Since the call for topics went out there’s been a steady flow of interesting suggestions for the next release of Ubuntu (likely to be 7.04, code name “The Feisty Fawn“). I’ve spent some time reviewing those and proposing a few of my own :-)… as have other members of the Tech Board and community.

The best place to see how it’s shaping up is to look at the current set of topics for the next Developer Summit that takes place Nov 5-11 at the Googleplex (yay bandwidth!) in Mountain View, California. If you will be close by, subscribe to a few of those topics, and register to come (Launchpad account required) to the summit and tell us how you want Feisty to rock!

13 Responses to “Agenda shaping up for Mountain View Summit, Nov 5-11”

  1. Chris Says:

    Ha! I had a feeling a while back that it would turn out to be Feisty after looking at the DevelopmentCodeNames wiki page. Wasn’t sure about the animal though.

    Awesome job on everything Ubuntu. Been a hardcore follower since the days of Hoary and every release just makes me more and more excited. My main excitements for each release:

    Breezy: Fixed the issue I had in Hoary with detecting default resolution.

    Dapper: Install/Live CD combined, minimal questions asked, making an easier, faster, install.

    Edgy: Faster startup/shutdown by far. Xubuntu becomes much more usable also.

    Can’t wait to see what Feisty is going to bring, but I know it’s gonna be great!

  2. Stefan Constantinescu Says:

    Can’t make it but I want to wish you the best of luck!

    The two most important things you should worry about are font rendering and making media support a piece of cake.

    There is no reason why the fonts on Mac OS X or Windows Vista Beta 2 should look better than in Ubuntu, and if a user can’t play a video: tell him why and make it easy to just click a few times and have it start playing no problem 🙂

    EasyUbuntu is a godsend and is essential to my Ubuntu Experiance!

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  4. Jonathan Carter Says:

    Hi Mark. Due to local commitments, I won’t be able to physically attend. Will there be any kind of VoIP or IRC ‘access’ to the sprints? Either way, I’ll be following wiki activity and keep and keep track on Blueprint 🙂

    From MarkShuttleworth: Yes Jonathan, we will have VoIP access to all discussions there. Should be possible to participate from anywhere you can get Ekiga to work!

  5. Donk Says:

    The Feisty Fawn like Bambi 😀

  6. Hussam al-tayeb Says:

    I have three suggestions for 7.04
    Ubuntu currently lags behind Mandriva/SuSE when it comes to gui tools.

    Add a:
    – Gui for pppoeconf for configuring pppoe/adsl connections.
    – Runlevel / system service editor ( bum is terrible at the moment ).
    – Built in firewall. ( something similar but more powerful to firestarter).

  7. Suzan Says:

    “…put the spotlight on multimedia enablement…”

    That would be great. I really love to hear that.
    Sometimes, I have the feeling, I am the only Linux-User in the world (which I am surely not) who is addicted in multimedia. Between my “only terminal is great”-Ubuntu-pals, no one registered, the pwc-webcam-driver in edgy is borked (Bug #56090) or bttv-television cards gave no sound or kinoplus-ubuntu-package is beaten-up…

    And I would love to do multimedia-tasks on Ubuntu! So jump on little fawn an rock the Ubuntu-desktop! 😉

    And for the Developer Summit I wish all of you “Good speed!”

  8. Nico Says:

    Better font rendering is a must. It shoul be nice (like Windows and OS X) RIGHT OUT of the box !
    80 % of PC users are just surfing the web, and when you start firefox in Ubuntu, your eyes are getting mad on most websites, after switching from Firefox in Windows.
    Everything is well configured and nice, but the strange fonts give you the feeling, that the system is cheap.

    Please, correct this !

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  10. subbu Says:

    I am sure 7.04 is gonna rock.
    I have a suggestion for the developer summit why cant we have an online conference where people from various parts of the world could take place and voice their opinions.

  11. Jonas Says:

    Feisty is cool and all, but I was hoping you would go with Froody, as in really amazingly together. Ubuntu needs more hitch hikers guide references! 🙂

    Thanks for everything you are doing.

  12. Richard Seed Says:

    “Ubuntu currently lags behind Mandriva/SuSE when it comes to gui tools.”

    I agree.

    While I use and recommend Kubuntu (thank you for throwing some favor towards KDE, it’s awesome in Kubuntu) and Ubuntu Linux, I enjoyed the GUI tools SUSE offered when I used it in versions 9 and 10 (but stopped using it forever since Ubuntu has been getting better and better).

    We need better video card and monitor GUI configuration tools for Ubuntu as well as a better dial-up modem and high speed options GUI configurations. At present if you want to correctly use KPPP you have to uncomment a file to get it to work (most people do anyway) and the majority of the people aren’t going to search a website (or even think of that) even if the information exists, make it step-by-step easy for them (there are still a lot of dial up modem users in the world). The same goes for broadband.

    Sure, it was simple for me to set myself and others up with Ubuntu, but we need a simple click-next click-next type of walkthrough for people, especially for repositories selection, it’s gotten better in Synapatic in Edgy where you can tick several boxes to decide, but it needs to be simplified even more for beginners (and make it so expert users can choose non-beginner installation if they don’t need hand-holding).

    Perhaps repositories could be explained with a comparison to warehouses and goods for example, and each repository showing up like a building with tons of boxes ready for them whenever they want it, and they click to highlight a warehouse image that they want, each warehouse would have an explanation next to it describing what it contains in brief and a click to separate window for a more detailed explanation).

    I’m such a fan, Mark, that If you built a church, I’d be there for worship, I’m not kidding, the work you’re doing is incredible and Ubuntu will move mountains.

  13. hardawayd Says:

    I have been speaking to corporate IT managers and aside from the improvements mentioned and some others, there is a huge need to get Dell and HP to offer on an equal basis Ubuntu as an alternative to Windows and MS Office. I’m sure that there have been conversations but Michael Dell’s and HP’s refusal to openly offer the Ubuntu choice is creating the image in corporations and consumers that Ubuntu is risky. Perhaps if Mark S. could spend some dollars on TV ads that educate the public that Dell and HP are not working in their best interests but instead costing consumers more by only offering Microsoft it would put some pressure on these OEMs to do something for the good of the consumer. Publicity is a powerful tool.