The Heron takes flight

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Hearty congratulations to the entire Ubuntu community on the successful launch of 8.04 LTS. This was our best release cycle ever, from the planning at UDS-Boston last year, at which we had many different teams and companies, to the beta process which attracted so much in the way of testing and patches. I think we can be justifiably proud of the quality of 8.04 LTS. From the code to the documentation, from translations to advocacy, this has been a team effort with the shared goal of delivering the very best free software experience to the very widest possible audience. May Hardy be both enduring and endearing.

I’m very conscious of the fact that Ubuntu is the pointy edge of a very large wedge – we are the conduit, but we exist only because of the extraordinary dedication and effort of thousands of other communities and projects. We all owe a great deal to the team who make Debian’s “unstable” repository possible, and of course to the upstream projects from GNOME and KDE through to the Linux kernel. We hope you will be proud of the condition in which we have carried your excellent work through to the users of Ubuntu.

So, well done everybody! I hope that friends, family, colleagues and others will have the opportunity to try it out and understand why we have all devoted so much to this project. Our work is deeply important – we are helping to bring free software to a new level of acceptance and adoption in the wider world.  Ubuntu’s success adds to the success of free software. So as much as it is fun, challenging, the opportunity of a lifetime, a profession for some and a passion for others, it’s also changing the world. I don’t exactly want to shout “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World” but to me you are all Heroes.


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  1. Mike Says:

    Hi Mark!!
    I love Ubuntu and and I would like it to be perfect. I just read a very interesting article on slashdot.

    Read the article because I think you’ll find it very interesting. We must try to overcome this test.

    Do what you think?

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  4. Yesudeep Mangalapilly Says:

    @Alexander Trauzzi:

    I agree with that. Gutsy used to work great out-of-the-box on all my machines. Hardy broke all my nVidia card based machines. I see no display at all on any of my machines. (This is a known bug.) So even the LiveCD or the DVD does not work for me. The upgrades broke my existing Gutsy install and most of GNOME became dysfunctional (no window decorator, no icons, no themes, all desktop icons disappeared, gnome power manager failed, and so on). If you notice on the IRC channels too many people are complaining about failed upgrades. I do believe Hardy is a step backward from Gusty. But I’m not losing hope and I’d like to see Ibex solve all of these problems.

  5. Alex Says:

    Thanks for all! Great job!!!

  6. Bill Says:

    Enormous thanks, not only to you but to the entire free software community. My first experience with Linux was with Debian Etch when it was still in testing, and not too long after that I first used Ubuntu Dapper; I haven’t looked back and continue using Ubuntu to this day. I dual-boot with Mac OS X on my ever-aging MacBook, and while OS X is just fantastic (iWork and Safari keep me there), Ubuntu just keeps getting better — Hardy is the best release yet, as was Gutsy before it and Feisty before it. (Hard to believe that there have been five revisions of Ubuntu in the time it took me to upgrade Mac OS X once!)

    Given the bewildering pace of innovation in the free software world it’s not too surprising the advances that have been made in the past few years. Everything truly feels world-class on the Ubuntu desktop, with a fit and finish that should be giving the soulless devils in Cupertino and Redmond the chills, and I look forward to what the future brings for Ubuntu and the rest of the Linux world.

    I’ve been Windows-free since August 2006, and I know that will never change so long as Ubuntu remains the best of the distros out there. Here’s to marking bug #1 closed someday!

  7. Alexander Trauzzi Says:

    Yeah, I’m a huge cheerleader for Ubuntu, without a doubt. So I’m not coming on, sqwaking like a seagull and then taking off. I’m still using Ubuntu through this and I intend to continue using it for a very long time.
    I think there needs to be a system in place where people responsible for quality checking in Ubuntu take a look at launchpad questions and the forums and actually take to heart the concerns of beta testers. Especially major release features (which I consider to be the ones the Ubuntu site promotes up front and center).

    I’ll admit my own fault in not beta testing Hardy *soon enough*, but when I did start, I was dropping red flags all over the place. If people were actually looking, they’d have been able to cash in on my efforts and technical expertise contributions.
    Ubuntu needs to be competitive and in order to do that, it has to be willing to admit that it might be veering off course a bit. Lest the project take on more corporate qualities – if you get my drift. “Telling yourself off” is a hard skill to acquire, but once you learn to not take it so personally, good feedback can turn your product into a force to be reckoned with overnight.

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  9. Bob Dole Says:

    Hey Mark,

    Read this guide:

    It’s a very basic experiment, showing serious usability problems, that can be easily fixed. Is there no such usability team doing these experiments on versions of Ubuntu that release?

  10. Oscar David Ramirez Says:

    Hi Mark, Im a Idol You, and since a know Linux Ubuntu 1 Year Ago, I make any to help to my city know Ubuntu, I live In Manizales-Colombia. and have a Ubuntu Blog, , Im in Lauchpad (Ubuntutero) , I have my own Ubuntu Group, and worked with the last FLISOL Latinoamerica April 26 of 2008,

    In colombia-Bogota Will Celebrate the Campus Party too In june 23 of 2008, you don’t will come????????? we need you!!!

    Personally I thing that you will go to climb and thank for you linux is other Idea, other Perception.

    Thank For you, and Continue with your CANONICAL Company!, Your Money is the linux Future

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  12. Adam Hunt Says:

    To Mark and the whole Ubuntu team:

    We have been using Ubuntu since Feisty Fawn and we just upgraded to Hardy Heron last week. It is easily the best Ubuntu yet. All our hardware worked right out of the box – first time!

    We are very impressed with Hardy and wanted to say “thank you” to everyone involved.

    We are doing everything we can to get the word out, including handing out CDs.

  13. Bruno Grossniklaus Says:

    Hi Mark
    I’m using Linux since version 0.99.
    I tried many distros (starting with good old slackware – yes using the disk sets 🙂 was quite used to debian switched to ubuntu 6.01 and since then this is my distro. I convinced many people to try ubuntu or even to switch (by showing how easy it can be).
    Regarding to “is-ubuntu-useable-enough-for-my-girlfriend” – yes ubuntu it useable enough for my family (and I’m the only techie here).
    For me YOU are saving the world since you are so personally committed to free software. I know RS (yes the church of emacs) as well. He is the Odin of free software. Linus was pushed by Tanenbaum into his success story. Debian and all the authors willing to share their work do such a great job. They shall get all the credits for their work! But you bring all the best of free software to the common world which would not know that there are alternatives.
    Thx so much

  14. Mac Says:

    Ubunteros saludos desde Veracruz, México

  15. arni Says:

    Thanks Mark and thanks Debian team. Great work. I’ve switched my development machine from Windows to Ubuntu. At first it was a little rough to live without VS, but after a couple weeks I’m getting the hang of it. Now I’m really starting to appreciate all those goodies Linux has in its bag for developers…

  16. Madlax Says:


    The entire Linux community is indebted to you, our hopes and dreams are with you, and congratualtions to every participant in the 8.04 launch. and with that been said its necessary to take a look at the future.

    While i,m a great supporter of free software, i realize that there will always be some propeiatory software that some user may want, and for Ubuntu to succeed it needs to be able to support these in-case a user opts for them, not necessary promote them but they have to be there. i hope more efforts are thrown to convince 3rd party software makers to support Ubuntu.

    With Interpid Ibex a new theme overhaul is promised, i think the aesthetic component of Ubuntu should be taken with a high priority, i cant express how important aesthetics are to the migration process of many of those who wish to try Ubuntu.

    I think although the current color pallet of Ubuntu is represent the ‘Human’ theme and philosophy of ubuntu i think that for many users mixing ‘Brown’ with ‘Orange’ is not an optimal choice for a color pallet, ‘Brown’ is an excellent color to represent ‘nature’ and ‘Human’ but i dont think mixing ‘Orange’ with it is visually appealing, perhaps the color pallet could be reviewed to include only different gradients of ‘Brown’ or ‘Brown’ with a color other than ‘Orange’.

    with that been said, i wish you luck in your work. our dreams lie with you now.

  17. Igor Mol Says:

    Mark, congratulations for more a version LST of the Ubuntu. Even so, I perceive some bugs in the system. In the halt, the system shows to “black screen” and looks to exist a bug in the verification of the file system with the fsck. In the more, this everything perfect.
    Sorry, I dont speak English very well.

  18. Klas Lothe Says:

    Hey… just did a clean install of 8.04… LOVELY! the GUI just melts everything together in the most sexyfied way.

  19. SakJur Says:

    To Mark:
    Your work with Ubuntu has changed the world of OSS a lot!
    Here in Sweden, Vista came January 2007… May 2007, Linux became a more common OS for people. 7.04 Feisty Fawn made something that no one ever made before, to punch the commercial software between two big upgrades, Vista and Leopard!

    Without Ubuntu, I wouldn’t sit in Linux today, but in either Vista or XP. I am very glad that you entered the stage!
    Many people don’t like the Ubuntu theme, Human, but as I see two very important symbols in it, it’s great for me…
    Humanity and the burn to fight!

    Hardy Heron is walking on the line of success…
    I look up to you in two different points:
    That you’ve got the courage to enter the space, the endless playground I’m so fascinated in…
    And that you’ve got the spirit that enabled you to do so much in just 30 years…

    Thank you for all your endless work to better the computer world!

    // SakJur

  20. ThinkingNectar Says:

    Getting Ubuntu to work: The Heron Had Landed…

    Update to Hardy Heron. Flash works, Desktop Effects work for 965 GMA and main speakers muted when headphone plugged in.

  21. Diego Sarmentero Says:

    Im from Argentina and i want to say that since i tasted ubuntu… i didnt want to use anything else.
    Im using right now ubuntu 8.04… and every time i upgrade to a newest version, i cant believe the new tools and different things i found.

    Its seems to be addictive jeje… but its really the best OS for me… every person who use an application software or base software, always have their complains… but is good to know that every little detail that we found in ubuntu… we can be sure that is going to take care in some later actualization or version…



  22. Slingblade Says:

    In my opinion, through and through, Bill Gates is a selfish piece of shit, no matter how much money he “gives away” for the health of others, it’s similar to what you call “blood money” in my opinion, like the meth dealer who makes a fortune and comes home to mom and pop and gives them a wad of cash for some luxury items or even pays for their hospital bills and the moral parents refusing to accept the money.

    We should all refuse to pay for or use Microsoft products.

    Mark Shuttleworth is the flip side, a truly generous human being with a vision.

    Mark Shuttleworth says:

    For the record, I disagree with your views on Gates. His foundation has set an extraordinary example for how wealth can tackle intractable problems and find solutions where markets and governments have failed. In a world of increasing inequality – where the wealth gap between the wealthiest people and those of average means is widening, it’s essential to establish philanthropy as the end game of wealth creation. Gates has already done brilliantly in that regard and I suspect we will see a lot more.

    As for Microsoft’s products, if you use them I hope you pay for them. If you don’t, you are stealing from Microsoft, and you are also taking away one of the key advantages of the free software community, which is to offer their products free of charge. Competing with pirated proprietary products is a far greater challenge than competing with proprietary products on their terms.

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