Let’s celebrate this milestone in Ubuntu reporting for and by the community. UWN is my favourite way to keep up with waht’s going on across the full length and breadth of the community. If you want a single read per week to know what you are part of, this is it. And if you’re doing something cool, these are the guys to tell about it, they’ll tell the world.

A big thank you from me to the team who makes it real every week.

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 200 for the week June
27 – July 3rd, 2010.

The purpose of this newsletter is to let everyone know what is
happening in all the different corners of the vast Ubuntu community.
It’s a snapshot of the Ubuntu Community one week at a time.

The first issue was unleashed June 4th, 2006, and a little over four
(4) years and seven (7) releases later UWN and the Ubuntu Community
continues to mature and grow together.

The Ubuntu News Team, which includes both UWN and Fridge, continues to
report what happens, effects, and relates to the the vast and ever
growing Ubuntu community, including information from the different
teams, LoCos, forums, mailing lists, IRC universe, and newsworthy
press coverage and blogs. A very important and helpful contribution
many LoCo Teams continue to do is spread the news by translating UWN.

It has undoubtedly been a fun and rewarding experience for all involved!

We would like to thank all our readers for your continued support and
feedback and encourage you to keep sending the Ubuntu News Team your
comments and corrections (yes, we do make mistakes!).

21 Responses to “200 issues of Ubuntu Weekly News – wonderfully done!”

  1. Bruce Says:

    Kind of subjective this Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter…

  2. Akshat Says:


  3. Stanbr Says:

    Thanks great! But please please please, fix the copy&past bug… I think it’s a x.org problem, but can’t you guys fix it somehow? A workaround maybe? You know the bug… you copy something and then you can’t past it later on, because the window you copied from was closed or something like that. I reaaaaaaaaly hate that bug (for years now). Thanks in advance! 🙂

  4. Amber Graner Says:

    Thanks Mark!

  5. Sameer Verma Says:

    Minor typo. waht’s=what’s

  6. Denis Says:

    Congratulations to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter team! Thank you for your weekly efforts 🙂

    Though I don’t contribute, I do often read the newsletter.

  7. mandy sauls Says:

    Ubuntu community fantastic, brilliant,’here be dragons’ definately truffle logic

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  13. freetstar Says:

    What’s a great thing!

  14. mahmudin ashar Says:

    i start using ubuntu for a years ago, me and my friend here (yogyakarta, indonesia) feel comfort using this OS, thanks for bring the wonderfull lucid lynx in my desktop. here a have an ubuntu fan blog http://www.ubuntubuzz.com

  15. faical Says:

    Thanks to every one love ubuntu .

    ubuntu makes me happy every time i run my pc 🙂

  16. Claudio Says:

    You are the best Mark!!!!!

  17. Kristinute Says:

    Are there any news, why ubuntu is so bad on battery, windows 7 is a lot better. Will this gonna be solved in ubuntu 10.10?

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  19. Andre Cardoso Says:

    Look no future ubuntu .mark shuttleworth

    Ubuntu Crazy Error


    look next windows 8
    beautiful aero menu and others

    Windows 2013 Concept


    Windows 2013 Concept 2


    GNOME 2.30 OUR KDE 4 lol lol lol
    beautiful windows aero

  20. Tristan Grimaux Says:

    I couldn’t find a way to send you an email, sorry to write here.

    I’m using Karmic and I was just planning to move to Lucid Lynx when the new system notification came to my attention. I was using a friends computer and I looked at the new notification system: is really nice. But it started to dazzle me when the bubbles started to play hide and seek with my mouse. Weird. When I try to click on the notification to show the corresponding application, it goes translucent and the click is passed to the application on the back of it… that’s not right!

    I read the long document you posted and I have to agree with you: many applications where filling the screen with notifications requiring some critical action it never should be there in the first place. But as I can see, from the clutter of silly notifications now in Lucid we have less that it would be nice to have.

    When a new mail arrives, a little notification pops and then I have to go to the mail program (which goes away when I close the window without letting me keep it checking mail in the background) to read it. It was nice to have the chance to reply from the bubble, now it’s gone.

    Someone is on-line, the bubble appears and I just want to say hello. Now I have to go to my chat program, look at my contact list for my friend and click on it to finally have a conversation.

    I have an account on Twitter: Most of the messages on Twitter are of no urgency. But sometimes, when something appears I want to reply. Again, I have to go to the social program and find the line I want to reply to get it. It’s like my computer turned deaf! I really had to read the entire message you wrote to find that this behavior is intentional.

    I’m really sorry to tell all this things when so much time has passed since you launched Karmic Koala, so I will install Meerkat Maverick ASAP just to make my contributions in an earlier phase.

    Thanks for reading,
    Tristán Grimaux

  21. Rohan Garg Says:

    @Tristan Grimaux : This does seem to be the complain of many on Gnome, but on KDE there is a Chat button and reply button.So its only a matter of time before the devs will implement this feature in Gnome as well