Surveying participation

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Just a brief note to celebrate Jono and team’s recent work on gathering insight into our membership and developer participation processes. Thanks also to those who took time to comment for the surveys. The results are worth a read if you care about the vibrancy and dynamism of our community. Kudos Jono, and thanks!

7 Responses to “Surveying participation”

  1. Omer Akram Says:

    Still waiting for the LTS name announcement 😉

  2. Alexander Wilms Says:

    Perfect Penguin? Seriously, either the P or the T release need a Tux reference 🙂

  3. Jono Bacon Says:

    Many thanks, Mark! I am looking forward to the on-going discussion.

  4. Alexandra Laitinen Says:

    *LTS must be Paranoid Penguin, because security is still far from ideal and this code name will inspire security specialists on the professional feats)

  5. Silvio Says:

    This is offtopic but I just wanted to ask if you are planning on bringing Netflix to Ubuntu. Cheers!

  6. NoahY Says:

    It has to be “The Precocious Platypus” – what could be better than an egg-laying mammal with a duck-bill “characterized by of exceptionally early development or maturity (especially in mental aptitude)”?

    Oh, right, nice survey! 🙂

  7. Craig Says:

    This confirms why many “working” users have had to put up with major productivity issues due to the implementation of a mobile interface on the desktop. I’d be really interested in a survey of new Ubuntu converts from Windows and Mac to see if they came over from their dark sides because of cost or the Unity or Gnome 3 interfaces. I’m sticking with 10.10 until both Canonical and Gnome come to their senses and lose their arrogance. If they don’t I’ll probably have to go back to Window to get work done. I came to Ubuntu for it’s underlying reliability, now it’s UI is broken and it’s developers are being wasted. It’s such a shame:(