Call for Participation for Ubuntu Live 2007

Monday, January 29th, 2007

After six developer summits, many more sprints and countless informal meetings amongst our developers, maybe it’s time to invite our users, customers and partners to the party? Together with O’Reilly we are thrilled to be inviting the WHOLE community, individual and corporate, technical and social, from small businesses and global giants, to join us in our first annual business conference – Ubuntu Live 2007. Planned to mesh well with the schedule for OSCON, there’s now another powerful reason to travel to Portland for the week of July 22!

If you’d like to make a presentation, there’s a call for participation that begs your attention. We’d like to here more about how you are using Ubuntu today and how it fits into your future plans, what’s working well and where we need to invest to smooth things out, what functionality is critical in future releases and what you think is overdone.

Quoting from the announcement today:

“The three-day event will aim to give participants all the knowledge they need to explore and set inmotion the powerful features in Ubuntu and related applications. Program chairs are building an event that will offer expert-led tutorials,big-pictureplenary gatherings, focused sessions, and a lively “hallway track” tobring participants face to face with the worldwide Ubuntu community. UbuntuLiveis happening July 22-24, 2007 in Portland, Oregon, right alongside theO’Reilly 2007 Open Source Convention (OSCON). Proposals are due byFebruary 14, 2007.”

Yup, Valentines Day.

The initial list of areas of interest include:

  • High performance computing
  • Ubuntu in small and medium businesses
  • Thin client deployments with Ubuntu
  • Building Ubuntu derivatives
  • Ubuntu in education
  • Building Ubuntu-based appliances/products
  • Point of sale, mobile, scientific research, banking, and other verticals
  • Performance optimization in large enterprise
  • Community contributions
  • Ubuntu in the NGO/non-profit sector

Looking forward to seeing you there!

23 Responses to “Call for Participation for Ubuntu Live 2007”

  1. Roy Schestowitz Says:

    I just hope you guys aren’t gunning for Red Hat. There’s plenty of UNIX and Microsoft to gnaw on.

  2. Blair Davidson Says:

    Hi Mark,
    One thing I would really like to see someone like your self push and promote is a Linux registry. There are a few available at the moment but no vendors are taking the concept seriously. The major issue I have with linux at the moment is a enormous amount of configuration file clutter in the /etc folder. A registry the would allow developers to store all their settings it key values pairs would be of great use to the development environment. This is due to the fact that as a developer you dont wont to read in files and find specific configuration options. Also KDE and Gnome also have the own configuration databases which is an issue. Having one central repository for all configuration would be a benefit to to cross desktop development and make it easy for all developers to find configuration info for all application data.

    This would essentially free all the clutter from the /etc folder and keep everything neat and tidy.

    Hopefully someone like yourself with some infulence could promote such a idea and push linux further so that developers will start to write more apps for this environment as there would be a nice consistent API for accessing and storing configuration data.

    Hoping to hear your response.


    Blair Davidson

  3. zimbatm Says:

    s/We’d like to here/We’d like to hear/

  4. Tony Yarusso Says:

    Will this have voice conferencing options available for people who can’t attend in person like the last UDS did?

  5. Simone Brunozzi Says:

    Dear Mr. Shuttleworth,
    I think that O’Reilly involvement is a wonderful opportunity.

    I am sad for another reason: some months ago I proposed a location for such kind of event, and I dedicated hours and hours to see if it was possible to organize such a big meeting in the city in which I live: Assisi, home of Saint Francis, a small but wonderful place in the heart of Italy.
    I had the promise to be UPDATED from Canonical, about such an event. Nothing happened.
    I would have been happy to hear “Sorry, Simone, but O’Reilly got it. We’ll held it in Portland. Thanks anyway.”. But Nothing.
    I feel that my commitment, my free contribution, my time have been simply wasted, without notice.

    Another example? A guy in Italy DONATED the web domain to Canonical, just because he thought it was ETHICAL to do that. It was UBUNTIAN to do that. From Canonical, not a single word of THANK YOU came.
    What? Is it the right way to respect volunteers?

    I hope that Ubuntu will remain Ubuntu, and not become MicroSomething. Or… is it already in the process?

    With regards,

    Mark Shuttleworth:

    Simone, I do remember your proposal of Assisi, and I would very much like to visit that town. In this case, yes, we should have got back to you once we knew when and where the conference will be held. The offer from O’Reilly, as an extension of OSCON, was the right one for us to take in this first round. I hope at a future date we will have a European conference too, and then we would certainly consider Assisi.

    Sorry for any hurt caused.


  6. denis Says:

    Building Ubuntu derivatives — I think it would be a good call to invite the author of Reconstructor to do a presentation

    (NOTE TO MODERATOR : PREVIOUS MESSAGE TRUNCATED DUE TO THE USE OF “inferior to” SIGN. Thanks for validating only this message)

  7. chris penn Says:

    I need hardware support………bad!
    I have no acpi……please fix me.

    the only thing holding me back is the lack of hardware support for acpi, under dapper, for my toshiba laptop.

    please help!!


  8. BuddaMagoo Says:

    Sorry if you feel slighted, but I can assure you that it’s in best interests of Ubuntu users to have this conference in the United States. To compete with Windows as an OS of choice, it’s best to take the war directly to Microsoft’s front doorstep. Not to mention all the Windows developers we have here that need to convert to developing for Linux. 😉

    Better luck next time!

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  10. ljb Says:

    Guys asking for tech support and making feature requests:

    you are looking for Check the forums there. You realize you are commenting on his blog, don’t you?

    > To compete with Windows as an OS of choice, it’s best to take the war directly to Microsoft’s front doorstep.

    I would hope that’s not the reason it’s in the US. You normally attack an enemy’s weak point, which in this case would be the developing world, where Microsoft software is expensive and Windows piracy is rampant.

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  12. Hub Says: shows that the last day of Guadec is July 21st and that this conference start on the 22nd. Even if the timezone plays to traveller’s advantages, it is gonna be a hell of a schedule for whoever wants to attend….

  13. Suzan Says:

    I really wish you a great success for Ubuntu Live 2007! I hope you (an all the Ubuntu people there) will provide us with a mass of photos, videos, etc. from this event. It’s really cool, that O’Reilly will be part of this. I don’t know how much O’Reilly books are standing inside our office… all of the animals I guess… 😉

    An event in europe somewhere in the future would be great, for all of us, who don’t have time and money to travel to the USA.

  14. Brady Merriweather Says:

    How about web casting events from other locations to the central event? Then, these world events are live online, and give a public impression how big the community is. It would draw press either online who don’t attend, because I think you could break a Guinness world records as: The largest meeting event ever made? 🙂 Sounds corny, but it’s free publicity in the long run. Will make all those carriers beg for mercy as we bog the net with video streams 🙂

  15. Harlem Says:

    Great! I will see you there! How about an interview;)

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  17. Francesco Miglietta Says:

    sorry for the OT mark, but…

    it’s 1st February but i don’t find any feisty fawn herd 3…

    where could i find it?…



  18. Simone Brunozzi Says:

    After some toughts,
    I’m pretty positive that this event will be an amazing opportunity for Ubuntu to become something better than RH or SuSE or others.
    Just thinking about what to present, I came up with some wonderful (at least from my perspective) ideas, and I think that hundreds of people doing this same thing will be a powerful key for a brilliant future.
    Slightly bad that, from Europe, flights to Portland are not so cheap! Maybe I’ll get in SF and drive the coast 🙂

  19. Brian Kelsay Says:

    Oh, god, no registry, please. This is the bane of existence for tech support and users. Cryptic, locked, crap spewed all over from each installed app.

    I’d prefer that instead of /home/user/.appname and having tons of dot files, that this be changed to /home/user/.config/.appname and put all config files in .config to clean up the root of the user folder. Also encourage apps to not save temp data in the dot files. I had a repeatedly crashing Ktorrent and it ended up that I had a failed download saved there in the hidden dot file.

    Beyond this, several of the items you mentioned that would be a good focus, sound good. I would recommend some attention be paid to Multimedia as well. Create meta-pkgs of a whole MM stack for users or content creators. If I want to view or listen to media and on KDE or Kubuntu, then give me a meta-pkg w/ player, streamer, codecs, rippers, media tracking of apps that are best of breed. Same for video creation.
    Kino, cinelerra, LiVeS, xDVDshrink, DVD::rip, tovid, handbrake, the list goes on. The list of avail tools is mind-boggling and a user frequently must find someone that has actually made it all work and crawl thru tons of howtos, just to copy a DVD so the kids don’t scratch it up.

    Thanks for the good work so far.

  20. James Foster Says:

    Mark, could you please comment on the Canonical-Linspire deal?

    This article ( makes it sound as though Ubuntu is waving the white flag and putting in proprietary (binary blob) codecs, applications, etc. My impression until now has been that Ubuntu would tolerate some proprietary drivers, but would draw the line well before adding proprietary applications to package repositories. Has this changed after the Linspire deal? If so, what’s the difference between Linspire and Ubuntu, now?

  21. CedricJanssens Says:

    Hey, we are working of educationnal solutions with Ubuntu and Thin Clients Deployments here in Belgium.
    Unfortunately, Portland will be too expensive for us.
    Just hope there will be a European Summit….

    Cedric Janssens

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