Belgium was brilliant

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

A big thank-you to everyone who came along, or participated virtually. And to Benjamin, for the nicely packaged memories 🙂

16 Responses to “Belgium was brilliant”

  1. Tom Says:

    That video infringes Sony Musics copy right and is blocked in Germany:
    “Dieses Video enthält Content von Sony Music Entertainment. Es ist in deinem Land nicht mehr verfügbar”
    This video contains content of Sony Music Entertainment. It is not available anymore in your country.

    Is there a version hostet elsewhere? Or without stupid Sony music?

  2. Andrew Ampers Taylor Says:

    Hahahaha… Lovely, perhaps a minute too long, but enjoyable. Did you discover the Flemish Delirium Cafe? Near the market square – over 2,000 beers from around the world, and 500 Genevers in all flavours always available?


  3. Andrew Ampers Taylor Says:

    I can’t believe it – this is a first – my first comment passed first time by Akismet (and all of them have been nice).

  4. Alan Pope Says:

    @Andrew – Quite a few of us found Delirium Cafe. Not sure I’d go back. Beer is great but since the smoking-in-pubs ban in the UK, going into smokey pubs really doesn’t appeal any more. Some people just walked right back out again.

  5. Ubuntu Developer Summit Maverick, May 2010 « Gabriel Vegas Says:

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  6. muszek Says:

    Tom: I uploaded it to for you:

  7. Alket Rexhepi Says:

    Forca Ubuntu, Long Life Developers !!!

  8. nicola Says:

    is it too late to speak about WebM compatibility? I think it’s something that needs to be pushed hard by anyone who loves an open and free web experience. I know gstreamer has some sort of support right now (in svn), but it should really be ASAP in every *buntu.
    Thanks for listening.

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  11. Primefalcon Says:

    Is there a full video of the actual conference around somewhere? for us that don’t have the ability to attend

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  13. Lazelle Says:

    Good day Mark

    I do understand, that this is may seem rather strange..
    I wish to request that you please send a signed email of encouragement to my little boy, he will be turning 8yrs old on 27 Aug this year and absolutely adores you.

    He dreams of becoming an astronaut someday.

    The last book review he did at school was about his favourite book, Dreamwalking by Tina Schouw, where he proudly declared that he is a dreamwalker!

    I know that you are a really busy person, but this would mean the world to him and it would proove what I try to encourage each day.. that theres no limits to where his ambitions can take him.

    Thanks in advance.


  14. Lazelle Says:

    … Forgot to mention his name is Mikhail

  15. Paul Sladen Says:

    @Primefalcon: The Ubuntu Developer Summit for Maverick (UDS-M) ran over five days and across fifteen rooms/tracks simultaneously. All of the public sessions should eventually have audio recordings, and the most interesting sessions and plenaries have video recordings aswell. I have found them excellent for reference/recalling what was addressed in individual sessions where my notes were not sufficient. You can find the video and audio files at the following URLs, but remember that is likely to be over 500 hours worth in total!

  16. Bone Says:

    saludos desde Chile soy nuevo usando Ubuntu y me va bien llevo un año usando este sistema y me gusta mucho Aguante Ubuntu!!!