UbuntuWorld 2007 in the USA?

Monday, October 23rd, 2006

Wow, it feels like just a short while ago that a few like-minded Linux lovers gathered at my house to talk about the project that became Ubuntu.

Now we’re thinking of having a “user and business” conference, aimed at bringing together the people who deploy and manage Ubuntu in the real world (well, in the USA in particular, but let’s think globally) with those who help to produce it. The big question is – who would want to come? In order to run such an event we would need about 500 people to attend. It would be a 2-day conference (with additional days of workshops and tutorials separately, probably) and would likely be run in close proximity to another big event. The cost per delegate would be around $700. We’d bring together companies offering services based on Ubuntu, developers and ISV’s building solutions on it, and end users who just want to squeeze the most out of it. It would be a traditional style conference, with tracks and keynotes etc.

We’re testing the waters and keen to know what sort of level of interest there is in this idea. So – please leave a comment on this blog post if you have suggestions, ideas, or would attend such an event. Or feel free to email ubuntuworld@ubuntu.com with your comments if you prefer that.

53 Responses to “UbuntuWorld 2007 in the USA?”

  1. Hilaire Nollette Says:

    This is a great idea, here’s one up on that,

    Apple is getting really big here in the states, Because they have the Apple store and Ipod.

    What about an ubuntu store???

    Would really put ubuntu into the public’s eye and promote it big-time….

    Problem is – it would never make any money, but everybody would be using Ubuntu, essentially killing microsoft and apple in one swipe

    Can we market a Upod or a Luptup? sell the hardware – give the software away…

    I live in Orange County California… …I could do it – somebody just needs to fund it…

    Any ideas … metatecque at gmail.com

  2. lyceum Says:

    Make it in Ohio!!! I will come for sure if it there or surounding states. I will do everything I can to get to it if it is somewhere else. Thank you for picking the US this round.

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