Do the Dapper Dance

Thursday, June 1st, 2006

The Drake is out! Very well done everybody! Colin – superb work on Ubiquity, the GUI installer. Fabio, David, thank you for SPARC. To the XFCE / Xubuntu team, welcome to main! To Matthew and the doc team, this was a huge leap forward and sets the standard for professional community involvement… to the Debian community – thank you! And of course to everyone who contributes to the free software community, thank you, let’s celebrate another milestone on the way to fixing bug #1. Champagne / beer / beverage of choice time!

44 Responses to “Do the Dapper Dance”

  1. Tomas Katafiasz Says:

    Fantastic work! Keep the Ubuntu project strong and simple, as it is at the moment.

  2. Miljen Maletin Says:

    Thank you for this fabulous release. I`ve been waiting this for so long. From now on, there is only open source for me. Goodbye Win…, let`s be OPEN minded!!!!

  3. fog Says:

    I ‘m a Dapper user for six months. Thank you all.

  4. Martin Nussbaum Says:

    Beautiful day !
    Thanks to All…

  5. What The Hack? » It is finaly there: Ubuntu 6.06 “Dapper Drake” Says:

    […] Right on schedule, Ubuntu 6.06, a distribution with long term support features, has been released: “Ubuntu, which has become one of the world’s most popular Linux distributions in recent years, launched its latest version on June 1 following months of intense testing. The new release is titled Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Long Term Support), and has a specific emphasis on the needs of large organisations with both desktop and server versions.” For full details please read the formal press release and the more useful release notes, but don’t miss the Do the Dapper Dance post on Mark Shuttleworth’s web log either. As usual, Ubuntu 6.06 ISO images for three architectures are available for download from the many Ubuntu mirrors worldwide. A quick link to the i386 CD image: ubuntu-6.06-desktop-i386.iso (698MB, MD5). […]

  6. LinPower Says:

    I have tryed Dapper since the early alpha releases and i must say this distro is brilliant!

    Congratulations Ubuntu! time to give MS a run for their money 😉

    Thanx for boosting Mepis too!

    I have tryed about 60 different linux distros the last 4 years

    But i keep going back to Ubuntu and Mepis over and over again.

    now all we need is XGL support out of the box 😉 and maybe an Enlightenment gui?

  7. Dirk Says:


    cant wait to download the image when im at home

  8. Reader Says:

    Please, let me congratulate you and everybody involved in this great achievement.

    Looks like the doors are opened now and we do have a chance to refurbish this monolithic IT world.


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    […] Nell'annuncio di Mr Ubuntu c'è una particolare menzione dell'odioso bug numero uno, vediamo se con Dapper riusciamo a risolverlo! Come? Installando Ubuntu su tutti i PC che sono al momento schiavi di schermate blu e rosse! […]

  10. terry lim Says:

    Thanks a lot for everything that UBUNTU team and Free Software community has done.

    I have been using Dapper since flight6 version. I am all happy.

    Good job!!!

  11. C.J. Says:

    Well done, folks. I’m really happy with Dapper on my T42. It’s been really great watching all the changes in the last few months. I even saw responses to my bug reports and system status submissions.

    I can’t wait to get back on a development branch! Well… maybe I’ll wait a little while 🙂

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  13. Marc Higgins Says:

    WWith every new release of Ubuntu my life (well at least the part I spend on my computer) gets increasingly better. Dapper Rocks!! Thank you everyone who makes this possible.

  14. John Fragkopoulos Says:

    Thanks a lot for this brand new distro of Ubuntu/kubuntu. The time that i write this comment, is 22:30 (utc+3) in Athens, Greece and at the same moment i download the the new Kubuntu.
    THANKS Again

  15. Brade Says:

    Wow, when you guys said June 2006, you really meant it! Great job, everyone. ubuntu is easily my favorite distro, but I decided to give suse 10.1 a shot just to see what the fuss was about–updating is a pain with Yast! It’s nice to be back “home” w/ synaptic and the speedy ubuntu experience. You guys get it right time and again…

  16. George Fragos Says:

    Now this is what a release should look like — listening Novell. I love Ubuntu 6.0.6. Everything about Ubuntu is professional and first class. I will admit that I was first attracted by the marketing and the visual beauty of the release. A few days of spinning Ubuntu 6.0.6 RC my way and I’m sold. It just works and the help is outstanding. I will be recommending Ubuntu 6.0.6 LTS to the customers I support. Of course I’ll be using it myself. The spirit of Ubuntu is upon me.

  17. Timbobsteve Says:

    Congratulations to the Ubantu team/s on the new release. It will be my first foray into Ubantu and I have a feeling that it will be a pleasent one. Good luck for the future and keep up the great work. Linux and its community owe you big time!

  18. Steve Rush Says:

    I’ve been using Linux since Warty Warthog, with excursions into Kanotix and Mepis. I now have the Dapper beta, I still have Windows XP dual-booted with Ubuntu on one of my systems, because Linux can’t quite do it all. If I want to view an .AVI file on a Web site, I have to use Windows. Yes, there are freeware media players and under-the-table codecs, but I’ve never got any of them to play an AVI file. There are two 3D modeling programs with good human figure simulations and prices that aren’t right out of my reach, and neither runs in Linux on x86 hardware. Both run in Mac OS X, but neither has been ported to Linux. FreeBASIC, probably the best freeware cross-platform BASIC, has a compiler version for Linux, but the only really good IDE for FreeBASIC runs only in Windows. If I have to deal with my cable company on line, I’d better boot Windows, because if I mention Linux I’ll be lucky to hear “We don’t support that.” More likely, I’d get “Duh, whazzat?”

    Bug #1 isn’t a bug in Ubuntu, it’s a virus that has the most effective transmission mechanism ever. The current version is bad enough, but there are rumors of a plot by M$ to insert its DRM code into the BIOS of the motherboard standard that replaces ATX. If that happens, the whole FOSS world will find itself sitting on the sidelines with a bad case of Betamax syndrome.

  19. Alberto Milone Says:

    Dapper is just wonderful. It’s exactly the way I want it. I have used its testing version for a few months and I couldn’t be happier.

    Thank you Mr. Shuttleworth for setting me free from Windows (since last year) and making me a proud supporter of Ubuntu, GNU/Linux, Open Source and of the wonderful communities behind them.

    P.S. I can’t wait to see what Edgy Eft can do.



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    […] Ya tenemos la esperada versi

  21. Jeremy Silbernagel Says:

    Exceptional! You all have done a fantastic job in leading the Linux community to another milestone with desktop OS. Ubuntu is by far the leader and will continue to be based on your team work and mission. I can’t say enough about this contribution to “humanity”. Ubuntu truly lives up to it’s name.
    Blessings to each of you!!!

  22. faxe Says:

    Using the Xubuntu 6.06 actually… the installation was a piece of cake. Now I can really offer switching to (X)Ubuntu to my non-techie friends (: Let’s hope bug #1 will be solved soon, as people will switch to FLOSS.

  23. Marc Says:

    I upgraded to Dapper and was pleasantly surprised to find that my system is much more responsive than with Breezy. Firefox seems especially snappier. I really like the new GNOME deskbar applet too.

    I’m very pleased with the Dapper release! Congratulations to the whole team!

  24. Nathan M. Willard Says:

    I just want to express how much I enjoy each new release, I have been a linux/unix user for some time, and finally I have been confident enough in linux for my wife to use it with out any problems.

    Keep up the good work Mark and I look forward to Edgy!

  25. Jens Nießner Says:

    I’m also happy with Dapper on my IBM Thinkpad R50e. Congratulations and ‘Thank you’ to the whole team!

  26. Terri Molini Says:

    Congratulations on a job well done. I am glad to have been a part of the experience.

    I’ll make mine a Pimm’s.

  27. Tom R Says:

    I just booted the 6.06 live CD on my new Macbook and it runs great! Excellent job and kudos to all!

    Tom R.

  28. Clint Says:

    Hey Mark,

    I just wanted to tell you, I appreciate your work with developing ubuntu. Do you think its all possible to work on reverse engineering a peer to peer that I use, and support programmed in Delphi, etc. I got VMware Workstation 5.5 installed, however a problem they have blocked it from the vmware connecting across public keys. Its like the whole deal, with something that is free, but then again, how would something be free, if it cannot be ran on any platform. Also another big favor I need, is getting Acer ASpire laptop 3610 (3613 WLCi) actual model for the wireless to work. I wish broadcom would step in, and help out with the issue. In my opinion I don’t think its write to engineer a laptop, and then for it to lack support of the open source option. btw, I tried everything ndiswrapper and the release before the official build. Acer really needs alot of support.

    Thanks Again,


  29. Telephonenglish Says:

    Many thanks from the Isle of Man. This distro just goes from strength to strength.

    And Skype magically works better on Dapper 🙂

  30. spacemarc Says:

    ok, good job! The new Dapper Drake 6.06 is confirmed one of the best ones distro today. Compliments

  31. steve Says:

    where can i get a hold of the iso for SPARC Dapper Server?

  32. Alex Mayorga Adame Says:

    Sorry to be the unhappy camper here. Ubuntu 5.10 was doing just fine on my wife to be HP Pavilion Laptop, then yesterday I decided to take the plunge and bummer, I ended up with a blank screen after re-booting, did I get hurt by so called bug #1?? Linky to a guide would help wonders.


  33. Ashok Says:

    Breezy was my first ubuntu…there were time i thought of saying goodbey to XP because of ubuntu, but couldnt.
    just downloded Drake…hope this time XP will go by 🙂

    I was never happy to see linux distros around, coz i have only one benchmark to approve of linux distro as desktop distro…if my elder brother can use it :))
    and he confortably played on breezy.

    Keep it up Ubuntu.

  34. Bartolomeo Nicolotti Says:

    I’m a software engeneerer developing civil calculations under Autocad. To remove bug#1 now for me is necessary to have Autocad running under another operating system! I mean that the best desktop without all the applications windows has now (7/6/2006) is worthless!
    Another thing. With all the linux distros I’ve tested (Suse, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu…) I’ve always had the impossibility of using some hardware (e.g. the scanner, to connect my cell phone via infrared connected to usb, external usb drive and floppy, the new webcam I bougth last month, the DVB-T card I bought 6 months ago) without writing the drivers my own (yes it is possible, but in a 400h/day world)! If linux won’t be able to have hardware compatibility at least as windows has it won’t go far from 5% of users.

    Best regards!

  35. Bartolomeo Nicolotti Says:


    With Trusted Computing Platform Alliance ( & PALLADIUM it will be impossible to remove bug#1!!!!
    With Friz logic in your CPU die or motherboard it will be possible to boot only trusted operating systems. Any Linus Torvald won’t be able to write a free open source trusted operating system!

  36. cneil Says:

    Dapper is an excellent release and it works well with my computer. I have been messing around with Linux ever since kernel version 1.2.3, but I’m happy to say that Linux is finally becoming something that an everyday person can use effectively.

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  38. requiredname Says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for all you’ve done with Ubuntu Linux.

    You are a god among men.

  39. deep Says:

    u are a great man Mark Shuttleworth

  40. Quinn Says:

    With my IBM Thinkpad T42p, dapper works a lot better now than Breezy. The only problem (which is mentioned on which could seriously give problems to corporations using Thinkpads is Docking Station support. Try to install Ubuntu on a Thinkpad then plug the Thinkpad into a docking station (not a port replicator) – Ubuntu will not boot because the primary boot device changes (hda to hde) with the current kernel 2.6.17-25 which wasn’t a problem with Breezy (2.4.12). You will have to do some LABEL or UUID tricks in grub and fstab for it to work.

    Other than – excellent distribution – I had been using Slackware for years (since 1995) and after playing with Breezy, Ubuntu became my primary deskop operating system!!

    But watch out for TCPA as another user posted – it will kill OSS if it goes through – fight the TCPA!


  41. Happy new user Says:

    Jusr a quick note to say THANKS to all involved. Yesterday, I converted my Mandrake 10.1 partition to KUbuntu and had everything working in less than two hours (considering the complexity of my home network this is no mean feat!!!) I spent 45 mins on the installation and the rest of the time adding repositories and packages. I sincerely did not miss anything available in Mandrake, and in some cases, I found a better and varied selection of packages to choose from. By the way, almost all the package selections installed flawlessly (Java from Sun is a dog of a package)!!!!

    Also, HW that took me weeks to make it work at least decently with Mandrake took zero time to make it work under KUbuntu!!!!

    It’s difficult to argue against a distro so complete and almost fault tolerant!!!

  42. clint Says:

    Hey Mark, & People of ubuntu;

    Finally got my laptop’s wireless issue figured out, and I have been enjoying reading the ubuntu hacks book, desktop hacks, mulitmedia hacks, and anything I can do to change and optimize the speed of ubuntu. Mark I have to say, you did a great job with giving us all something we could work with, and build on, or strip out anything we don’t need. Finally we got the linux system, and tools we need to carry us on into the future. Also, if people realized how stable, and secure linux was in general from the Microsoft systems out there that are infected all the time, they would see the light. Furthermore, I got the VMware Workstation 5.5 configured right, and that secure peer to peer works no problem.. we share alot of information on there, and we care about privacy.

    Thanks Again Mark, and Team 🙂


    College Major: IT Systems Engineer,

  43. Patrick Frickel Says:

    Hi Mark and all fans of Ubuntu dapper,

    I’ve been a windows user for 12 years…but have been searching for something better…and now its here…I’ve been able to migrate my entire work operation over to linux virtually hassle free…astounding.

    Well done Mark and the team…

  44. Rene Pawlitzek Says:

    Here are my very positive experiences with XUbuntu 6.06 LTS: