The Edgy Eft!

Thursday, April 20th, 2006

Lloyd pointed out that I never blogged about…

The Edgy Eft

We now have quite a lot of infrastructure in place to track feature ideas through to implementation, so this is a call for folks who want to drive features in Edgy to document those in the wiki, and register them in the Ubuntu Blueprint. I should say that there’s a real art to getting a feature into Ubuntu. If you can hack it yourself, then join MOTU and get cracking! If not, you might want to read a little about managing the community process and building a team around your idea that CAN turn it into reality.


3 Responses to “The Edgy Eft!”

  1. Wayne Lange Says:



    Mr. Shuttleworth:

    I would like to provide feedback in two areas.

    1. Would it not be more efficient and effective to
    incorporate KDE (my personal favorite) as an option
    for Unbutu at install time as opposed to the present
    “two track” model? Even if this required a DVD as the
    disribution medium.

    2. I would like to see KDE and the Xen virtualisation
    software as part of the planned Edgy
    Eft distribution.

    Thank you and best regards,

    Wayne Lange
    Sr IT Consultant
    Los Angeles

  2. Michael J.T. Says:

    Mr Shuttleworth,

    I would also like to provide a suggestion. To quote from the first page of the Ubuntu website, “software tools should be usable by people … despite any disabilities”.

    I would like to suggest the creation of a sub-distribution of Ubuntu (alongside Kubuntu and Edubuntu) for blind and partially-sighted users. The two current main distributions differ above all in their visual interface, which I feel does not do justice to the goal of accessibility. A distribution aimed at the blind might well make the GUI interface an option rather than a requirement – the following website might provide food for thought:

    I think that with the momentum and the level of respect which the Ubuntu project has, it would be feasible to find third-party financing for such a distribution. It would also make Ubuntu more feasible for such public bodies as have accessibility requirements for the blind on the software they use.

    Kind regards, and thank you for all you have done.


  3. Nemes Ioan Sorin Says:

    Mr. Shuttleworth,

    First of all – I wish to view on Ubuntu – something that any Linux user ( or linux admin ) dream for years. A system that can record initial state of a succesfull instalation and If any damage ocurr – to reset instalation to original state. From any point. A true recovery system – not like “Last known good configuration”. Something simple and efficient, smart – that will not delete users profiles ( personal files, programs settings ) – only init files, config files, etc. from /home/user* in a way in wich Users have only to re-set Gnome / KDE ..preferences ( resolution, fonts ..), after recovery.

    Imagine real benefits.

    if this system will be smart enough – he can install again only damaged divers, core files, etc.( even from original CD. ), reset passwords and user rights – without reinstalling all stuff.

    We no need anymore to REINSTALL all again. On personalised Ubuntu instalations there are a lot of extra libs. that is hard to find and instal again.

    That’s my wish – no cutting edge tech. – but a stable basement, wich can respond for basic needs of admins. Real recovery tools. Stable HAL. Stable NTFS drivers – read / write. Stable VIDEO Drivers. Stability, then all things from world.

    Only good time for Ubuntu !.

    My respect,

    Nemes Ioan Sorin,
    Bistrita, ROMANIA