Jono Bacon steps up

Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

Good King errr... Jono!A short while ago I blogged about what I think is one of the most interesting and challenging positions at Canonical – the Ubuntu community manager. We had several fantastic folks in the shortlist and I’m pleased to say that Jono Bacon (a.k.a. jono on, pictured here playing his own interpretation of Hamlet) will be stepping up to the plate.

Jono – welcome aboard!

We have one of the world’s best technology communities in Ubuntu – from the UbuntuForums to the MOTU with LoCo teams, Art, Doc, Marketing, and specialist interest groups all collaborating to make Ubuntu rock. I’m excited to have someone working across the project to help them all rock even harder!

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  1. A Conservative Techie » Blog Archive » New Ubuntu Community Manager Says:

    […] Congrats Jono on the new position.  SABDFL announced this today and it is great to see Jono taking this position.  I had an opportunity to work with him throughout the time we wrote The Official Ubuntu Book and it was a great experience.  I know he will do a great job in this position.  Congrats again. […]

  2. Greg Gilbert Says:

    So now the truth behind his shaving of the beard comes out. He was really trying to meet the Canonical dress code! All jokes aside, I wish you all the best in helping to improve the already wonderful Ubuntu community.

  3. ubuntu_demon’s blog » The Official Ubuntu Book will show up in stores soon Says:

    […] In addition to my own name on the author page is (future Ubuntu Community Manager) Jono Bacon, Corey Burger, Jonathan Jesse, and Ivan Krstić. Many more members of the Ubuntu community and many editors at Prentice Hall deserve credit as well. […]

  4. simone brunozzi Says:

    My congratulations to Jono (I applied for the job, but I’m sure this guy is well beyond me)!

  5. The Workings of the Thing in my Head | Jono Bacon Appointed Ubuntu Community Manager Says:

    […] Mark Shuttleworth, founder and leader of the Ubuntu Linux project, has announced that the role of Ubuntu Community Manager will now be played by open-source advocate and LugRadio host Jono Bacon. […]

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    […] […]

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    […] read more […]

  8. Efrain Valles Says:

    Great To see we will have a leader in the voicing of fans…

  9. Quidam Says:

    why hi is not a “ubuntero”???? he dont need firm the code of conduct?

    Jesus Molina