Martin Meredith blogs that it would be good for other distros also to adopt Malone. Most of the larger distros have established bugzilla’s or their own custom bug trackers, though, so we specifically designed Malone so that it can link to those external bug trackers rather than requiring them to adopt Malone.

Right now, it still requires opening a bug in each of the upstream trackers, which is a pain.

In the future, I think we should see if we can get permission from the upstream bug tracker operators for Launchpad to be able to open bugs directly in their trackers. So, from Launchpad, if we had permission from Mozilla, you should be able to say “this bug in Ubuntu’s Firefox package is also in upstream, please open a bug report for it”. And that should report the bug in, then link it in all the right ways in Malone.

The problem will definitely be the risk of filing unnecessary dups in the upstream tracker. Bugzilla is getting good at getting people to check that the bug they are reporting has not already been reported. We need that same level of defense in Launchpad (though with the ticket tracker slowly improving, we should see more problems starting out there, being handled by the community, and graduating to Malone only once they are verified). And we need a way to make sure that Launchpad does not get a bad reputation for being used to poke dups into upstream bug trackers.

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  1. Source Guru » Blog Archive » More on malone Says:

    […] I have to agree with Mark’s latest blog post regarding launchpad being able to open bugs in other bugzillas… There’s been a couple of times when I’ve wanted to open a bug in Debian through launchpad – as It would be easier to do it that way. […]

  2. poningru Says:

    they are working on it:
    for more info:

  3. Bartolomeo Nicolotti Says:

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  4. David Nielsen Says:

    Mark, we have now heard from your team for a while both answer indicating that the Launchpad code would be freed and that it would not. Could you please once and for all set the record straight, the status of launchpad’ freedom is holding it back from either eminent death by non adoption or universal adoption by excellence.

  5. Lilly Says:

    Hi Mark

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  6. David Fraser Says:

    Did you read the comments on Martin’s blog? The major problem is that Malone is not open source. What is your plan here?

  7. bahamamama Says:

    Im confused. If this really is Mark Shuttleworth’s blog, why is no-one commenting on it? as Im sure that your ramblings would appeal to geeks everywhere, and if no-one is commenting on it logic dictates that very few people are reading it. Odd.
    Anyway, just stumbled upon it whilst doing some research on some thawte stuff.

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  9. Julie Miller Says:

    Hi Mark,

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  10. Olivier Mengué Says:

    Malone will help to build the WWBW: the World-Wide Bugs Web.

  11. Poema de amor Says:

    Looks pretty cool and complete,

    One question though, is there a way to get a copy of malone? is it open source?

    I’ve used bugzilla, mantis and sharepoint in some cases and it will be grat to have an application that can manage the information of all the bugtrackers together.