Very briefly – had an excellent show at Mobile Asia Expo. Very valuable feedback from carrier partners on our progress with Ubuntu’s mobile experience and ecosystem. And just heard that a US operator has joined our advisory group – alongside recent additions from Indonesia and Australia. So that means we have partners who cover parts of Asia, most of Europe, North  and South America. I’d like to get a perspective from Japan and Africa in the mix, then I think we can close the CAG as we’d rather have fewer, deeper conversations.

Nevertheless, those of you in the US will be very happy to know you are now represented in the Carrier Advisory Group!

6 Responses to “New CAG members from US, Indonesia and Australia”

  1. Lunamystry Says:

    I hope 8.ta or CellC from South Africa becomes a member before the end of the year.
    Holding thumbs! Vodacom would give Vodafone advice so won’t represent a South African

  2. manny Says:

    indeed very exciting news 😀

  3. Jo-Erlend Schinstad Says:

    It is interesting to me that Telenor has not joined. They’ve publicly announced that they want to change the game and that they dislike Apples way of doing business with the carriers. For that reason, they’ve supported Firefox OS and I think that’s a very good thing. But I don’t see why they shouldn’t also want to support Ubuntu.

  4. Jo-Erlend Schinstad Says:

    If I wanted to make a bet on which hardware manufacturer would be first in line to support Ubuntu for ARM touch devices, I would say it’s Huawei. For a very large number of reasons. They happen to have a very strong cooperation with Telenor i Norway, as far as I can tell. They share office space, for instance. So, if there is a shared interest between Ubuntu, Telenor and Huawei, it seems very strange that Telenor wouldn’t join the CAG immediately. I would be very surprised if they didn’t though. I’d say it’s bound to happen at some point, though I do hope someone is actively working towards that goal.

  5. MattiK Says:

    If Ubuntu Edge funding fails, how this affect Ubuntu development?

    I can see that much of the UI development past three years are done mobile devices in mind.

    I have started to deploy Ubuntu 12.04 LTS for quite some time ago and I wish that there isn’t radical changes coming to UI in future LTS releases.

  6. mark Says:


    There are no major UI changes post 12.04, we managed to get most of what we wanted in Unity by 12.04 LTS. We’ll be converging the code for mobile and desktop, but the core UI remains consistent throughout.