Announcing the “wily werewolf”

Monday, May 4th, 2015

Watchful observers will have wondered why “W” is yet unnamed! Without wallowing in the wizzo details, let’s just say it’s been a wild and worthy week, and as it happens I had the well-timed opportunity of a widely watched keynote today and thought, perhaps wonkily, that it would be fun to announce it there.

But first, thank you to all who have made such witty suggestions in webby forums. Alas, the “wacky wabbit” and “watery walrus”, while weird enough and wisely whimsical, won’t win the race. The “warty wombat”, while wistfully wonderful, will break all sorts of systems with its wepetition. And the “witchy whippet”, in all its wiry weeness, didn’t make the cut.

Instead, my waggish friends, the winsome W on which we wish will be… the “wily werewolf”.


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  1. Jose Says:

    Hello , Mark

    The Oculus guys released the Oculus spec:

    And it requires Windows only!! This is a breakthrough in the way we access computers and it is going to be Windows only from the start, creating an entire new generation hooked to a Windows only world feeding the loop for games and CAD only supporting Windows again.

    The Steam guys worked on steam machines. What is Ubuntu going to do with this?

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