Easter eggs

Monday, March 19th, 2012

One of our ducks has started dropping eggs in random locations in the garden. I don’t know which duck, but I assume it’s one of the new females we took in from the SPCA, who hasn’t figured out “nesting” yet. I do love ’em but they’re not African Grey’s in the IQ department. Anyhow, I think I finally understand why people hide eggs in the garden at Easter. Because ducks used to do it for them! I suppose, for millennia, this has been the season to go hunting for eggs. Now we just substitute chocolate ones instead.

For the moment, I’ve kept them in a cool shady spot while I keep an eye out for an actual nest. If a polecat doesn’t find them first, I may be able to slip them onto the nest in time for them to get hatched along with some cousins.

21 Responses to “Easter eggs”

  1. Johan Says:

    Eggs want to be warm, not cool.

    Really, you need to Google this!

  2. novatillasku Says:

    Congratulation!!, is very exciting 😉

  3. the 1 Says:

    And here I was thinking it’d be about some Easter eggs hidden in Unity or osmething.

  4. lx Says:

    That’s awesome! Good luck with the nest hunting.
    (The thrill of finding hidden easter eggs in a lovely garden is something I hope I never outgrow!)

  5. Gayan Says:

    Ubuntu 12.10 “Easter Eggs”, ;-).

  6. Carlos Eduardo do Val Says:

    The causins could be iOS, Android and Windows Phone?

  7. Mark Shuttleworth provoca rumores com “Easter Eggs” » Orgulho Geek Says:

    […] Shuttleworth, o homem da Canonical e “dono” do Ubuntu, postou hoje em seu blog um pequeno texto contendo charadas, intitulado “Easter Eggs”. Confira a tradução […]

  8. Chauncellor Says:

    I find ducks to be very endearing (and baby ducks to make me melt). I’ve enjoyed watching a small family of ducklings slowly grow into teenagers with funky hairdos and pushy attitudes. They’re very sweet animals.

  9. Jasna Says:

    I hope they’re surounded with the fence.. Yeah they’re fuzzy cute and all 🙂

    They’re not just dropping eggs 😀 Had ’em once, very messy and they ate grass like crazy…Maybe ones you have are different 🙂

    Mine were domestic white (Pekin ducks) 🙂

  10. ubuser Says:

    Excuseme, my english is so bad.

    This icons is exciting! really good! for the default icon theme ubuntu 12.04

  11. sibr Says:

    I assumed this post would be about easter eggs in software.

  12. Yolande Says:

    Remember to turn the eggs occassionally like mamma duck would.. And not too cold shady spot… Incubation.com 🙂

  13. yman Says:

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  14. Barbie Says:

    Heard of ‘cat’ people ‘dog’ people, these ‘duck’ people a new breed 🙂 Do members of your brood have names? Might I suggest ‘alpha’ & ‘omega’ or ‘quacky 1 & 2’ for short 🙂 Well if you can’t call them by name, how are they going to know who you are talking to……? 🙂

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  16. Alex Says:

    That’s so exciting! Good luck with the nest hunting. 😉
    (The thrill of finding hidden easter eggs in a lovely garden is something I hope I never outgrow!)

  17. mark Says:


    Well, they stay cool while they are being laid, one by one, over a period of some days. Mama only starts sitting on them when they are all laid, so they all start to develop at the same time, and thus hatch at the same time. Ain’t nature grand 🙂 Anyhow, sad to say the eggs disappeared before the incubator arrived. That’s the other side of nature.

  18. Barbie Says:

    @mark 🙁 why didn’t you store the eggs in the kitchen while waiting on an incubator if you were already going to intervene in nature using modern technology? #justsaying

  19. Trent York Says:

    That’s nice 🙂 Congrats to you as well as to your duck I suppose! Take good care of them 🙂

  20. Pedro Says:

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  21. Jef Spareta Says:

    Mark, why is Canonical hiding the identity of the egg-laying duck? Can you provide me with a link to the thread in which you first announced your claim that an anonymous egg had been laid? This would never happen at RedHat, they always know both the identity of the egg-laying duck and more importantly, how to sell the egg. Canonical on the other hand..I’m trying to be as charitable as I can be here….has no clue as to what people are willing to pay for eggs.

    And another thing, next time you want to post such off-topic stuff have the decency to consult me first. I mean, for whose benefit is markshuttleworth.com run, yours or mine?