Community Council nominations and poll

Friday, October 7th, 2011

It’s governance season here at Ubuntu. Next up, we’re polling all Ubuntu project members for a view on preferred candidates for the Community Council, our most senior board responsible for all community governance. The CC delegates their authority on membership and leadership to a whole range of boards, so electing a team which understands the diversity of the project is very important, and electing a team which can in turn pick good leaders for key aspects of the project is vital to our long term health.

The following folk have expressed a willingness to serve on the Council, and are nominated by me to do so. Daniel Holbach has kindly setup a CIVS poll and all Ubuntu members should have received an invitation to cast their ballot. For interest, the candidates are:

The poll will run for only a week, so please do head over there and make your preferences known!

7 Responses to “Community Council nominations and poll”

  1. Community Council « Martin Albisetti's blog Says:

    […] it seems my nomination to the Community Council has been accepted  o/   It caught me a bit by surprise, so I'm struggling to add information to […]

  2. Andrew Ampers Taylor Says:

    Jian H. L. Perhaps you should seriously consider changing to Windows as you do sound as if you would be happier with these people.

    Then you would be happy, Windows users would be happy and Ubuntu users would be happy.

    Everyone would be happy.

  3. Celso Says:

    A litle off topic!

    For Mark:

    What do you think about this “bug”?
    So far, i didn’t read anything about this lately, so i am a litle ignorant about what ubuntu dev team is about to do. In my opinion this is very usefull since i realy like to keep my OS (UBUNTU) secure and dont’t want to install the lattest apps from untrusted sources.
    I am using ubuntu since version 7.04 and i must say thanks for make it awessome!

    Sorry for the off topic and for my bad english.

    Best regards,


  4. Mariano Says:

    I was told Martín Albisetti is the man to go. I read his proposals and I found them specially fit for this Ubuntu momentum:
    I would suggest my fellow Ubuntu members to cast a vote for him.

  5. Barbie Says:

    #OccupyOnericOcelot 🙂

  6. IGnatius T Foobar Says:

    I hereby nominate the following individuals for the council:

    Brian J. Tarricone
    Jannis Pohlmann
    Jérôme Guelfucci
    Nick Schermer
    Olivier Fourdan
    Stephan Arts

    These six people are XFCE developers. Hopefully as Community Council members they will replace the awful mess that is Unity with a desktop that actually works and looks like a desktop, instead of an overgrown smartphone.

    Unity alienates the existing Ubuntu user base and is a strategically bad move.

  7. Nelson Huygen Says:

    heh. sarcastic, but true!