Y is for…

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

Yakkety yakkety yakkety yakkety yakkety yakkety yakkety yakkety yak. Naturally 🙂

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  1. SonikkuAmerica Says:

    So, you took the plunge and you actually named a release after the yak… care to shave it much? 🙂

    Well done, Mark. You’ve done it again. Love your work.

  2. Alexander Trauzzi Says:

    All I can do at this point is refer to this launchpad ticket: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-software/+bug/1573206

    What’s going on with Canonical/Ubuntu?

    As a CTO I see cloud strategies that I either can’t take advantage of or are so poorly pitched, I can’t understand if they apply to me (read: I really wish I could give you money!). Canonical is partnering to make tablets and phones that aren’t available in my market with manufacturers I’d never trust. I have a once-strong desktop environment that keeps telling me it’s “Encountered an error” and would I “care to report it?” (I swear I’m delicate with my repositories!). Every release, Unity 8 pushed back. The UX flags, pre-release testing leaves everything to be desired, try to help by reporting an issue and you’re triaged out the same door you came in. Canonical partners with Microsoft to offer a tightly integrated shell experience in a totally foreign desktop environment and now we’re getting into mixed signals.

    Nobody is complaining – really, we’re not! But we worry about what’s happening to Ubuntu the desktop operating system going forward.
    We’re the stalwarts who endured the derision and incredulity of nay-sayers over the years. “Oh, there’s so and so, he runs Ubuntu.” The whole time supporting you, advocating your terrific brand with the hopes of it one day becoming an even stronger ecosystem.

    But here we are, still stuck waiting for the other shoe to drop one cleverly named animal at a time.

    Strike the iron because even a muggle like me can see that it’s starting to cool!

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