Appreciation for Daniel Holbach

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

Today, since it’s impossible to thank everyone individually who helps make Ubuntu such a wonderful project, I want to express public appreciation for Daniel Holbach’s amazing contribution to our community.

A smooth-running community is not a miracle, it’s the result of dedication, energy, organisation and empathy. Daniel has all of those gifts and qualities in abundance, and the impact he’s had on the governance of Ubuntu is profound.

We pride ourselves on being a meritocracy and a do-ocracy. Those who have the capacity and the will and the commitment and the values and the energy to lead, and who are recognised as leaders by their peers in the project, get the opportunity to take on responsibilities in one of the many parts of the project, or overall in the CC or TB. But it takes insight and effort to recognise those with that potential, and it takes leadership to encourage them to step forward to shine, and it takes organisation to coordinate diverse efforts so as to ensure a harmonious result. For all of the work and play he brings to that, I thank him.

In a galaxy of many stars, it’s perhaps impolite to single out one in particular. So please counterbalance that impertinence by picking your own star to thank; in our community, the depth and strength don’t come from the headline acts so much as the diversity of contributions from an enormous number of people. Thank you all.

9 Responses to “Appreciation for Daniel Holbach”

  1. Jonathan Carter Says:

    +1! I wish I had Daniel’s levels of kindness, insight and drive!

  2. Benjamin Kerensa Says:

    Thanks Mark!

    I really think we can thank all contributors but I do want to highlight special thanks to Elizabeth Krumbach, Amber Graner, Valorie Zimmerman, Paul Tagliamonte and last but not least Juha Siltala.

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  4. Graham Lucking Says:

    Thank you Mark Shuttleworth. Thank you Canonical people. Thank you Ubuntu project people. Thank you Ubuntu Community Forum moderators and members. Thank you Askubuntu founders and main contributors.

    I appreciate Ubuntu.

  5. Mohammad Kamil Nadeem Says:

    Well Mark, you also deserve appreciation. People have acted and still acting like jerks on your blog(when you named the 12.04)or your 12.04 UDS interview. I feel Sad on this really pathetic attitude of some people who are always on your case after all you and Ubuntu is doing for FOSS and Humanity. Take Care Brother and May Allah Bless you and Guide you and everyone.

  6. Duane Hinnen Says:

    When i first decided to pick up packaging It was not long before i got ‘stuck’. I came across a video Daniel had made and it was instrumental in helping me get ‘unstuck’. I took the time to write Daniel an email telling him how appreciative I was. He replied with an even kinder email that was just as, if not more, motivating then the videos he had made. This experience taught me that their is more to our community than sharing knowledge. The other very important side of coin is building friendship, affecting each other in a positive way, and being their to encourage and help each other without expecting anything in return.

  7. Mohammad Kamil Nadeem Says:

    Thank You Mark Shuttleworth , Thank You Ubuntu team, Thank You Ubuntu Family.

    I appreciate Ubuntu.

  8. mlux Says:

    Thank you too Mark, for making this wonderful project possible. I see money as responsibility and you act responsible in our society.

  9. Jasna Says:

    I would like to thank the entire open source family 🙂

    As they say: “live long and code strong”

    Something for the end (You’ll recognize it 🙂 (great song to encourage everyone to follow their dreams)..

    Cheers and all the best,