Gloomy outlook… not

Friday, May 12th, 2006

You know, some days London just isn’t so bad after all.

London on a great day

Update: Of course. The fact that I am not actually allowed INTO that lovely garden is another matter altogether.

27 Responses to “Gloomy outlook… not”

  1. Rob... Says:

    Is that Canonical’s offices?

  2. antonioz Says:

    You know, some days Granada just isn’t so good after all 😉

  3. Andy Says:

    Where is that Pimlico, Kensington, Mayfair?

  4. Anonymous Coward Says:

    Sorry for being a flamebait here, but this is almost a 2MB picture in the front page of… I really thought my connection wasn’t going to make it…

  5. Alan Levin Says:

    Looks pretty, must also feel good to have your brother close (I always have a little sadness to see an SA braindrain).

    So is this taken near where you live?

  6. C.J. Says:

    One could say the same about Washington State, US.

  7. lgespee Says:

    For someone who has been up there in space, you can still appreciate some sunny views of things on the ground, which is good 😉

    Nice picture.

  8. myke Says:

    it looks quite nice … & likely isn’t near as humid as it is here in the southern US

  9. jsgotangco Says:

    and here I am, thought it was your house…

  10. Jonathan Carter Says:

    I still prefer Cape Town :p

  11. Brian Andrew Says:

    Well at least there is no barbed wire on the perimeter which would certainly detract from the beauty. Hope the weather keeps up like this for when I get over to London at the end of June. Any chance of getting together for coffee and a chat?

  12. Øivind Says:

    London has Hyde. Nothing beats hyde on a sunny day!

    Except maybe a hike in the Western Norwegian Alps…. mm

  13. Paul Sladen Says:

    I cycled past this same garden about 4 hours later, on my way out to Heathrow, a beautiful and rare sunny day in London. A third of London is made of greenspace but you miss all of that from street level (railings…) or below (the Underground).

    Even the abundance of Blue-Plaques (“John Logi Baird invented television in this house”, “Mozart composed his first symphony…”) that give interesting tidbits on the city are attached to the first-floor and require a certain amount of neck-stretching.

    I guess this is why the London Eye is so popular with visitors, a chance to see the norm from a new perspective!

  14. alski Says:

    You should come to Scotland, where we have “freedom to roam.” If you want to see a castle or other site which lies in the middle of a farmer’s farm, you hop the fence and walk to it. You should most definitely take care not to trample the chap’s crops, but your right of way is legally protected here.

    Yours from the East Neuk,

  15. Alex Rose-Innes Says:

    The gated gardens of Belgravia and Chelsea – they are a beautfiul thing in Spring and Summer; especiallly if you are allowed in. Not sure if you remeber me from White House at Bishops. Back in the days when “fagging” was a part of every newboy’s regime, I was your “help” of sorts.

    Anyway, I’ll be in London from 22 to 28 May on businesss and it would be good to catch up. Drop me a line if you can.


  16. Ulisses Says:

    Helo Mark,

    realy a great day.
    So, I´m from Brazil, and here we love UBUNTU. You help us to be free, and this is very important. Thank you man.
    “O UBUNTU é um passo a mais na busca pela liberdade”


  17. Brandon Says:

    Ah yes, the gated gardens of London. I routinely walked past them when I was passing through Chelsea on foot. Who is allowed to enjoy them or are they strictly there for asthetics?

    This photo also reminds me it is coming up on summer in London, truly my favourite time of year there, while I am in Australia (Melbourne specifically) when it is wet and miserable. Why on earth did I choose to the land of beautiful summers in their winter?

  18. Michaël Says:

    Next time you pass by, give us a ring first, the gardener will show you around, and he’ll prepare the barbecue for when I get back from the office. Oh, and bring your own drinks! We like humans here in London.

  19. TT Says:


    Have taken a continous and off and on look at the pictured garden – its okay – but don’t see the hype – would be interesting to see or know what exactly struck you about it Mark (If I may?) – there is so much more with and without color…

    Beauty is in the Beholders Eye…

    Mark you and what you are doing have been the topic of discussion for an international group of women over the past two dinner nights – and its getting even more initeresting by the day…good stuff though all good stuff…

  20. Desiree Miloshevic Says:

    Having lived in London over the last 15 years, I can take a guess – Onslow Gardnes in South Ken.. And someone forgot to leave you the key to go in there… Btw, the trees and the sky – as the picture dowloads look rather African, before you see the rest…

  21. magnus Says:

    Its very strange that a man who has achieved all that you have cannot clime a fence! Geeeeeeeeee Mark you made it halfway to the moon , now all you need do is climb the fence and take a walk in the lovely garden. In england unlike sufafrika people wont kill you if you trespass. They are too polite and will actually be embarased to as you to leave. Tell you what. Go and sunbate nude in that garden and I bet that you will not be disturbed unless its the russian embasy. But wait you have friends there so its no problem. Dare you misterrrrrrrr Mark. Great picture. You are right London is a very beautiful city sadly most people never see this side of the ancient city. “Of course. The fact that I am not actually allowed INTO that lovely garden is another matter altogether”. So Problem solved Hay!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Jurie Vorster Says:

    Very nice… but pick it up and put it infront of a wineland background down in Stellenbosch and it would be perfect!!! You would also have all the space to walk around and enjoy the nice blue sky weather… no fences, no *Gates*… or just maybe a little of both needed… grin…

  23. Adrian Says:

    Strange… that image, resized without being resampled, looks like it’s computer generated.

  24. Chantal Bezuidenhout Says:

    I think we need an updated picture. I’m sure the scene is very different now!

  25. Inez Says:

    The English, though relegated to the great isle of grey, understand The Garden . They “get” the necessary lushness of a sanctuary that in its very creation reflects The Creator and His labour. They know about beauty in the ordered growth of abundance. They enjoy the priviledge of access to an historically exclusive domain, once reserved for the most trusted employees [or residents] of palaces and kings.

    And so it should be that man will always find himself / herself enthralled by a garden. Afterall, he/she was accorded the highest priviledge of starting life in a garden, its periphery bounded by precious metals and gems and in the innermost quarters, enjoyed existence at the pinnacle of created order.

    And despite the great unhappinesses on the underground, dark days, squandered light and the pervasive pub culture, the English really do understand The Garden.

    And it seems, so do you.

  26. Janine Says:

    Stunning Garden…glad I don’t have to mow that lawn!

    I agree! I have lived in London for almost 9 years now and it isn’t so bad after all even if my heart still belongs to the African bush….
    You can take the girl out of Nelspruit, but you can’t take Nelspruit out of the girl!

    How about a picture of a leopard with the African sunset in the background instead?

    I am sure all the SA ex-pats in London will agree when I say that we are extremely proud of you, Mark!

  27. Tangjuan Says:

    Beautiful…This photo brings me back all the memories in England…