Unsung heroes

Monday, March 26th, 2012

The new privacy features in Ubuntu 12.04 are a lovely example of collaboration and contribution. I’d like to thank Manish Sinha and Stefano Candori who contributed significantly to that effort and hadn’t received a shout-out despite being central to the success. The body of contributors to Ubuntu and Unity continues to grow, and I know the team finds it immensely rewarding to help folk land patches or changes that bring the experience closer to the designed goal. Manish, Stafano, thank you!

8 Responses to “Unsung heroes”

  1. r_user Says:

    hi mark

    sorry for the offtopic but I think this is a crucial problem

    first, the new ambiance and radiance in Precise have now light white menus and I understand the explanation with light source-light menus, etc but I think you should consider that by adopting this you “kill” heavily used icon themes (faenza, faience, awoken, etc) that won’t work with dark panel/dark menus and light menus in the same time (when you activate buttons on menus).

    Please consider all the negative feedback, aka nobody likes this change.

    I totally love Unity and love the courage to sustain this big change, i agree 100% with you, but, again, please consider in this small issues (light menu with ambiance) the community feedback.

  2. mlux Says:

    Thats really NICE to hear. Ubuntu is now an easy to use and transparent OS. The quality increased also in the last months especially for unity. The iterative improvements and strong usability focus is the right way. Everyone i showed Ubuntu was excited.

  3. giowck Says:

    Just installed 12.04 on my main desktop.

    I have to say that this release is coming up nicely. For me it is the best release so far (using Ubuntu since 6.10 Edgy).

    So, yes! Thanks to everyone involved!

  4. Victor Fernandez Says:

    Thank you all of you

  5. Manish Sinha Says:

    Hello Mark, you are welcome. Glad to find the project I worked on, finding it’s way on millions of computers.
    I feel elated.

  6. Stefano Candori Says:

    Thanks Mark. It’s really a huge honor to be mentioned for our work.
    I feel elated too.

  7. Srinivas Gowda Says:

    Congrats Manish! its nice to see fellow Bangaloreans contribute to open-source mainstream.

  8. Mark Shuttleworth elogia la privacy di Zeitgeist su Ubuntu 12.04 LTS | Tuttolinux - novità ed articoli dal mondo del pinguino ! Says:

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