Month of mo, 1 day to go, unless…

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

This mo might gro!

Major metrosexual disaster mo

Even the sheep are running scared.

It’s the last day of Movember.

Inspired by your comments, and frankly, more inspired by your donations to Movember in the name of this metrosexual disaster, I’ll take on the challenge of wearing this mating handicap for an extra week for every additional USD 1,000 donated today. About USD 2,100 raised so far, and I’ll match the total when the event wraps up.

Go on, make me do it, at


Your generosity was incredible – thank you everybody. All that hard currency meant I had to wear the mo for an extra week (Claire was a little worried that you’d have her looking around for somebody else to kiss at New Years eve!) and the folks at ZA.Movember seem delighted. I matched all donations made by the end of the month, and will match one other challenge that came in shortly after. Would never have thought to top the charts; kudos is all yours.

26 Responses to “Month of mo, 1 day to go, unless…”

  1. Two cents worth Says:

    …And then you could pose as Santa Clause for the kids. 🙂

  2. Jasna Says:

    This is great what you’re doing! Winston Churchill said once:”Never, never, never, never give up!

    And smile 🙂 lookin’ serious 🙂

    Btw, this mo gro reminds me alot on Forrest Gump movie clip

    And here’s Craig to make you laugh 😀 so you could be more comfortable with the tache 🙂



  3. Tim Godfrey Says:

    Hi Mark
    Would love to donate R1000 from SAB Newlands brewery.
    I’ve tried 3 different credit cards over 2 days with the message “card blacklisted”
    Helpline can’t help! will keep trying

  4. Marti Van Lin Says:

    Yikes, what a childish and silly homophobe. Get a life and professional psychiatric help already Mark! I wonder if Raising funds with growing a moustache and making a total jackass of yourself actually works?

  5. manny Says:

    “mating handicap”

    hehe I bet you could have a full grown beard and it wouldn’t be a handicap. 🙂

  6. mark Says:


    You’d be surprised, seems to have worked well enough to be near the top of the fundraising charts in South Africa 😉 Folk have been very generous. Now, would you be so kind as to contribute to the cause, or will you just wander around being miserable on other people’s blogs?

  7. Lesley Says:

    I am happy to have had the opportunity to give to the cause of mens health – hope the fund grows:)

  8. Jose Says:

    @Martin: Who is the one that does not have a life here?

    @Mark: Do you really have to make it a handicap? I mean, Does the rules specify that you can’t groom it a little?. Do you need the mustache to cohabit with a three days beard or can you just shave the beard and look clean and a 19 century gentleman.

  9. mark Says:


    It was a weekend!

  10. fillip Says:

    brilliant effort.

  11. Barbie Says:

    @Martin so much anger & hostility towards Mark. What did he ever do to you? A bit of a case of mo-envy perhaps….. @Mark well done on taking #1 spot in this worthwhile fundraising drive!

  12. Jasna Says:


    In our daily lives when we are trying to do something new, better (for ourselves or the others)… there will always be people who will criticize us (in destructive or constructive manner)..

    Constructive critics help us to improve ourselves..

    Destructive ones are the brick walls. As Randy Pausch said:”The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out; the brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something.”

    I think Mark can cope with critics (especially with bad ones). Also think that he is in the position where criticism is much more present than we could even imagine…Maybe I’m wrong, but higher you are, under bigger magnifier you are…

    So don’t worry be happy 🙂

  13. Barbie Says:

    @Jasna thanks for that 🙂 Good sense of perspective! I must admit I too have had my ‘tiffs’ with Mark, but eventually I had to let it go. I like him now. Enjoyed the video too by the way!

  14. Jasna Says:

    No problem 😀

    We all like Mark, it’s the way of displaying affection toward him, that makes us different from each other.. 😀

    Some of us will defend him because we see him as a role model to look up to, and we share similar view points with him.. and some of us will just 😀

    Nobody’s perfect 🙂

    No hard feelings 🙂 (I had to make it in a funny way, hope nobody will offend, if so, I apologize in advance)

  15. Jon Loldrup Says:

    Bugs are shortening my expected lifespan. Ubuntu is always buggy. Ubuntu shortens my expected life span 🙁
    I have no way to cry out except for being a lousy troller 🙁 🙁

    *crying out about ubuntu bugs* And I didn’t even use PPA’s. I had my hands above the duve all the time!

  16. Jasna Says:

    There there Jon 🙂

    Maybe this will help

    and here’s a reason to cry (from 2.20 min to the end of the clip try not to cry :D)

    Sorry Mark, couldn’t help myself, hope mo gro is going well..

  17. Barbie Says:

    @Jasna 🙂 🙂 🙂 oh dear that’s really funny!! @Mark please forgive us but, ‘may the mucous be with you always!’ :-)))

  18. Alexander Says:

    Good day!

    My name is Alexander Panov, I live in Russia. I really like the distribution of Linux Ubuntu! I would like to promote the distribution is in Russia! Tell me how I can perhaps do that Ubuntu has gained popularity in Russia and it was used not only honest person, but orgpnizatsii? Ready to discuss creation in Russia of a full representation of Ubuntu.

    Sincerely, Alexander

  19. Alex Says:

    How did it go? Give us an update Mark!

  20. enedene Says:

    You look incredibly cool with those mustaches.
    It’s a good cause, and a rare one that men health problems are mentioned (actually the first one I’ve ever heard of).

  21. Ziv Says:

    I’ve found it extremely funny that this guy Martin recommended Mark to “get a life”
    @Martin, did you ever read about Mark’s bio?
    I think Mark has a helluva life, I wish I could have a little percent of his life!

  22. dsiddens Says:

    Hi Mark,
    My comment is not on the topic of your post of this date, however I want to communicate to you and thought you’d see my post if place here.

    OK, here it is: I find Unity and GNOME3 to bring me to leave Ubuntu and look elsewhere. If your team is looking far ahead and positioning Ubuntu to that future, I wish Ubuntu well. I have lost the abilities on my computer that simply worked for me. My first Ubuntu install was Breezy. The last, that was just fine thank you, was Lucid.

    Thank you for the huge good work you’ve done for open software, Doug

  23. Justinba1010 Says:

    Hi there Mark! I have been a fan of Ubuntu for only a short time. I joined when the jolt was around Unity. I personally come from a Mac, and the reason was MARKETING. So I decided that I would write up a whole list of things Ubuntu, more like Canonical can do with nearly 25 million, and receive a few hundred million if Precise Pangolin is like the WinXP of the open-source world.

    So here it is. I personally wrote this. I think that Canonical can easily overtake Windows and easily OS X, by these plans. The future is mobile, the present is desktop, the past is main-frame. So I made a plan that would continue desktop rotation, until 2017ish. Which would be great as Windows8 is already abandoning ship. So you can pick up so many people unsatisfied from Win8. Then you just have to make Ubuntu Precise usable as the last Ubuntu on the desktop. So I have a 5 Maintenance plan plan, to counter this. I know its poorly constructed, I am very very tired, as its midnight. So here is the blog I finished just for Canonical to see they need to MARKET. I cannot stress this anymore, but Canonical needs a new marketing and, truly should have a disc buyable in stores. But it should be not too cheap, People will think its trash, and not too expensive, so people don’t think its not worth it. Make it 9-29 dollars. And keep the free version on the website. This can be the “Donation DVD” Saying that it is mostly a donation and a free version can be found at, whatever. But I think this is a good idea. And if the artwork is nice, and NEW ICONS, maybe a few custom programs too, I would buy it.

    Yes that reminds me, Ubuntu needs:
    An artwork version(DVD that looks pimp lol) for like $29.99 with pictures and saying on the outer case like my Ubuntu setup is prettier then a mac and faster then Windows, Times Magazine. And this Disc is reusable etc.

    New icons

    and the rest could be found in my blog, I am estimating that this easily could be done with 2-3 million, if 20-30 million copies are sent. ~ A good plan!

    What should be written on the disc
    My setup ~ Times Magazine
    This disc is free to reuse
    The final Desktop Ubuntu supported until 2019!
    Stuff like that!

    So I hope you take the good 20 minutes to read all this.
    Thanks, and it isn’t a bad move if Precise is a good release

  24. Celso Says:

    Mark, please, see this website. May i ask you a little help in the name of the community( or at least my) ?
    Its about compiz dev and a few words from ubuntu leader may help him.

    In my opinion, he deserves our help.

  25. Emiliano Says:

    Goodbuntu and Happy Gnu Year!!!!!

  26. Jasna Says:

    Happy New Year!!!

    May Ubuntu grow and shine in many areas 🙂

    All the best to the entire Ubuntu/Canonical team 🙂

    May the source be with you 😉