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Visiting Poland and Russia next week

Wednesday, June 7th, 2006

Next week June 12-16 I’ll be visiting Poland and Russia. It would be great to meet up for beer, discussions and Q&A with any Ubuntu LoCo folks, users or contributors in Warsaw or Moscow. I’m keen to learn about the state of free software adoption there, the level of translation of Ubuntu into Polish and Russian, and ways we can help accelerate both of those!

We’ve setup some wiki pages for potential community LUG-style meetings, feel free to add suggestions for a venue for them, or your name if you’re keen to join. I think it would be good to host discussions about the meetings on the Ubuntu-PL and Ubuntu-RU mailing lists:

SABDFL in Warsaw
SABDFL in Moscow
I’ll also be in St Petersburg on Friday, so if there’s a lot of interest we could have a meeting there too.

Do the Dapper Dance

Thursday, June 1st, 2006

The Drake is out! Very well done everybody! Colin – superb work on Ubiquity, the GUI installer. Fabio, David, thank you for SPARC. To the XFCE / Xubuntu team, welcome to main! To Matthew and the doc team, this was a huge leap forward and sets the standard for professional community involvement… to the Debian community – thank you! And of course to everyone who contributes to the free software community, thank you, let’s celebrate another milestone on the way to fixing bug #1. Champagne / beer / beverage of choice time!