Ubuntu Live – Call for Papers

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

Ubuntu Live 2008 Call for ProposalsO’Reilly, the organisers of Ubuntu Live, have just issued the call for papers for Ubuntu Live 2008. The theme of the event is “Taking it Further”, which I think is perfect for Ubuntu this year!

The subtitle to the conference should probably be “Going into production at scale”, because it seems everywhere I look these days people are taking Ubuntu into production. Perhaps it’s the preparation for the April LTS release, perhaps its that more and more of their apps and solutions are certified on Ubuntu, or perhaps its just that confidence in Ubuntu for large-scale deployments on the server and the desktop has reached a tipping point, but either way I’m delighted with the ramping up of heavy-duty adoption of the platform that our community delivers with such metronomic precision.

So Ubuntu Live 2008 promises to be informative, as we start to reap the benefits of that experience. If you have interesting deployments or projects that you would like to share, UL2008 would be the right platform to do it! I’d be particularly interested in talks that describe:

  • large-scale government deployments of Ubuntu on the desktop (there have now been several)
  • specialist deployments, for example high-performance computing clusters, or vertical market solutions
  • virtualisation-based deployments where Ubuntu is the host or the guest platform
  • large-scale server farms for hosting or web edge-of-the-network deployments
  • appliances based on Ubuntu

You can submit a proposal directly or read more about the conference. Hope to see you there!