Private cloud “in a box” from Dell

Friday, February 4th, 2011

It just got a lot easier, and faster, to get a cloud in the house. Simply buy a starting cloud from Dell, and add to it as you need it to grow. You’ll get a reference architecture of Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud on Dell’s cloud-focused, dense PowerEdge C servers, fully supported, with professional services if you need to stretch it in your own unique direction and want a little help.

It’s taken a hard year of what El Reg rather accurately and poignantly described as futzing around, to make all of the pieces fit together smoothly so it can Just Work, Ubuntu style. Think of that as a year of futzing you don’t have to do yourself 🙂

Eucalyptus, which powers this EC2-compatible private cloud solution, is flexible in how its configured. We wanted to make sure that flexibility was expressed in the solution, and that there’s a clean path forward as the UEC platform evolves, or Eucalyptus adds new capabilities. We know this is an area of rapid change and wanted to make sure early adopters can keep up with that over time. We put a lot of work into making Ubuntu upgrades smooth, and aimed for the same simplicity here. As Marten Mickos of Eucalyptus blogged, “One of the main ideas behind private clouds is to make computing more agile, and these Dell-UEC boxes take this agility benefit to the next level.”

I’d like to thank the team at Dell, Eucalyptus and Canonical that did all the futzing on your behalf. It’s a job very well done. Enjoy!

10 Responses to “Private cloud “in a box” from Dell”

  1. Mark Kerzner Says:

    Nice and cool, Mark, but I read that Dell provides the actual cloud – from the tweet of their cloud architect. Is that what you are referring to?

    Thank you.

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  3. Aris Stathakis Says:

    Hello Mark,

    Don’t forget your mates at Nimbula – they do private cloud software too 🙂

  4. Mr. Obvious Says:

    “Cloud” as a term has just jumped the shark. “Private cloud in a box?” That’s called a “server.” I’ve got a private cloud in my pocket, but I call it a phone. A private cloud at Amazon? That’s been called Virtual Private Server for years. “Putting your data in the cloud?” That’s called shared hosting.

    I’m fine with lingo, jargon, techtalk, buzzwords, etc., but when the hype of the day starts making you sound like an idiot, you really need to take a step back and call it what it is.

  5. Mandy Sauls Says:

    Clouding Around UEC perfect TEN!
    I’m on cloud exploration & handling strayegy.

    Now iHave to see where the electro-winds of change take TechSavvy Cloudsters #UbuntuStyle

  6. Hasan Says:

    Hi Mark, This is really cool, congratulations.

  7. myname Says:

    c’mon guys wtf is this?
    Opensource And dell?

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  9. Martin N Says:

    Google News is plastered with announcements that Nokia is dumping MeeGo and going with Windows 7. I hope this doesn’t affect the Ubuntu on Wayland project, now that Nokia has sold their soul to their new overlords from Redmond.

  10. Dustin Kirkland Says: