Visiting Poland and Russia next week

Wednesday, June 7th, 2006

Next week June 12-16 I’ll be visiting Poland and Russia. It would be great to meet up for beer, discussions and Q&A with any Ubuntu LoCo folks, users or contributors in Warsaw or Moscow. I’m keen to learn about the state of free software adoption there, the level of translation of Ubuntu into Polish and Russian, and ways we can help accelerate both of those!

We’ve setup some wiki pages for potential community LUG-style meetings, feel free to add suggestions for a venue for them, or your name if you’re keen to join. I think it would be good to host discussions about the meetings on the Ubuntu-PL and Ubuntu-RU mailing lists:

SABDFL in Warsaw
SABDFL in Moscow
I’ll also be in St Petersburg on Friday, so if there’s a lot of interest we could have a meeting there too.

20 Responses to “Visiting Poland and Russia next week”

  1. Anton Marthukov Says:

    I may come to St.Petersburg to meet you. I also posted a link in my blog that is read by people from our Novgorod Linux User Group I’m not completely sure whether I will be able to come, but why not. You should have planned more events in St.Petersburg, it’s not as inactive as you may think about.

  2. sas171 Says:

    It’s sad. The internet connection in Russia is not even half so good as in Europe or US. While Ubuntu is mainly internet distribution its not so spreaded there… maybe there is a way to distribute Ubuntu-DVDs with additional packets?

  3. aim Says:

    Hello Mark!

    Our local LUG, in Saint-Petersburg, ready to meet you at any time on Friday (16, right?).

  4. s Says:

    propably see you in warsow πŸ™‚

  5. Eugene Says:

    Did you planned to visit Ukraine? It’s also near Russia and Poland!

  6. sungreen Says:

    Welcome to Russia. Welcome to Kostroma city.

  7. Oleg Sadov Says:

    Mark, we will happy to see your in our office at St.-Petersburg. Our office placed in the center of town, near the Hermitage.

    The Linux Ink collective is among the original pioneers in the development and introduction of Open Source products in Russia. In 1993 this collective produced the first Linux distribution in Russia (called the Open Kernel), and since then has been active in localizing Linux and spreading Open Source ideology. Currently we have some Linux projects in government, educational and business.

    We worked with many Linux distributions and we are really impressed by Ubuntu. We will be happy collaborate with Ubuntu-project.

  8. Adam M. Warsaw, Poland Says:

    That’s really great. I believe many polish Ubuntu users, contributors and other community members will come. Maybe the meeting will affect even higher popularity of the distribution ? I find Ubuntu is a world wide phenomenon in general, not only here, in Poland. Personally I have tried dozens of distros, but none of them gave me such excitement. I like the whole idei behind Ubuntu; its helpfulness, and open minded model. That’s why it’s the very first distribution, which I’ve though about it would be nice to be engaged in. It brings me a lot of fun to contribute in it in any way (at the moment I am helping with the translation (mainly Kubuntu), although I am not yet an official translator, but I am doing my best :). I am also planning other developments here. It’s really amazing how much you can do for the others, and for yourself – that’s the point of linux, and that’s the point of ubuntu philosophy – it’s really great that they match each other that much, isn’t it ? It’s also nice to use Ubuntu in such plenty of purposes. Nearly all one can imagine ! It’s even nicer that nearly anyone can use it, no matter what language he use, or if he is – for example – disabled person or not. I’m disabled as well by the way, so it’s nice you care actually :). I have to say it became my way of life at the moment. In a country of such high unemployment why would I actually care about all these CVs sent to the employers, and left with no reply ? It’s much better to be really helpful to the others! Yeah, one may said, but you don’t get money for it. Well that’s the whole beauty behind it :). I also believe Poland is a good place for Ubuntu communities to grow up, we have many of these just now, and I think it would be even better soon. Everyday growing amount of Ubuntu users is very noticeable on wide range of linux related forums, and other places. It’s very impressive indeed how Ubuntu succeded here. Personaly I was going to convict my wife to use Linux, but she’d resist until she have heard about Ubuntu :). I’m going to take her for the meeting, and I hope she’d admire Ubuntu as well.

    Well to end this long entry I would like to thank you, Mark for such brilliant linux distribution. I’d also like to thank all of the contributors all over the world. I hope we’ll all succeed with bug #1 fixing :). Keep up the great work.

    Best regards
    Adam Mrowczynski a.k.a Shade

  9. Igor Nikolaev Says:

    About SPB: Hi, Oleg, iMHO we will be very acceptable accept Mark on extra LUG meeting in standard place (phoenix learning center, 10 line 33 πŸ™‚ and I can record this meeting + make online translation by university telecomcenter.

  10. Dmitry Chestnykh Says:

    Cool! We’re waiting for you, Mark. See ya in Moscow!

  11. somecanuckchick Says:

    No plans to visit the land of the canucks, i.e. Ottawa? There’s a thriving LUG in Ottawa…

    …just saying.

    Enjoy the pivo, and vodka!

    πŸ™‚ N

  12. rychu Says:

    It’s nice to hear that you know where Poland is :]
    or… at least i hope so…

    Anyway, here are some great postcards with greetings from our beatiful country: πŸ˜‰

  13. kosta Says:

    hi – good luck in russia/poland.
    you are one of my role models.
    btw: there is a typo on the sidebar (by hdb info – “… the people to see if you are have a forward-looking…”
    i’m wondering if you’re as pedantic as i am.
    cheers from cape town

  14. Hubert Łępicki Says:

    Hi Mark,
    it’s realy great that you are visiting Poland. I hope you like it and most of all I hope the meetings with Ubuntu community will result in something concrete. I would realy love to shake your hand, man, ’cause I like Ubuntu (and I hope you are making profits from it, do you? :)), although I don’t use it as my main desktop (Arch Linux now). I hope Ubuntu will become even more popular here in Central Europe and the bug #1 will be fixed soon πŸ˜‰
    I wish you the best πŸ™‚

  15. opi Says:

    Well, it was fun. πŸ™‚

  16. Simon Botes Says:

    Hi Mark or whoever else it is you makes this blog.

    Thanx for all the good work you are doing in South Africa.
    This comment is not about your Russian visit. sorry

    My name is Simon and i live in South Africa. I can’t find a faster way of contacting you.

    I am working on an idea, that will change the internet and the world forever.
    Problem is that i am suffering to contact the correct people to put my proposal on the table.
    I need someone who can guide me in the rite direction and give me a few pointers.
    I am willing to pay the person who helps me either a commission or royalties on the money that is made with this idea.

    The system will work using Skype VOIP or any other large VOIP software..
    currently Skype has over 55 000 000 permanent users, and about 2 000 000 premium users.
    This idea will increase the premium users by at least 50% in 2years.
    I estimate that within the first 6 Months this idea will generate at least $100 000 000

    if you can and would like to help, please point me in the rite direction.
    You may already have enough cash and would not like more.
    That’s what makes this idea so great; it will benefit every single user of the program. Not just one or 2 people.

    Anyway I hope to hear from you. tahnk you for your time.

    Kind regards


  17. Simon Botes Says:

    Ps. This concept will also be one step closer to making a world without borders..

  18. Bill McNamara Says:

    I get to travel a bit and was in St. Petersburg last week and Warsaw a few times..
    The best pub in St. Petersburg is the “Fidel”, near the market area on Nevsky Prospect.
    There is an english style pub the Telegraph opposite the McDonald’s that’s not so bad for the footie either..
    In Warsaw, the Irish Pub near the old town is always good for a laugh! I’ve forgotten it’s name I’ve come out of it so pissed many times ;))))
    Good vodka cities anyway! Have fun!

  19. Ev Says:

    Hi Mark,
    I tried to leave a message recently but I either lost it or the display is not automatic, I guess I shouldn’t have assumed that everything related to astronauts is super efficient. In short, I wanted to bring your attention to this site: and have you consider seing it for real.
    I did also say “Good luck with all your projects”!

  20. Dean Shankle Says:


    I look forward to hearing any insights you might have from your trip. I am going to be lecturing at the academy of public administration in Moldova this school year (as a Fulbright Scholar) and one of the issues that I intend to explore is the governmental uses of open source software there. Learning what you have discovered might help me frame the discussions more effectively.

    Thanks for anything you can share,