New developer processes

Friday, December 1st, 2006

Daniel Holbach and others have done sterling work on defining better structure for new Ubuntu developers. Our “Masters of the Universe” dev-team makesĀ  a huge contribution to each release, and is the proving ground from which new core developers are selected, so I’m really happy to see a more formal process being defined for new devs who are interested in working on Ubuntu. Well done Daniel!

One Response to “New developer processes”

  1. Sunny Says:

    Thank you for Ubuntu. I am 40-ish and just completed my first Ubuntu installation. I actally got some 5.4 disks from ship-it but gave them all away. I downloaded 6.10 and this time I installed it. Great to work with.
    What i really want to say is that i admire you, i stayed from work to see the launch when you went to the ISS and you made us all so proud. I agree and support the idea of open source, esp Ubuntu and am am now a “Ubuntu Evangelist”
    I buy up old computers for friends, family and those who cannot afford it, obviouly now it will be loaded with Ubuntu! I also informally give computers lessons to people who cannot find work, guess what, i will introduce them to Open Office, even though they are more likely to use MS Office in the work enviroment.