleUpon wonderful?

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  1. Marcus Says:

    Thanks, Mark! I stumbled upon this site some time ago, but forgot to bookmark it. Just couldn’t find it again. 🙁 Some days ago I wondered if I’d ever find it again… And here you are! 😀

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  3. Wei-Yee Chan Says:

    Absolutely. 🙂

  4. Tyler Says:

    Found quite a few interesting things thanks to StumbleUpon. Gotta love it.

  5. Mauro Says:

    it is 🙂

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  8. ozp Says:

    This is a great site, but the “stable/unstable” deal is no good.

    Im using ubuntu for some months. Ive found the the X interface is unstable. I have crashes most on firefox that were more stable on windows. I also have crashes on other softwares and with gnome.
    Also there are a lot of bugs on ubuntu (and linux). Most of them on the X interface and on the softwares.

    Everytime I say this there is a lot of people saying that I do FUD or similar stuff, but this is the true

    I love linux, but there is a long way until we get to the masses

  9. Pedro Says:

    Good contents but the layout is quote poor! 🙁

  10. Harlem Says:

    StumbleUpon the new Google!

  11. Zic Says:


    I already use this website for my conference for the Feisty Party in France, it’s an absolute wonderfull website 🙂

  12. Lesley Clayton Says:

    loved it- thanks Mark-! pictures makes things come alive for me!

  13. Ali Says:

    Finally found a website that already explains all the thoughts I have about linux …..It’s nice to put it as a signature ….Thanks Mark 🙂

  14. Eric Schrauth Says:

    Only problem is that I waste far too much time stumbling!

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  16. Constantin Says:

    If only there would be some way to use StumbleUpon with Konqueror…

  17. Julian Coccia Says:

    Hi Mark,

    There is another website that also provides great “easy to read” and very well supported information. They are available in English, Spanish (Castillian and Catalan) and French for now:


  18. Manu Says:

    As the author of this website and a very happy Ubuntu contributor, I’m pleased that you mentioned this on your blog 🙂 If anyone has suggestions, comments, ideas, translations, don’t hesitate to write to !

  19. Rickert Mulder Says:

    Ha ha! Yeah, I found that one as well. StumbleUpon is kick ass! Never thought pressing a button could be so addictive.

    Big ups for starting Ubuntu!

  20. Susan Says:

    emerging disruptive” technologies & sites are cool/wicked…
    or whatever the latest tag for “awesome” is

    I also like these sexy web 2.0 companies/site , of which Stumble is one:

    I didn’t see uBuntu on there – tho I suppose you’re an OS – not a “2.0 site”.

  21. Susan Says:

    you know about these guys probably ?
    & their get real philosophy.

    would like to see more of this simplicity pervading software solutions, where possible.
    Get some elegance into the equation.

    Lose the blah-blah wada-wada tech-noise that
    has been introduced with gawky Windows programming etc.

    The software equivalent of a google search page…
    no flashing adverts,
    no irrelevant content screaming for your attention…
    eye-pleasing white-page ethos..

    Borrow Occam’s razor…
    lex parsimoniae etc

    Simple. Workable. Useable.

  22. nakliyat Says:

    thank you very very nıce thank you very very much…

  23. mark shuttleworth Says:

    Hat’s off to you and what you do to promote South Africa and the continent as a whole. However, having the same name as you does have both advanatges and disadvantages, especially since we are of a similar age group. From one entrepenuer to another, carry on the great work!