Friday, August 20th, 2010

Saw this URL fly by today… wow and thank you to the Ubuntu Ads guys 🙂

So, who’s up for making Maverick Movies? It would be great to have a “10 best features in 10.10” video collection for release. Unity’s awesome and then there are things to show off in OO.o, Gnome, Firefox…. giving credit where it’s due.

I put together https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MaverickMovies as a starting place to aggregate content. Have subscribed, so if you update that page I’ll see it. If that goes nicely, we can beef the process up in the runup to release.

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    […] que se están haciendo con las características de Maverick y creando unos bonitos videos, a Mark Shuttleworh, se le ha ocurrido que se podían subir videos con las virtudes de Ubuntu 10.10 a una página que […]

  2. Mandy Sauls Says:

    iUBUNTU mini movie reals of 10 minutes, brief think fun,
    nature and diversity. ITS meets Go GreenTeam

  3. Hund Says:

    Would be nice with someting other than flash so most of the people could actually watch it. 🙂

  4. kikl Says:

    Nice advertisement. I hope it goes viral! (Is that correct English?, well anyway..you get my drift)

    I can’t wait for the beta of the maverick meerkat for testing. The video is a nice appetizer. I hope you made great progress in the software center, in particular as a market for selling proprietary software, since I believe that this is going to be crucial for canonicals commercial success. UbuntuOne is also a great tool, which MS users are beginning to envy. And yes, I am going to test unity as well;-)

    All the best and good luck!


  5. Aoirthoir An Broc Says:

    I like the video. I just hope for us folks like me, that some folks make some slower videos so we can keep up. Ah the music is great too! Not overwhelming.

    Kind Regards
    Aoirthoir The Drinker of Sprite sometimes when he is out of Mountain Dew 🙁

  6. Hans Says:

    Cool idea!
    Please make the movies somewhat informative too, not just like music videos with thing wooshing past too fast for anoyne to understand what’s going on…

  7. ankit tulsyan Says:

    Awesome idea….I am working on a video about the features of the software center, will post it on wiki once I am done. ;P

  8. lelamal Says:

    Great idea! I’m not good at it, though I’d love to. 🙁

    How about extending this nice project also to Kubuntu, and any other official derivative? It makes me sad to see Kubuntu put aside in the shade at every release while preparing awesome things for Ubuntu.

    Let’s share this awesomeness, shall we? In the end, Linux is all about sharing… 😉

  9. MaverickMovies | Ubunlog Says:

    […] a raíz del video de la entrada anterior parece que Mark Shuttleworth quedó encantado con el y ha decido abrir una wiki para todo el que quiera, pueda subir sus videos […]

  10. Jonathan Blackhall Says:

    I was hoping to make a few nice videos of Ubuntu 9.10 only to find that the output videos of gtkRecordMyDesktop don’t work correctly with PiTiVi or Openshot. It seems there may be a problem with libtheora in Lucid: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/recordmydesktop/+bug/578397 and https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=525155. Does anyone know if these bugs are fixed in Maverick and/or are there easy-to-use alternative gui-based screencast recorders somewhere that I don’t know about? I would love to help create great videos of Ubuntu, but I wonder if the above video was created on Ubuntu using available apps. If not, it should be a goal to get Ubuntu to that place with apps that are readily available, work as they’re supposed to, and are easy to use.

  11. Andrew Ampers Taylor Says:

    This will bring more “clear blue water” between Ubuntu and Microsoft. I have never subscribed to having to make Linux like Windows to expand.

    Providing the difference is easily recognised to be better, then I certainly think this is a big step forward.

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  13. lic.guzman Says:

    Regards from México Mark!!

    I love Ubuntu i like that theres a lot of wiki, tutorials, blogs and irc people supporting ubuntu…i know that APPLE is creating a social network for supporting their users..it would be nice to have an ubuntu social network too.

  14. Alf Says:

    It would be nice if they use the upcoming “Ubuntu” font in the videos 😀


  15. BlackSmileFR Says:


    Nice job, That is really something I was waiting for : a better interface for netbooks.
    Next sould be better kernel/Hardware support (specific kernel for eeepc; dell, acer…) for netbooks so it reached high sky !

    Thnx for everything, (more people should go in space)
    keep that way

  16. Doudoulolita Says:

    Would it be possible to wait more between two stable versions, please ? This would help to fix bugs better before proposing it to a large public.

    Ubuntu is made for the human kind, that’s what I like so much in it and there is a
    lot of good work, but sometimes I think you have not enough time to test everything in alpha versions before proposing the new releases and some things don’t work anymore.

    The community helps a lot but I believe only good technicians can fix some of the bugs that may occur. For ordinary people, everything just have to work nicely.

    Also, it would be useful for them to understand all the difficult work you do, and may be some videos explaining that may be put in line and also translated in other languages.

  17. Ubuntu Ads Says:

    Made on a Mac. lol.

  18. AlexZaim Says:

    The video is not too informative. It may attract only those who already know the unity interface… i don’t think new new comers will understand much.

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  24. Dario Says:

    Hi Mark,
    little bit out of topic, as a user, are you happy with current Ubuntu software center UI? I know that you are planning on developing some kind of business model around USC, that’s great, but that UI really doesn’t look too modern. I happened to manage some time to create a simple mockup http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/4tFRJvZJgAZ0LOPIcOiQ1Q?feat=directlink , if you like some of ideas, use them, if you don’t that’s ok too, no hard filings.


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